Selous Safari Camp

Selous Safari Camp


Tanzania has become famous as the perfect destination for adventurous globetrotters and honeymooning couples. Having contributed greatly towards this image, the Selous Safari Company sports a charming collection of tasteful, luxurious and authentic lodges and camps in the magical South of Tanzania.


The wild and untamed Africa can be experienced, while at the same time the fine accommodation surprises even the most discerning guest. The Selous Safari Camp, located picturesquely on the shores of read more » Nzerakera Lake, is a fine example for this philosophy.


The Selous Safari Camp’s owners proudly claim that the gorgeous backdrop is one of the most photographed locations in the vast Selous Game Reserve. It is easy to believe. Step outside your elevated safari tent and indulge in the sweeping view of Tanzania’s fascinating landscapes.


A noteworthy fact is that the Selous Game Reserve features no fences. The wildlife moves freely about and occasionally passes right through the camp. In fact, the section of the park the camp is located at, is known to house the most animals.


After having spent an exciting day on safari, return to the camp and allow the dedicated chef to spoil you with a selection of exotic tastes. Of course, the delicious meals are best accompanied by a fine wine of your choice.


The Selous Safari Camp’s most popular meeting point is the cosy bar. The relaxing atmosphere and delightful drinks are just the right stimulant to meet the other guests and exchange safari experiences.


In the past, the Selous Safari Camp has even enjoyed the great honour to house royalty. Prince Charles and his two sons learned to appreciate the camp’s fine comforts and spectacular nature setting in the late nineties.


Those looking for extra privacy may want to consider the Private Camp. The Private Camp is the Selous Safari Camp’s smaller brother, likewise member of the Selous Safari Company and located equally beautiful on the shores of Lake Nzerakera.


Despite the small size of the camp, which offers four luxury tents only, guests are spoilt with refined comforts and sophisticated luxury.


It is not uncommon that a majestic elephant casually walks past while you are enjoying your breakfast. Raise your cup of coffee in salute – how often do you get the chance?


Gourmet cuisine at the heart of the wilderness…? The Selous Private Camp makes it possible. The open-air dining area is shaded by gently nodding palm trees and features a stunning view of the lake.


At night, billions of stars gracing the vast African night sky look down on you while you enjoy a sensational dinner. Adventurers, honeymooners or those in search of serene tranquillity – the Selous Camps transcends even the most demanding expectations.


A wilderness accommodation featuring all the amenities and sophistication of a first-class luxury hotel – a wonderful combination for a memorable holiday in Tanzania!


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Air, light and space – if you had to describe the Selous Safari Camp in only three words, these would be it. The perfect addition to the surrounding wilderness, the Selous Safari Camp lodges its distinguished read more » guests in highly luxurious and comfortable tents.


All tents are located on slightly raised platforms that allow you to admire the surrounding bush land from a vantage point at any time of day. The tent features two verandas, one located near the front, the other near the rear side of the tent.


The units are generously spaced apart. Furthermore, the number of maximum visitors is intentionally kept low so that you enjoy a maximum of privacy, peace and quiet.


The design’s colour scheme revolves around a combination of warm, dark with light and cheerful hues. The colours and the abundance of natural materials create a typical, cosy African flair. It is a pleasure to come home after a day in the bush.


The large, cosy bed beneath a romantic baldachin promises sweet dreams to come, while the night sky fills with the breathtaking beauty of uncountable stars. Many say that there is no place like Africa to admire the night sky.


When the inky black of the night sky slowly fades to the pale morning light, how about a refreshing open-air shower with a savannah breeze caressing your skin?


The en-suite bathroom is most elegantly decked out. Apart from the exciting outdoor shower, the double copper washbasins are another highlight. On a hot day, the ceiling ventilator sends a refreshing breeze blowing through your tent suite.


Those who appreciate well-protected privacy, intimacy, remoteness and, above all, absolute peace and quiet, can choose to lodge at the Selous Private Camp. The tiny luxury camp offers only four exquisite tents set on Lake Nzerakera’s shore.


The Selous Private Camp is the perfect getaway for those who need to recover from the stress and tension of everyday life. The small number of guests ensures that all your requests and needs will receive top-priority


The Private Camp team is dedicated to providing a personalised service. Guests especially appreciate the friendly and relaxed atmosphere. It is almost a family life – but you can always retreat to the privacy of your tent.


The hexagon shape of the tent creates plenty of space and lets air and light stream into the luxurious interior. Room to breathe freely! Maybe it is a fresh morning breeze that gently wakes you up to greet the new day.


Open your eyes and take in the enchanting environment of your tent: the carefully composed colour scheme, the select furniture and quality materials. Next, slip out of bed and step into your finely appointed bathroom.


The elegant bathrooms are decked out Ancient World style and feature an exciting outdoor shower. Let the warm water stream over you while the birds sing in a nearby tree. Breakfast will taste twice as good.


Your tent suite is equipped with two verandas, one out the front and the other out the back. Choose the best spot to admire the breathtaking view of the surroundings. Many guests quickly adopt the verandas as their favourite spot to kick back and relax.


The ceiling ventilator kicks up a breeze on hot days and a separate dressing room is just another indicator for the sophisticated style of your accommodation at the heart of the Tanzanian wilderness!


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Have you ever enjoyed the chance to observe a majestic elephant taking a bath from up close? If this pleasure has so far escaped you, do miss a river cruise on the Rufiji River.


The river is well-know read more » for its popularity among the elephant population for the great wellness option it offers. The gentle giants regularly come to one of the river’s winding arms to enjoy a tranquil bath.


Safari enthusiasts will furthermore be thrilled to discover that the vast Selous Game Reserve, in fact five times larger than the Serengeti National Park, houses the famous Big Five. Big game hunter coined the term, considering the five big mammals the most worthy hunting trophies.


Fortunately, today the animals are only hunted by keen hobby photographers. Level your camera at an elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo, leopard or lion and capture memorable encounters on film.


The birdlife is represented with more than 400 colourful and vociferous species that inhabit the park. The best ways to discover the natural wonders are a classic all-terrain vehicle game drive or a guided safari hike.


The guided hikes are a little more strenuous but an unequally intense way of learning about the secrets of the bush. The pace is a lot slower and small details shift into focus.


Of course, you may also cast a line and try your luck fishing for a big catch. Stay clear of the crocodiles, though. Having spent a long day in the bush, return to the camp and indulge in its fine comforts. A quick dip in the pool helps you to cool down and wash off the savannah dust.


The comfortable couches in the lounge are another option to stretch out and relax, maybe reading a good book. You have all the time of the world. Transfers to the camp are quick and easy. A flight from Dar es Salaam takes only 45 minutes and drops you off at the camp’s airstrip, which is located only ten minutes away.


Everything is a place for a successful and memorable holiday beneath Africa’s sun – what are you waiting for?


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