Segera Retreat


The Segera Retreat is a small piece of paradise: Nestling amidst the foothills of the majestic Mount Kenya, the 200 square kilometres large Segera Conservancy features pristine savannah landscapes.


Set high atop stilted platforms, the thatched-roof villas command a spectacular view out over the plains with their abundant wildlife as well as the Laikipia Plateau.


The Segera Retreat’s main building is flanked by lush gardens dotted with ponds as well as a generous swimming pool. Select sculptures read more » by African artists invite you to take a stroll, admiring the unfamiliar concepts and designs.


It all blends together to create magical atmosphere: Blossoming flower, glittering water, singing birds and pieces of local art. Take a seat somewhere, feel the vibrant nature all around you and slow down!


Incidentally, the main building was the former ranch’s stables. Fully renovated and redesigned, today, the elegant building accommodates the bar, dining room, outdoor dining area and the library. For your supreme relaxation, the Segera Retreat features a celebrated spa, gym and sundeck in addition to the elegant pool.


Sustainability is a key philosophy at the Segera Resort. The villas and the salt-water swimming pool are supplied with solar power and responsibly produced water. The protection of the environment extends far beyond these simple measures: Countless protected wildlife species have found a home in the reserve, among others the Patas monkey and the Grevy’s zebra. Moreover, elephants, lions, buffaloes, Somali giraffe and more than three hundred bird species inhabit the Segera.


Those that appreciate fine arts will be delighted by the celebrated Zeitz Collection’s expositions. One of Africa’s leading fine arts organisations, the Zeitz Collection supports and promotes both local and international artists.


And then, of course, there is the permanent sculpture garden. Temporary expositions are regularly arranged at the Segera Retreat. Last but not least, the curator carefully selects the paintings that adorn the refined accommodation units.



The Zeitz Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to initiating a permanent social and economic development in Kenya. The four “Cs” are their guiding principle: Conservancy, Community, Culture and Commerce.


Under the careful, personal guidance of Jochen Zeitz, the Segera Retreat was designed as a “Long Run Destination” – an expression that implies the harmonic integration into the surrounding nature with social and ecological responsibility as the guiding principle.


“Acting for a better tomorrow”, the Segera Foundation establishes schools and supports environmental education. It runs its own programme for the protection of endangered wildlife species and the conservation of the natural vegetation. Finally, the Zeitz Foundation is actively engaged in providing potable water and sustainable energy. « show less


The Segera Retreat offers its distinguished guests a total of eight villas. Five of the elegant units have been set atop raised platforms commanding a wonderful view of their wild surroundings.


The read more » interior is both luxurious and generously large. The spacious bedroom has been equipped with select, elegantly rustic furniture. The ensuite bathroom features state-of-the-art amenities beneath solid, wooden beams.


Step out onto the veranda and make yourself comfortable in one of the luxurious hanging beds for a short midday snooze in the shade. It is also a wonderful spot to while away a few hours at night beneath Africa’s star-lit night sky, the exotic wildlife providing the soundtrack.


The large Family Villa includes two bedrooms, each with its private, adjoining bathroom. A large sundeck invites you to kick back and relax.


None of the luxury accommodation units leaves anything to be desired. However, the Segera House and the Villa Segera raise the bar yet a little higher. The Segera House includes an entrance hall, two spacious bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms as well as a living and dining room that opens onto a wonderful sundeck complete with a Jacuzzi.


A short bridge connects the Villa Segera’s large bedroom to the private sundeck that commands a spectacular view out over the wild savannah landscapes. And whenever the African sun becomes too strong, just slip into the private pool’s welcoming water or cool off under the outdoor shower. « show less


All of the Segera Retreat’s activities are based on the Zeitz Foundation’s “4C“ philosophy. Two central elements are the intercultural coordination with the local population as well as the protection read more » of the environment in the Rift Valley.


Classic safari game drives are offered both throughout the day and at night. To lend the experience a special twist, you may decide to enjoy a pick-nick out in the bush or even to spend the night open-air.


On a different day, venture deep into the wilderness, firmly mounted atop a gently swaying camel. Every excursion is accompanied by experienced guides and can be scheduled to fit your individual preferences. It will also be a pleasure to arrange a programme especially suited for families with children of all ages.


A special recommendation goes to the helicopter flights out over Mount Kenya and the Amboseli National Park. The botanical garden boasts a fascinating variety of exotic species and the Zeitz Collection’s expositions will fascinate those with an interest in fine arts.


And then, after a long and exciting day, surrender yourself to the caring hands at the Segera Spa. Only 100% natural ingredients are applied. They have been especially designed to revitalise body, mind and soul. Sublime relaxation! « show less