Seba Camp


Seba Camp is set on a picturesque island in the north-eastern region of the Okavango Delta. The spectacular setting will cast its charm on you the moment you catch a glimpse of the pristine lagoon teeming with birds.


The camp is famous for its research into the behaviour of the resident elephant population. This makes it a popular destination for producers of many wildlife documentaries. “Seba” means “whisper”, by the way, and the camp takes its name from one of the local elephants.


Featuring read more » only five spacious tents built on raised wooden platforms, this luxury camp guarantees you a private and personalised atmosphere.


The African wood used in the interior lends the units a warm, homey flair, making you feel comfortable right away. The main tent is also raised and consists of a bar, lounge and dining area.


The camp team is also happy to serve you your meal alfresco out on the plain – just ask! To enable you to learn more about the area around you, the camp offers a small library with nature guides and books about Botswana and the Okavango Delta. And to cool off after a long hot day a dip in the pool is just the thing.


This part of the Okavango Delta is famous for its large herds of zebras, gnu, giraffes, impala, hartebeest, and other antelopes. In addition, you’ll often see large herds of buffalo passing by and, occasionally, dinner is accompanied by a lion’s growl or two.


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It's the combination of its small size and its personal atmosphere that makes Seba Camp such an exclusive location. The five raised tents offer luxurious comforts with modern touches.


Every tent has read more » an adjoining bathroom with double washbasins, WC and shower. For the more adventurous, each tent also offers an exciting outdoor shower.


Most of the camp’s electrical needs are met by solar power, supplemented by batteries and silenced generators in the high season.


Each tent has a ceiling fan, hairdryer and telephone. Relax on your private deck and just watch the animal world parade by you.


The irresistible charm of the camp, with its breathtaking views of nature, is also due to its location on a small island in the Okavango Delta, far away from the well-trodden tourist paths.


The region is perhaps best-known for its large elephant and buffalo herds, which predominantly visit the river to drink during the drier months.


The captivating natural wonders and animal world of the Delta charm every guests. The emphasis here at the Seba Camp is on total relaxation and secluded accommodation.


There is a wide variety of safari experiences available. As is the custom in the Okavango Delta, your stay includes meals, local beverages, regular safari activities, parking and laundry services.


An extraordinary animal world and true safari adventure experiences await you at this luxury haven, the Seba Camp. A holiday here is the stuff memories are made of!


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One of Seba Camp's most interesting features is the Bristol University research project. During your stay, you are welcome to find out more and visit the project site.


A number of elephants were released read more » into the wild and have formed their own herd relationships. The scientists are interested in observing this in comparison to the already existing indigenous populations.


During your stay, you have the possibility to literally look over the shoulder of the scientists, enjoying the special opportunity to learn about the nature and the habitat of the gentle giants.


Of course, Seba offers “normal” safaris, too. Depending on the waterlevels, boat or Mokoro safaris are available. Additionally, there are guided foot safaris and the classic open four wheel drive adventures.



This area is famous for its wildlife. We know you’ll be excited to be able to see so many animals, among them elephants, buffaloes, lions and leopards. Ornithologists will also be more than satisfied. Some 380 different varieties of birds live in this region.


Enjoy the ambience of the exclusive camp. Take pleasure in the splendid cuisine served in a spectacular surrounding with a view over the wildly romantic countryside. Put your feet up next to the fire after having spent an exciting day in the bush, a glass of wine in hand, and enjoy the “noisy silence” of the African night.


The ideal time to travel to Botswana is the dry season. Between May and October, the days are warm and the nights are cool. The floodwaters are at their highest during July/August. (Book early!)


Experience the beauty of Africa, discover the magic of life in the bush, and enjoy maximum comforts at the Seba Camp, hidden deep in the bush of wild Africa.


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