Sayari Camp


Have you ever read “The Universe in a Nutshell“ by Stephen W. Hawking? The Sayari Camp in Tanzania offers you a universe of singular holiday experiences. The rustic camp’s Massai name “Sayari” translates into “universe”.


The classic safari camp is situated perfectly on the Mara River in the wild and largely uncharted northern section of the world-famous Serengeti. At the Sayari Camp, you enjoy the privilege of front row seats when the wildlife’s great migration takes place between read more » July and November. The wildlife crosses the river right in front of the camp.


The inspiring nature humbles us humans. A brilliantly blue sky spans above vast savannah plains. Those who enjoy spending their holidays in a remote and serenely tranquil setting will be charmed by the Sayari Camp’s special atmosphere and superb setting.


Having said this, you nevertheless need not go without a certain level of comfort. A long day in the harsh wilderness invariably gives you a healthy appetite. The Sayari’s dedicated chef prepares lip-smacking delicacies served at the communal dining table.


In keeping with the safari traditions, dinner is always served around the large table in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. It is a great opportunity to get to know the other guests, exchange safari experiences or make plans for the next days.


Discover this nutshell featuring the best Africa has to offer and indulge in the fine comforts and excellent service. The Sayari Camp is exceptionally beautiful – one of those destinations that leave a lasting memory.


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Despite the location at the heart of the Tanzanian wilderness, guests enjoy finest comforts at the luxurious Sayari Camp. The atmosphere is supremely relaxing and tranquil and the guest’s privacy is read more » guaranteed at all times.


It is above all the remote location that protects these simple values. Furthermore, only a handful of guests are lodged at the Sayari at any one time. The camp is positioned as a hideaway appealing to nature and safari enthusiasts in search of a peaceful setting to rest body, mind and soul.


Eight luxurious tents are tucked in beneath the trees and the tall grass. The tents blend most harmoniously into their pristine surroundings. It does not come as a surprise that the Sayari Camp is run by the renowned Asilia Lodges chain, which is committed to nature conservation.


Indulge in the picturesque setting and your camp’s fine comforts in the reassuring knowledge that you are supporting sustainable tourism. The beautifully decked out bathrooms feature a traditional safari shower and double washbasins. Plenty of quality wood infuses the ambience with a rustic and cosy note.


The tent’s interior is equally welcoming. A high ceiling and muted colour scheme create a homely flair. Your private veranda is equipped with a comfortable sofa, perfect to rest in all style while admiring the view of the infinite Serengeti.


The Sayari Camp is a home away from home – a bush accommodation that is truly remarkable. However, see it for yourself. Allow INTOSOL to introduce you to this fantastic destination!


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Take a seat next to the warm, flickering campfire and listen to the crackling flames devouring the dry wood while the sparks rise into the clear night sky, lit by millions of stars. It is the perfect time read more » to swap exciting safari stories. And exciting safaris are on every day’s agenda at the extraordinary Sayari Camp.


What sets the Sayari Camp apart from other camps and national parks is that true off-road safaris are still permitted. Guest numbers in this region are so limited that nature takes no damage through the off-road driving.


As a result, safaris at the Sayari Camp are pure wilderness. Sneak up onto hippos and crocodiles paddling the Mara River’s waters or basking in the sun. Admire the speed and grace of the leopards and cheetah and the chauvinism of the male lions resting in the shade while the ladies are out hunting.


Seek out close but safe encounters with the majestic elephants and wonder at the mind-boggling numbers of antelopes. From July to November, gigantic herds of migrating gnus cross the river – a field day for the crocodiles.


However, you may also decide to have a lazy start into the day, maybe with a late breakfast out in the bush. Not a problem, it is a pleasure for the Sayari’s helpful team to accommodate special requests.


Bird watchers will also be kept busy, binoculars raised and at the ready. The Sayari Camp’s surroundings are alive with countless bird species. No matter, whether you are a safari veteran or a rookie, the Serengeti National Park leaves a lasting impression, colourful memories and a soft spot in the soul.


Make up your mind and allow INTOSOL to introduce you to the extraordinary Sayari Camp at the heart of Africa!


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