Saruni Mara


Discover one of Kenya’s most species diverse and beautiful regions! Relish the quaint charms of the ancient continent with its age-old traditions and lodge at one of the region’s most exclusive camps.


Set at the heart of a private concession within the Maasai Mara National Park, the Saruni Mara treats its distinguished guests to scenic views out over the Mara plains. Nestling atop a mountain ridge, the Saruni Mara’s six cottages are tiny dots with a great view amidst the vast wilderness. read more »


And then, of course, the spectacular setting comes accompanied with gourmet dining: The Kuro House Restaurant unites a contemporary design with traditional African elements. At the elegant restaurant’s centre lies a large fireplace.


As day fades to night, the fireplace becomes a natural focal point: Gather around to share safari experiences and to sip a stiff drink while tantalising aromas start to waft out of the kitchen. The Saruni Mara’s cuisine is as delicious as it is healthy.


A strong Italian influence is unmistakable. Local vegetables and fish add an exotic, regional note - served either at the Kuro House or open-air. Afterwards, settle down around the Boma’s crackling fire with a select glass of fine wine. Just perfect!


A safari camp of standing would not be complete without a well-stocked library. The Saruni Mara’s library certainly ranks among Africa’s finest and is proud to contain more than a thousand rare volumes and photography books. Quiet and welcoming, the library is a wonderful place to kick back and relax for a while.


The Saruni Mara Camp’s philosophy is based on two central pledges: First, the Maasai warriors’ style of life far from the beaten paths lends authentic inspiration to your stay. Second, you enjoy top-of-the-notch service and accommodation standards.


Thus, it is only consequent that all of the Saruni Mara Camp’s safaris are accompanied by experienced Maasai warriors that have grown up in the area. Experience authentic safaris - in touch with the heart and soul of the wilderness - at the Saruni Mara Camp! « show less


Designed and constructed by the Kenyan architect Mark Glen, the Saruni Mara Camp offers six beautiful and generously large cottages, accommodating no more than twelve guests at any one time.


Saruni read more » Mara offers you the safety, comfort and elegance of a stone-walled accommodation that is nevertheless set at the heart of nature. Precious timber flooring, Colonial antiques, Persian rugs and select African art set the tone.


Stretch out on the cosy double bed or choose a unit with twin beds. And then, after a long and restful night, you open your eyes onto Africa’s many wonders. Elephants, waterbucks and impalas frequently wander right through the camp.


Every cottage has been fitted with electricity and both hot and cold water in the ensuite bathroom. The bathrooms betray a certain Italian touch. Their highlight, however, is their open architecture that allows you to enjoy a steaming shower – with a view!


And then, settle down on the sweeping veranda that commands a fascinating panoramic view of the Maasai Mara’ plains reaching for the horizon. A nearby waterhole regularly attracts wildlife for a drink or to seek respite from the day’s heat. « show less


Did you know that the word “safari” stands for “journey”? And, of course, every journey promises new experiences. The Saruni Mara Camp takes you on exciting safaris far off the beaten path.


The read more » open and supremely comfortable safari Landrovers have been specifically designed to dominate the rough terrain on the one hand, while providing a perfect view and photography opportunities on the other. Trained and experienced Maasai rangers and trackers are always hot on the trail of the wildlife and introduce you skilfully to Africa’s unbridled wilderness.


The Mara country is not only home to Africa’s famous Big Five: the elephant, rhinoceros buffalo, lion and leopard, but –once a year- also become the stage for one of nature’s great miracles: The Great Migration.


Every year, about two million wildebeests, accompanied by hundreds of thousands of zebras, antelopes and gazelles make their way from the Serengeti’s savannah to the Maasai Mara’s rich feeding grounds, travelling the vast distance of 1500 kilometres.


Birding enthusiasts will be thrilled by the Maasai Mara’s more than five hundred recorded bird species. The experienced guides have a knack for distinguishing the different calls and bring you right to the perfect spot for observing them.


And then, at the end of a long day, sip a sundowner out in the wilderness bathed in the golden light of the setting sun. On your request, the sundowner may be followed up by a romantic dinner beneath Africa’s twinkling night sky.


Would you like to add an edge? The Moran, the Maasai warriors, offer a hands-on survival training by the name of: “warriors for a week”. An experience for the entire family, learn how to read wildlife tracks, construct a shelter for the night and improve your skill with bow, arrow and spears.


If you would like to put your new skills into practise, then spend a night out in the bush with only a thin mosquito net in between you and the star-lit sky.


When you get back, however, you will certainly have earned yourself the right to a little plush comfort: The Saruni Mara Camp’s Spa and Wellness Cottage nestles amidst a charming olive and cedar grove.


In cooperation with the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees in Stresa, Italy, and the celebrated spa Centro Benessere Stresa, the Saruni offers state-of-the-art spa services and is proud to count highly qualified and experienced therapists among its staff. « show less