Santa Maria Beach House

Santa Maria Beach House


Inhale deeply and savour the slightly salty tang of the ocean breeze. Take a sip of South African wine and rest your eyes on the setting sun casting a fiery glow on the Tabletop Mountain – the perfect start to a South Africa holiday!


One of the few properties located directly above the Atlantic Ocean, the Santa Maria Beach House boasts a stunning view you might recognise from most Cape Town picture-postcards: Let your gaze roam from Blouberg Beach to the Tabletop Mountain.


Unquestionably, read more » the location is superb. The Santa Maria Beach House is set at the heart of the historic Blouberg on the beach. It is the same location that witnessed the great Blouberg battle in 1806, when the British recaptured the Cape Peninsula to keep Napoleon at bay and protect the East Asia trading routes.


Incidentally, the name Blouberg derives from Afrikaans and refers to the blue tinge that can often be observed to cloak the Tabletop Mountain in a mystic veil. Hours are whiled away just leaning back and admiring the Cape Town landmark.


“Directly adjacent to the beach” is no euphemism. When the tide is high and the surf up, the waves run up against the Beach House's walls and an unwary sunbather on the beautiful timber deck may occasionally be refreshed with an unexpected splash.


However, most days you are free to stroll down the twenty kilometres long beach that stretches from Blouberg to Melkbossstrand. Surfers and kite surfers will delight in the local conditions. Only five minutes away you may hire all the necessary equipment.


The luxurious Santa Maria Beach House may only be booked exclusively. It is the perfect choice for families or a small group of friends. Featuring three finely appointed bedrooms, it comfortably accommodates six guests.


A large living room has been equipped with quality furniture and an elegant dining area adjacent to the open kitchen boasting a modern but cosy ambience. Certainly a highlight, the glass-wall atrium is a wonderful spot to settle down on a windy day – a rather common occurrence in Cape Town.


The sun-deck lies well protected from the wind towards the rear of the Beach House. Apart from enjoying the strong South African sun, the sun-deck is also perfect for a long and delicious barbecue night. Of course, the facilities are all in place.


Other amenities include a large flat-screen TV with a satellite receiver and a number of movie channels in addition to the DVD-player. The sound may play from the state-of-the-art Hi-Fi system complete with an I-Pod docking station.


The kitchen has been equipped in anticipation of the most ambitious culinary endeavours and features both a gas stove and oven as well as finest china. And on a cold night, the fireplace quickly disperses any winter chills.


Save the best for last: The terrace that opens towards the infinite ocean is a marvel! Put your feet up and rest your eyes on the distant horizon. And when your thoughts start straying, just doze off for a little nap, the waves singing you a lullaby.



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The Santa Maria Beach House in Blouberg has been designed as a home away from home for families or small groups of friends. Relish the refined and private ambience!


The finely appointed bathrooms feature read more » elegant ceramic amenities, natural stone walling, a hairdryer and countless thoughtful details. Wrap yourself into soft bathrobes or the classic fragrances of the Charlotte Rhys product line.


Plenty of storage room accommodates everything from your kid's boogie board to daddy's golf clubs. The spacious wardrobes and cupboards blend neatly with the welcoming ambience that is highlighted by selected decorations and art.


Each of the three bedrooms boasts an individual design. The Courtyard Room is located on the ground floor and large windows flood the interior with light. The bathroom comes with both a bathtub and shower cabin.


The twin beds are either placed separately or joined in a matte of seconds to form a double bed. Last but not least a classy detail: a small glass atrium serves as the entrance to the Courtyard Room.


The Table View Room is located directly above the Courtyard Room, on the first floor. As you might have guessed, the room grants a direct view of the Tabletop Mountain. It also looks down on the Santa Maria Beach House's courtyard.


Again, the room as been equipped with two beds that may either serve as two singles or a large double bed. The bathroom offers an extra large shower. The Table View Room is your first choice to accommodate small children close to their parents.


Certainly, these will prefer the facing Sea View Room. Floor to ceiling windows open onto the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean and the huge double bed has been positioned just right to benefit from the panorama. Nod off to the waves' lullaby and wake to their morning murmur.


Of course, there are the living room, kitchen and terraces to be enjoyed by all - a perfect arrangement that allows for a private space to retreat to whenever desired and plenty of room to have fun with the rest of the troop!


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Sun, sand and sea worshippers have certainly come to the right place: The Santa Maria Beach House is located just perfectly. A line of rocks at some distance from the shore brakes the waves, which roll read more » in from two different direction, creating a fascinating effect. At low tide, you may walk out to the rocks.


Without any room for doubt, this is one of the most beautiful beach sections in and around Cape Town. Rested legs and curious feet may take you as far as the village Melkbossstrand, which lies some fifteen kilometres away.


Melkbossstrand is a worthwhile beach stroll destination that boasts charming bars and cosy restaurants. Afterwards, should the legs be tired or a hearty South African lunch settling into your stomach, a car takes you back to the Beach House in a little over ten minutes.


To our eyes, the endlessly long sand dune beach is somewhat reminiscent of the German North Sea island Sylt. However, in all fairness, it has to be admitted that the beach is even more brilliantly white, the turquoise shimmer of the water more intense.


Of course, you need not run the risk of blistering your feet for seaside village charms. Blouberg is a lovely small town. The Blue Peter, just around the corner, is popular with both locals and globetrotters for sipping a sundowner on the lawn.


Stop by the Big Bay Beach Centre for more restaurants and shops. And just a stone's throw away lies the Water Sports Centre Blouberg and Bigbay, which stocks all your needs in kite-surfing, windsurfing, regular surfing, kayaking and paddle-boating equipment.


With enough time on your hands, you may join one of the surfing or kite-surfing courses taught in one of the world's most celebrated locations, famed and fabled for its ideal winds and waves.


For a change of elements, visit the nearby airstrip, where scenic flights both with helicopters and ultra-light aircraft are being offered. Having admired the panorama while still confined by gravity, you cannot help but suck in your breath when you first lay eyes on it from above!


And then, of course, there are all the sights and attraction of nearby Cape Town. It is a mere 15 to 20 minute ride to the Waterfront. A 30 to 45 minutes' drive take you to the Winelands and the Cape of Good Hope is just one and a half hours away.


Blouberg combines the best of two worlds: The quiet charms of a seaside village graced with endless beaches and the vicinity to the vibrant Cape Town with all its thrills and entertainment. Welcome to the Santa Maria Beach House!


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