Villa Le Terme


A holiday in an old farmhouse in the Tuscany? With the Villa le Terme INTOSOL has scouted out a sensational hideaway amidst the rolling Tuscan hills. Look forward to refined comforts and the most exquisite cuisine.


Tuscany – the ring of the word alone carries the promise of sunshine, vineyards, ancient villages, historic cities and the delicious Italian cuisine. And quite certainly, all these associations exist for a good reason and are, in general, very well founded.


The Villa Le Terme read more » is located near the scenic village San Gimignano. Both the hotel and the setting are pure bliss for those who battle with the hectic pace of modern life and work. Moreover, the Villa is always booked for private companies.


Unplug from it all and relish the serene tranquility, well protected privacy and reassuring remoteness. The former farmhouse was fully renovated only recently and charms your eyes with scenic views of Chianti vineyards gracing the undulating hills.


Both the interior and exterior design incorporate all the hallmarks of a traditional Italian farm. The result is a fascinating combination of elegant sophistication and austere functionality.


The service provided by Sanctuary Villas & Apartments, as might be expected, is superb. On your request, every little detail is taken care of. A private chef prepares your favourite delicacies to order.


Those travelling with children will be delighted to learn that a nanny that takes perfect loving care of your little charges. And, of course, a maid ensures that your home away from home stays always spick and span.


Immerse yourself in the old-fashioned Italy – there is no place more authentic than the Villa Le Terme, which, incidentally, dates back as far as the 16th century. Benvenuto!


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Plenty of space to spread out and make yourself at home! The stately Villa le Terme offers no less than five highly comfortable bedrooms, accommodating a maximum of ten guests at any one time. There is read more » additional space for two children.


Everything has been set up with your ultimate comfort in mind – for memorable days in Italy. The lavish facilities even include a private spa complete with a sauna, steam room and whirlpool.


However, the most notable features are not the spa or other extravagant details, which the Villa le Terme certainly offers, but the incomparably arresting charm and flair.


Step into the small but welcoming foyer for a first tingling anticipation of the uniquely quaint, elegant, balanced, cosy and thoroughly appealing atmosphere you will learn to love. The tastefully designed dining room opens onto a wonderful country patio.


The fully equipped kitchen, in keeping with the rustic style, boasts an old-fashioned fireplace. You may choose to self-supply or request the services of a private chef. However, state-of-the-art electronic equipment also forms part of the facilities: Entertainment is provided by a large plasma TV, DVD-player and sound system.


A spiral staircase leads up to the mezzanine complete with a pool billiard table. Cross the elegant dining room to enter the first of the five bedrooms. Generously proportioned and furnished in an elegantly modern style, you are made to feel at home at once. And most certainly, the extravagant bathroom adds to the flair.


Italy without pizza would be quite inconceivable. Correspondingly, the Villa Le Terme is equipped with a pizza room, the central element, naturally, being the pizza oven.


The remaining four bedrooms are all located on the first floor. Once again, the fine design and ample facilities ensure a supremely comfortable stay as well as sweet dreams at the end of a wonderful day in Italy!


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The enchanting Villa le Terme is designed and dedicated to provide you with a supremely relaxing stay in the heart of Tuscany. On a fine day, while away a few hours in the sun by the private pool or sip read more » one of the region’s excellent wines at the villa’s open–air bar.


The scenery of the rolling hills and rows of ancient vineyards invariably takes the eyes on a journey to the horizons. Enjoy the sun on your face and put all ideas of exploring the region off for yet a little while longer.


However, at some stage, you will need to leave the Villa le Terme to experience more of the Tuscan splendour. Your villa is perfectly located for a number of excursions and activities in the vicinity.


For example, it is the perfect setting for a leisurely bicycle tour through the Chianti vineyards. Of course, this is an activity that may be perfectly combined with a wine tasting.


In approximately ten minutes you can reach the picturesque little town San Gimignano. Indulge in the fine treats served at the restaurants or bars or snap a few pictures of the famous San Gimignano “skyline”.


Every other house in San Gimignano features a little tower or turret that rises above roof level. In former days, the towers symbolised the prosperity of the families – the higher the tower, the more influential and well-to-do the family.


Next on the list of recommendations is a visit to Siena and Florence – culturally speaking the heart and the soul of Tuscany! And with just a little luck on your side, you may arrive in time to witness the famous horse races in Siena, the Palio, that take place right in the middle of the city.


Florence is more than the region’s capital city. It is a beacon of fine arts and a history marked by wealth and power. A careful observer walking the ancient streets can still interpret the tell-tale signs.


For the insatiable, Lucca, Livorno and Arezzo are located at no more than a hundred kilometres from the Villa le Terme. And, for a quick dip in the sea and a spot of Italian sun and sand, the beach is just seventy kilometres away.


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