Sanctuary Swala Camp

Sanctuary Swala Camp


The Sanctuary Swala Lodges are really something quite special. Without exception, the setting is always spectacular, no matter whether you visit a camp in Botswana, Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania.


However, it is the combination of location with refined luxuries and exquisite comforts that sets the Sanctuary Lodges above others. The lodges and camps are generally small, rich in personality and dedicated to protecting the environment.


The Sanctuary Swala Camp nestles amidst a gorgeous Acacia forest read more » in the Tarangire National Park’s southwest. The Acacia trees’ delicate leafs form a stark contrast to the blackened and deeply furrowed bark. It is a tree that needs the warmth and sunlight but cast welcome shadow below.


The contrast is picked up and played upon by the charming Swala Camp’s design. Elegant and sophisticated, the camp’s olive-green safari tents nevertheless radiate a certain rustic flair. The tent suites are spaced generously apart from each other, ensuring a maximum of privacy.


Picture the setting: An exquisite wine in fine crystal glasses that gently clink in the warm, early evening air. Gentle candlelight is reflected by the silverware laid out on the elegant table. Despite the wilderness location, every dinner is a graceful gourmet’s delight.


The Sanctuary Swala Camp’s main building features a beautiful veranda, which is favourite meeting point for the guests. It provides the perfect backdrop to exchange safari adventure stories or to make plans for the next days.


Not a problem, if an Impala casually walks past or an elephant raises its trunk as if in salute, you haven’t overindulged in the delicious cocktails or fine wines. At the Sanctuary Swala Camp you are right at the heart of Tanzania’s fascinating wilderness!


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Those looking for peace and quiet in a remote setting, without wanting to sacrifice fine comforts and luxury, will be charmed by the nine tastefully furnished luxury tents at the Sanctuary Swala Camp.


The read more » Swala Camp is the only accommodation in these solitary parts of the Tarangire National Park. With only a handful of guests present at the camp at any one time, the atmosphere is generally relaxed, friendly and personal.


Not a single worry on your mind to cloud your day: Your personal butler takes perfect care of you and anticipates most wishes even before you can voice them. It is easy to forget that you are in fact in the middle of eastern Africa’s harsh wilderness.


The raised and comfortably furnished terrace in front of your tent quickly becomes most guests’ favourite spot. Indulge in the breathtaking views of the bush and the Tarangire River while enjoying a refreshing drink, just like the leopard at the nearby waterhole.


The bathrooms are extremely elegant and make getting up early a pleasure. Having enjoyed an energising shower, the sumptuous breakfast tastes twice as good.


Locally produced natural materials lend the tent an authentic safari flair and a cheerful colour scheme creates a relaxing feeling. The large, cosy bed promises a good night’s rest and sweet dreams to come.


Incidentally, the name “Swala” refers to the two Impala herds that inhabit the national park and are frequently spotted grazing close to the camp. Swala is the Swahili word for impala. The camp is not fenced and the wildlife might well move in between of the tents.


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The drive from the Arusha Airport to the Tarangire National Park takes approximately two and a half hours. In itself, it is a safari experience par excellence. Alternatively, you may choose to fly to the read more » camp. The Kuro landing strip is located only half an hour away.


The Sanctuary Swala Camp is ideally located in the Gurusi Wetlands, a region abundant with wildlife. The Tarangire River is the only reliable source of water for the animals and the wildlife flocks to the nearby waterhole.


Some say the Tarangire National Park is the world-famous Serengeti Park’s smaller brother but not a bit less spectacular. It is not only renowned for its giant Boabab Trees, or Monkey Bread Trees, but also for its large elephant population.


However, there is more wildlife than the colossal elephants to spot: huge pythons wrap themselves up in the trees and oryx and kudus wander the plains in search of the best feeding grounds … closely followed by hungry leopards hoping to make a kill.


The best time of the day for a safari is the early morning. For this reason the game drives leave at the break of dawn but bring you back in time to enjoy a sumptuous brunch. The hot midday hours are best spent relaxing at the lodge.


Once temperature drop a little in the afternoon, both the wildlife and the human visitors stir once again and celebrate encounters on the afternoon game drive. The Swala Camp’s lounge and library is the perfect spot to enjoy a drink or to loose oneself in a good book.


While away a few hours in sweet idleness before setting out once again to discover the beauty of the remote Tanzanian bush. Tanzania and the luxurious Sanctuary Swala Camp – a wonderful combination that will leave a lasting impression!


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