Sanctuary Kusini

Sanctuary Kusini


Translated from the Massai language, Serengeti means “endless plains”. At the Sanctuary Kusini, set at the heart of Africa, the infinite horizons and rough beauty of the untamed nature are overwhelming.


Tanzania is a fascinating country, famous for the celebrated Serengeti National Park. The park stands for exciting and educative holidays under Africa’s burning sun.


The Sanctuary Kusini is set in an isolated region south of the park’s centre. It is a charming and highly authentic camp read more » positioned to welcome discerning adventurers.


Kusini is a member of the small but exquisite chain Sanctuary Lodges, which runs safaris camps in Kenia, Botswana, Uganda and Tanzania.


Apart from the extraordinary location, the Sanctuary Kusini features an exemplary sustainable tourism concept and fine comforts. It is a pioneer that will hopefully convince others to follow the example.


The Kusini Lodge is poised on craggy granite rocks, the Kopjes, and blends most harmoniously with the environment. The elevated position allows for fantastic views out over the surrounding landscape.


When the sun sinks low, setting the horizon on fire, the atmosphere become inescapably romantic. Enjoy a sundowner, perhaps a bottle of champagne, while indulging in these inspiring moments.


Night having triumphed over day, how about a candlelight dinner out in the bush? A tastefully furnished dining tent is the right backdrop to enjoy the culinary delights in all comfort.


Step outside and admire the brilliant African night sky, alight with millions of stars and with hardly any disturbing artificial light anywhere in the vicinity – the magic of Africa!


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Those who seek idyllic remoteness, serene tranquillity and absolute privacy in their holidays have made the right choice with the Sanctuary Kusini.


The quiet location in the park allows the focus to read more » shift to an intense experience of the region’s pristine nature. The Sanctuary Kusini and the surrounding environment form a harmonious unity.


Each of the twelve elegant tent suites is set on an elevated platform and features a veranda that serves as a comfortable lookout for observing the Serengeti’s wildlife at any time of the day.


Close to the camp, a waterhole attracts a multitude of animals that carefully approach the spot for a drink. Settle down in your veranda’s comfy furniture, a drink in hand, and enjoy the show. How good does it get?


Exquisite service in the wilderness? You will be surprised to learn that every tent has a personal butler at its service that takes care of all your mundane worries!


Having spent a long and exciting day in the wilderness, your tent’s large and cosy bed promises sweet dreams to come. Crawl beneath the crisp sheets and listen to the sound of wilderness all around – a romantic sensation and the great advantage of a tent.


Despite the tent character, however, your accommodation naturally includes a private, finely appointed en suite bathroom. The superior comforts of the camp create a stark contrast to the rough Tanzanian wilderness setting.


Both hot and cold water are available in the bathroom, another feature that is by no means a standard in a remote bush camp.


Transfers can be arranged in either one of two fashions: The Sanctuary Kusini is located at only 45 minutes’ flying distance from Arusha and features its own bush airstrip.


Alternatively, guests may choose to drive to the Kusini camp. The exciting journey takes about three hours from the Ngorongoro Crater, depending on road conditions.


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“First row seats at the Sanctuary Kusini Camp!“ – this could become the slogan of the charming bush accommodation.


The remote southern Serengeti camp lies directly on the migration route of the read more » Serengeti National Park’s wildebeests that pass through the area from January to April.


January to March is also the season when young wildebeests and zebras are born. The animal herds are immense. Approximately one million wildebeest and 200,000 zebras embark on the strenuous journey every year.


A natural migration instinct drives the animals on, regardless of the many dangers along the route. Not even the predators lying in wait deter the restless herds. It is a spectacular event to witness!


Sanctuary Kusini offers exciting safaris all year round. The surrounding area is famous for its lion and leopard population. Furthermore, the impressive giraffe also inhabits the diverse area.


Every safaris excursion is accompanied by an experienced guide, who introduces visitors to the fascinating ecosystem and provides a wealth of information on the local fauna and flora.


After a long day out an about, relax back at the Kusini’s comfortable facilities. Cherish the romantic atmosphere of your private veranda or stop by the lounge to pick up a book. Settle down with your newly acquired read and a glass of wine on the adjacent deck.


Of course, culinary delights may be enjoyed despite the remote location. In fact, both factors may be most harmoniously combined on a romantic bush picnic.


You may also accompany the Massai, the local pastoral and warrior people, back to their villages, learning about their traditions and customs. An inspiring encounter!


The Suaheli word for trip or travel is no other than the world “safari”. Pack your bags and set off – to Tanzania, on the trip of a lifetime!


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