San Kalahari Camp


A holiday at the San Camp in Botswana is a journey into the past, back to untouched, pristine nature and into remote isolation – a region that radiates a fascination like a forgotten treasure.


Having touched down at the airstrip in Maun, you head due east towards the impressive Makgadikgadi Pans National Park and continue to the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans.


The vast expanse of dry, caked salt was formed thousands of years ago by the immense Makgadikgadi Lake, which in turn was formed as long read more » as 5 to 7 million years ago.


Despite its considerably shorter history, the San Camp is the perfect basis for exploring the harsh beauty of the Kalahari Desert and the salt pans. Some might describe the landscape as desolate - others as refreshingly austere.


Only a few desert palms rise up out of the vast infinity of the plains. The San Camp’s khaki tents are the only sign of civilisation and create an oasis of comforts amidst the inhospitable environment.


The rugged charm of the salt pans and the desert is breathtaking, either way you want to look at it. It appeals to nature enthusiasts, aesthetes and romantic natures alike.


The San Camp is traditional and rustic. It offers only six guest tents accommodating a maximum of twelve guests. Children of any age are welcome and honeymooners may look forward to special arrangements.


The tents have been positioned to command an unobstructed view of the Kalahari backdrop. And, of course, the rugged surroundings are at the focus where the day’s activities are concerned.


Safaris are either conducted in open all-terrain vehicles or with Quad Bikes in the dryer winter months between July and October. You may also choose to tie up your hiking boots and join a hike led by a San bushman, who explains about the highly adapted wildlife and fascinating nature in all detail.


The San Camp in the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, Botswana – the perfect destination for all those searching for a secluded, unusual and ruggedly beautiful natural paradise in the heart of Africa!


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The San Camp charms its guests not only with its secluded location and a brilliant night sky connecting distant horizon to distant horizon, it is also well known for its tasteful design and fine comforts.


The read more » facilities and the six guest tents are strung out along a line of palm trees. The tents are charmingly old-fashioned and set against a backdrop of golden plains and blue skies.


Each of the tents boasts a private ensuite and simple but elegant furniture. Everything harmonises with the colours of Kalahari – even the bed sheets and furniture have been chosen in colours ranging from white and beige to darker ochre hues.


The San Camp is run without electricity. Lighting is provided by wonderfully old-fashioned oil lamps. What might be deemed a lack of amenities is in fact just another small detail that lends the San Camp its romantic flair.


Settle in and make yourself at home. The setting sun painting the horizon beyond the endless Kalahari plains, you will soon start to wish you could stop time to make these magic moments last.


Share your impression and stories of African adventures with the other guests over a long and delicious dinner. The dining area is located at the far end of the San Camp along with a small museum and a bar.


The San Camp is all about experiencing the rugged side of the African wilderness. Explore the harsh but stunningly beautiful Kalahari and enjoy the flair of your camp and its backdrop.


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More than 3000 years ago, one of the world’s largest lakes, the vast Makgadigadi Lake, dried out completely and left nothing but an immense, sun-burned salt pan behind – an inhospitable setting for read more » the welcoming San Camp.


The lodge’s six comfortable tents are the perfect basis not only for exploring the geological history of the region but also for exciting game drives and a first impression of the Kalahari’s natural splendour.


The game drives are conducted in open safari vehicles. The region’s species diversity is astounding considering the many months with no or very little rainfall. Year round, you may sight springboks and Meerkats.


With just a little luck, you may spot the extremely rare Brown Hyeana. Once the rain sets in, countless other species migrate into the region and zebras, gnus and occasionally cheetahs and lions may be spotted.


Join one of the adventurous Quad Bike drives. The tours are not only great fun but also focus on the archaeological history of the Kalahari. Fossils clearly suggest that zebras and even hippopotamus once inhabited the region. Moreover, stone tools prove humans settled in the region.


Having visited an archaeological site, hop back onto your Quad and kick up some dust. Despite the fast pace, the horizons always stay ahead of you: The wide open spaces especially impress city dwellers.


Your guides are local San Bushmen. Learn more about this fascinating people’s culture. Furthermore, the San have detailed knowledge of the diverse local flora and fauna, which they happily share with interested visitors.


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