Samburu Intrepids Camp


Samburu is wild. It radiates an unbridled, craggy beauty. The Usao Nyiro River is the inhospitable region’s lifeline. Water is life. And it is here on the banks of the mighty river that the Samburu Intrepids Camp nestles at the heart of a small paradise.


The Samburu Intrepids Camp’s main building has been designed with a loving care for details. Natural colours, precious mahogany timber and the well placed dash of colour underpin the welcoming African flair. A cosy lounge and beautiful pool read more » invite you to relax and enjoy the breathtaking views.


Let your eyes roam free across the distant mountains, the river and the savannah’s sweeping expanse. Incidentally, the Intrepids Camp enjoys an excellent reputation for its impeccable service and especially for its entertaining and educative kids’ programme.


Everyone is welcome at the Samburu Intrepids Camp: and that includes the elephant herds, zebras and buffaloes that come down to the river for a drink and a bath to cool off.


The camp’s kitchen is creative and quite simply delicious! Set on a raised platform, you enjoy a magnificent view while dining and wining. You may choose to sit inside or out on the spacious veranda. The lounge with its adjoining bar is the perfect place to meet for a sundowner or for a stiff drink after a sumptuous dinner.


Throughout the day, explore the vast Samburu National Reserve on an early morning game drive, a guided bush hike, mounted high atop a camel or riding a raft down the Uaso Nyiro River. And later, the Samburu Intrepids Camp waits for you with all its comforts – memorable days in Kenya! « show less


The Samburu Intrepids Camp offers its distinguished guests 28 large and comfortable tents set atop raised decks lining the Uaso Nyiro River. Ingenious palm-thatched roofs and the generous space separating read more » the tents ensure absolute privacy, peace and quiet.


The luxury tents are generous 26 square metres large, furnished with a queen-sized canopy bed and look out over the Samburu landscape. The tents’ sides have been fitted with transparent mosquito screens that allow a refreshing river breeze in and keep unwanted visitors out.


Moreover, the tents are furnished with a writing desk and elegant mahogany wardrobes. The ensuite bathrooms feature double washbasins, a shower, toilet and power plugs.


The luxury family tents radiate a sense of refined luxury despite the canvas walls. The superbly comfortable interior blends exotic African style elements with modern day amenities.


The family tents offer two spacious bedrooms, each with its own ensuite bathroom. A shared living room connects the bedrooms and invites you to spend unforgettable moments together. Of course, you may also decide to step outside on the large open-air deck, a cool drink from the bar in hand. « show less


The Samburu Intrepids Camp is the ideal base camp for exciting excursions deep into the Samburu National Park’s untamed wilderness. Twice a day, you may get close to the wildlife on a game drive in an read more » open land rover.


Samburu is a dry land. However, the Samburu Intrepids Camp is located right on the banks of the Uaso Nyiro River – a natural lifeline for countless rare species. Here you have the chance to observe the Grévy’s zebra, the Somali Giraffe, the Oryx antelope, the Somali ostrich and the giraffe gazelle in search of water.


You may also set off exploring on your own sturdy feet or mounted high atop a gently swaying camel: Guided bush hikes, bird watching tours and camel safaris offer a different perspective that allows small details to shift into focus.


There is a lot to learn about nature and the national park. Apart from the information you receive out in the open, the camp regularly organises presentations and lectures about the wildlife and current projects held by experienced guides and conservationists.


The nearby, friendly Samburu villages receive visitors with a smile. Find out more about the local tribes tradition and culture, observing their age-old customs, dances and ceremonies.


At night, lean back and gaze up at the brilliant night sky: Kenya’s North has very little artificial light interfering with the stars’ and the Milky Way’s natural beauty. Join a night stroll with a naturalist and astronomer and identify the Scorpion, the Southern Cross and the Seven Sisters – an activity that is perfectly rounded off with an open-air dinner or a night spent out in the bush!


If the idea of spending the night out in the bush holds appeal, then go Fly Camping: Follow in the footsteps of the early settlers and set up a temporary camp for the night with only a mosquito net separating you from the star-filled expanse of the sky above.


Children are warmly welcomed at the Samburu Intrepids Camp and an exemplary kids’ programme is being offered. The Adventurer’s Club and the Young Ranger’s Club offer educative and entertaining activities for children aged 3 to 11. In a playful style, the small ones learn about the Samburu’s nature and how to survive in the wild. « show less