Samara Game Reserve


Having opened as recently as 2005, the Samara Game Reserve in South Africa is an oasis of serene tranquillity. Only the wind stirs up the high savannah grass on the vast Camdeboo Plain, which is completely free from malaria.


Set amidst this natural paradise, the gracious Karoo Lodge offers finest comforts. The lodge has been designed in the old-fashioned colonial style and is the ideal retreat for all those who take an active interest in nature while at same time appreciating a remote setting. read more »


The Samara Game Reserve sports an overwhelming variety of species, among them South Africa’s famous Big Five. Moreover, the Samara Reserve is well known to provide a habitat for a number of rare bird species.


No matter which of the Karoo Lodge’s luxurious accommodation categories you choose, you will be lodging in finest style. However, doubtlessly the top of the range category, the extravagant Manor Suites are designed to accommodate up to eight guests.


The Karoo’s cuisine follows suit and matches the deluxe accommodation with first-class delicacies. Try the specialities like the Karoo Lamb or the springbok haunch. The dedicated chefs create their magic exclusively with freshest ingredients grown in the lodge’s own vegetable patch.


The traditional South African cuisine is unique, a culinary journey betraying many influences. Indulge in carefully balanced compositions and novel aromas.


Later in the evening, enjoy a sundowner on the sweeping veranda, your eyes resting on the striking panorama and a spectacular sunset. Memorable moments!


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Luxury par excellence! The Samara Game Reserve is well known for the fine comforts it offers, both at the gracious Karoo Lodge and the exclusive Manor House.


The gracious Karoo Lodge’s main building read more » has been designed along the lines of the old-fashioned African colonial style. It accommodates a typical sweeping veranda, cosy lounge, bar and dining room.


Should the weather permit, dinner may also be served in the open-air Boma beneath a brilliant African night sky. The lodge’s suites are characterised by modern comforts graced by traditional Karoo design elements.


The Karoo Lodge’s service is impeccable and a special recommendation has to go to the spa programme. On your request, the professional therapists apply the soothing treatments in the comfort of your suite.


Exceeding even these fine standards, the Manor House’s suites are the top-of-the-range accommodation, housing no more than eight guests. Your privacy is guaranteed – the Manor House can only be reserved in its entirety – private ranger and butler included!


Thus, the Samara Reserve’s Manor House is the perfect choice for those who consider absolute privacy invaluable. Moreover, it is a convenient solution for families or small groups.


The Manor House’s rooms are adorned by a graceful, cosy and warm design that is a homage to contemporary African style. The men behind this work of art are the celebrated South African designers John Zwiegelaar and John Jacob.


Needless to say that every Manor Suite includes a private en-suite bathroom and a private butler, who perceives your wishes long before you can voice them. An extraordinary service!


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A stunning setting, breathtaking views and luxurious facilities – the Samara Game Reserve exceeds expectations and has many more surprises and attractions to offer. Time flies at this place of extraordinary read more » beauty.


Day or night, the traditional game drives are still one of the best ways to explore the wonders of the bush. The experiences made in the wilderness are unforgettable. Keep your camera up and ready!


The experienced rangers have an unfathomable knack for tracking down wildlife and, among others, might pull sleek cheetahs, white rhinos, giraffes and gnus out of the hat.


Cheetahs are definitely among the wildlife you will learn more about. The Samara Reserve successfully runs a dedicated cheetah nursery with the long-term aim to stabilise local populations.


Guided bush hikes are also extremely popular. The slower place allows many small details to shift into focus and a number of nearby historical sites, like ancient Bushmen rock paintings, provide worthwhile destinations.


Beauty can be found all around and also above. The Samara offers an introductory course to understanding the brilliant night sky above the dark reserve below. Of course, you may always opt for a slow day, relaxing at the lodge’s veranda.


A library stocks a selection of interesting reads, a small souvenir shop sells portable memories and a bar serves a variety of lip-smacking drinks and cocktails mixed to perfection. Those who enjoy sports may do laps in the pool or fight out a tennis match on the lodge’s court.


The Karoo Lodge and the Manor House in the Samara Game Reserve, South Africa – you will be thrilled!


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