Sal Salis Camp Ningaloo Reef

Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef


The Sal Salis Camp’s backdrop is breathtaking: The luxury camp’s five guest tents and the main building are a hallmark for ultimate harmony with nature. Sal Salis is set amidst the lush nature of the Cape Range National Park on the North-West Cape.


Only fifty metres separate the Sal Salis from the heaving ocean on one side. Out back, the rugged landscape is dominated by the national park’s crumbling limestone formations cut by deep gorges.


The philosophy of the camp can best be described read more » as “Wild Bush Luxury” – the secret lies in the quality facilities, which permit an intense experience of the pristine nature all around.


In its essence, the most sophisticated luxury the Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef Camp offers is complete harmony with nature’s splendour. Tune in to the sounds of the surf, the wind and the wildlife and let your eyes settle on the scenic surroundings.


Nature’s charms are complemented by warm-hearted hospitality, local gourmet cuisine and superb wines. The luxury tents feature finest comforts and a full ensuite bathroom.


Of course, the days are spent in the great outdoors exploring the surroundings both on land and on water. The Sal Salis is located close to West Australia’s famous Ningaloo Reef.


Discover the vibrant underwater beauty on a snorkelling or diving tour. Admire the intact coral reef and the countless colourful fish darting in out of the crevices.


However, despite all the Ningaloo Reef’s remarkable beauty, Sal Salis has mainly become famous for the Whale Sharks that visit the region between April and July. Please note that the Sal Salis Camp is quickly booked out in the Whale Shark season.


It is certainly one of the world’s best spots to admire the gentle giants from up close, snorkelling or swimming. Those who stay three nights or more will almost definitely be able to swim with the world’s largest fish.


Exciting wildlife sightings, long national park hikes and scenic sunsets – experience the irresistible lure of the Sal Salis, the Ningaloo Reef, the Whale Sharks and the Cape Range National Park in Australia!


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Sustainable tourism and a careful management of the Cape Range National Park’s unspoilt nature enjoy a top priority status at the Sal Salis Camp. This environmentally responsible position is expressed read more » in the Wild Bush Luxury philosophy.


The distinguished guests may look forward to facilities that bridge the gap between a low nature impact and refined comforts. However, the focus certainly lies on an unbridled nature experience and any modern-time distractions have been deliberately avoided.


Only five tents accommodate nature enthusiasts, who appreciate a certain quality standard. The tents are exceedingly spacious and have been wonderfully integrated into their natural environment.


Warm, ochre hues dominate the interior design just like the clear-cut lines and finest, local materials. The tent front opens wide and creates a flowing transition from the interior to nature’s charms outside.


The tents are generously spaced apart and provide privacy. Settle down and enjoy a quiet moment on your tent’s porch. The beds are highly comfortable and offer crisp linen and a selection of cushions. Of course, the luxury tents offer a private ensuite.


However, the most remarkable features are supplied by the surroundings. Lean back and enjoy the ocean breeze, the warm sun and the sounds of the wilderness. Quite often wildlife is spotted right from your tent’s porch.


Nature is treated most respectfully at the Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef. Electric energy is supplied by solar panels, water resources and waste treatment are managed responsibly and all shampoos and soaps are bio-degradable.


Put your feet up and unwind in this exceptional nature hideaway – the Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef Camp!


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The Sal Salis Camp and its surroundings are a natural playground for outdoor enthusiasts, who may look forward to countless activities on land and water. The coast and the Ningaloo Reef’s waters offer read more » a stunning scenery both above and below the waves.


The ocean panorama is backed by the rugged limestone formations, deep gorges and crumbling cliffs, of the Cape Range National Park.


The Ningaloo Reef might be little known but it is nevertheless spectacular. Snorkel or dive the vibrant underwater world and admire more than 500 species of fish, 250 coral and approximately 600 mollusc species.


However, the Ningaloo Reef’s most celebrated residents are the gigantic Whale Sharks and Manta Rays. Special tours to swim and snorkel with the gentle giants are being offered.


Alternatively, take a kayak out to the Blue Lagoon: a five metres deep, natural aquarium in the reef, where large schools of fish dart in and out of the coral. Another activity on the water is deep-sea fishing.


On land, several hikes through the hinterland are being offered. Especially recommendable is a hike to the Yardi Creek with its colourful rock faces. On any of the hikes, keep your eyes peeled for the different kangaroo species and the many birds that populate these regions.


Later in the day, return home to the comfortable Sal Salis Camp. Occupying a slightly elevated position above the sea, the camp commands a stunning view of the Indian Ocean and the national park.


Put your feet up, sip a glass of fine Australian wine and admire one of the stirringly beautiful sunsets while the smell of cooking dinner starts to float on the warm air. Indulge in the culinary delights and Australian delicacies – the finishing touch to a perfect day!


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