Saffire Freycinet Hotel

Saffire Freycinet


A perfect location: The Saffire Freycinet Hotel is set on the inside of a gently curved sand land bridge that connects the peninsula to the mainland. The pristine environment is fully protected by the Freycinet National Park that, among other attractions, also includes the famously beautiful Wineglass Bay.


In fact, one beautiful bay follows the next. At just a little distance, Oyster Bay is a great spot for watching whales and dolphins. Moreover, squid and octopuses seek out the bay to breed – read more » a nature paradise par excellence!


Apart from being stunning beautiful, the rich maritime ecosystem also provides countless delicacies. Try the fresh oysters, crayfish and mussels that are caught and harvested in the local waters, of course, outside the national park’s boundaries.


Having dined and wined, spend your days exploring. Climb the green hills on guided hikes or point the bow of the Saffire’s private yacht out towards open water. Without any doubt, the Freycinet National Park ranks among Australia’s most beautiful natural settings.


It is quite obvious that the gorgeous environment provided Morris Nunn’s award-winning team of architects with plenty of inspiration for the Saffire Freycinet Hotel’s design. However, nothing competes with Mother Nature’s charms.


For this reason, the Saffire’s architecture is designed to blend in. Natural materials dominate the elegant construction. However, the precious, pinkish granite taken from the Hazards Mountains certainly stands out.


The commitment to integrate the hotel into its environment also includes the Saffire Freycinet’s roof, which has been constructed with fine Tasmanian wood and is said to resemble the Hazard’s mountains highest peaks.


A superb setting, stylish design and, moreover, excellent spa: The Saffire Freycinet Spa is world-class. The skin, body and beauty treatments are outstanding and the lotions and products applied are of equally extraordinary quality.


The internationally famous specialist Marionne De Candia has devised the training for the professional team of therapist, who skilfully apply such exotic substances as volcanic rock and diamond dust.


Incidentally, your stay at the Saffire Freycinet Hotel includes a welcome courtesy treatment, which you may pick from the long spa menu. Deluxe and Luxury Suite guests are entitled to a one-hour treatment, those staying at the Premium Suite to a two-hour treatment.


Of course, all treatments are tailored to the guests’ special needs and requests. Among other processes, most treatments include cleansing, peeling and toning. The Saffire Body Spa: Enjoy a rejuvenating peeling and a massage followed by a Crème Saffire application - made from pure sapphire dust.


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No matter which of the luxurious Saffire Freycinet Hotel suites you choose, all are exceedingly comfortable, elegant and modern. The Deluxe, Luxury and Premium Suites all offer well protected privacy and read more » a stunning view of the mountains, the blue ocean and white beaches.


The interior design is a harmonious composition of contrasting elements. The furniture is compiled of traditional, contemporary and local pieces. The electronic facilities include an LCD-TV, DVD player and internet connection.


What sets the different accommodation categories apart is primarily the size and setting: The comfortable Deluxe Suites are generous 80 m² large and include a spacious living and bedroom with a cosy king-sized bed as well as a bathroom with both a large tub and separate shower.


The Luxury Suites boast even more space, offering 96 square metres. Spread out and breathe freely in the extra large living and bedroom.


Last but not least, the extravagant Premium Suites are without comparison. Stunning 140 square metres large, the Saffire Freycinet’s finest include a private courtyard with a pool, dining room and extra large living and sleeping quarters.


At night, stretch out on the cosy king-sized bed. And in the morning, get started with a delicious espresso fresh from your kitchen’s machine or sip a cold drink from the mini bar on your private deck, relishing the breathtaking view.


Keep in mind, lodged at a Premium Suite, you are entitled to a professional two-hour spa treatment to enjoy any time you like. And, maybe on a special occasion, you may also request to have a private chef prepare lip-smacking specialities to be served in your suite’s dining room.


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Set amidst a stunningly beautiful environment, the Saffire Freycinet Hotel offers a wide variety of nature-based activities.


How about some oysters for starters? An excursion to the nearby Freycinet read more » Marina Farm allows you to sample the possibly most delicious oysters of the Pacific Ocean. And just a hop and a half away, the Mazser Lagoon houses thousands of migrating birds.


Of course, no visit to the Freycinet National Park is complete without a stroll down the celebrated Wineglass Bay, which is regularly mentioned as the world’s most beautiful beach. You may just go on a forty minute stroll or spend some wonderful three hours hiking – you decide!


Sportsmen and women will also be interested in the mountain bike tours, which are tailored to your preferences and level of fitness. A quiet ride takes you along a spectacularly beautiful route. Alternatively, choose one of the challenging tracks through the forest. The tours run for about 45 minutes.


The lush and fragrant forests are also a natural paradise for all those that would like to escape from it all for a little while, taking a walk on the wild side along the back-trails. Or, if you are looking to burn some calories, go for a little early morning run.


The Saffire Freycinet moreover offers the option to set out exploring in a single or double kayak. Glide down the scenic Saltwater Creek or paddle along the gorgeous coastline.


The days just fly by at the Saffire Freycinet Hotel – but the memory remains. With a spare minute in between, you may also play some volleyball, beach cricket or bowls.


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