Pilanesberg National Park

Pilanesberg National Park – Wildlife in a Meteoroid Crater

The malaria-free Pilanesberg National Park is located in a huge crater that was created by a meteoroid millions of years ago.

The national park offers breathtaking landscapes and a large diversity of species. It is home to the “Big Five” – Lion, elephant, water buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros.

Wildlife is abundant at the Pilanesberg National Park and the chances to spot even rare species are considerably higher than it is in most other national parks.

A female elephant gained fame when she was released from a circus and reintroduced to the park’s wilderness.

Having not seen her former caretaker for more than ten years, she recognised him immediately when he visited the park – another proof for the unbelievable intelligence of elephants.

A visit to Pilanesberg is easily organised as a one or multi-day trip from Johannesburg or Pretoria. The drive takes only two to three hours.

Right next to the Pilanesberg National Park lies Sun City, the Las Vegas in South Africa. Sun City offers every kind of entertainment with numerous casinos and extravagant hotels (see the region “Sun City”).

A main attraction is the famous Palace Hotel. For a long time, the Palace Hotel was considered the most exclusive and expensive hotel in the world and it remains spectacular even today!

The heart of Sun City is the Valley of Waves, a sensational water park featuring an artificial beach with a white sand beach and tropical palm trees.

The biggest artificial wave system in the world, numerous, long slides as well as a fancy water-landscape ensure many hours of splashing fun!

Combine a stay in Johannesburg Pretoria with a safari-stop in Pilanesberg. It will be worth it!

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