Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge


Perfectly located at only a few minutes’ distance from the Volcanoes National Park, lies the luxurious Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge. Set high on the slopes of the Virunga volcanic mountain range, the lodge commands a spectacular view out over its surroundings and the 13.000 hectares large national park.


World-famous for its last wild mountain gorillas, the Volcanoes National Park was founded in 1969 from vast parts of the former Albert National Park. The Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge is the perfect read more » base camp for embarking on the legendary gorilla trekking tours.


The lodge is run by the SACOLA foundation. Its profit is dedicated to the conservation of the national park on the one hand and the support of the local population and their economy on the other. Of course, the overall aim is to protect the last, endangered mountain gorillas.


The Sabyinyo’s facilities are divided into a beautiful main building, five generously large cottages, a family cottage and two suite cottages. The lodge offers sublime comforts in a wild setting – perfect for exploring the fascinating region.


The main building accommodates the reception, dining room and the bar. Sip an exotic cocktail and sample the delicious cuisine in fine style: either out on the sweeping terrace or inside by the crackling fireplace!


The additional facilities include a well-stocked reading room and a playroom. The Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge is dedicated to ecological operations. For your comfort, electricity in these remote regions has to be provided by a generator. Please note that the generator will only be running six hours a day.


Powerful batteries fill the gap and ensure electricity around the clock. However, their power load is not sufficient for high consumers like hair-dryers or larger electronics like laptops. They may be charged only with the generator running.


The Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge’s high altitude location results in surprisingly cool temperatures year-round with an occasional rain shower. These conditions are a blessing for the ecosystem of the national park and the mountain gorillas. Please remember to pack accordingly.


A guided gorilla trekking tour takes you close to the massive but gentle giants, deep into the misty folds of the forest. It is a touching experience to come face to face with one of mankind’s ancestors and see the bright spark of intelligence clearly in their eyes.


The gorilla troops are usually composed of one dominant male with several females and their young. Unfortunately ranking high on the red list of endangered species, the mountain gorillas enjoy strict protection and only a very limited number of visitors are granted permission for a visit.


Doubtlessly, it is a privilege to receive this opportunity – one to leave lasting memories! Welcome to Rwanda and welcome to the Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge! « show less


The Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge offers its distinguished guests five cottages, two suite cottages and a family cottage – all spread out generously among the sweeping property.


After a long and exciting read more » day spent out and about, the lodge is a perfect place to kick back and relax. The cottages have been designed to provide absolute privacy and fantastic views out over the national park.


Stone structures topped with classic roof tiles, the luxurious cottages radiate a sense of solid quality. The interior has been lovingly designed and equipped with select furniture and a well-balanced colour scheme.


Make yourself comfortable in the large seating area. At night, light a fire: the fireplace provides welcome heat to take the edge out of the night’s chill and, when needed, hot water for a cup of tea.


The luxurious bathrooms have been adorned with Venetian plaster and a warm colour scheme. The facilities include a free-standing bathtub, a separate shower and double washbasins.


A dressing room provides plenty of space for all of your travelling gear. A telephone and an internet connection have been provided. Both the large panorama windows and the terrace are designed to let your eyes wander and your skin soak up the sun.


Those travelling with family or friends will find the Family Cottage to be the first choice accommodation option: It is generously large and offers an extra bedroom. « show less


The Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge offer a range of exciting activities that will ensure your stay will become a long-treasured memory. First and foremost, of course, there is the sensational gorilla trekking read more » in the Volcanoes National Park.


The concessions for the gorilla trekking are limited and administrated by the government. You will need to set off on foot, braving the climb to observe the endangered gorillas in their natural habitat. Currently, there are eight gorilla families inhabiting the national park.


The trekking expeditions are between two and five hours long and are accompanied by a local ranger. They always start at the foot of the volcano and will lead you deep into the mystic tangle of the rainforest, where you will be on the lookout for the majestic gorillas.


Having located them, you may stay as long as one hour to observe. These regulations are strictly enforced to ensure the gorillas remain untroubled. It is a touching and unique experience!


Certainly, the gorillas are at the centre of everyone’s attention. However, there is more to see in the national park, for example, the beautiful Golden Monkeys. Curious and playful, the Golden Monkeys are pure joy to observe.


The Volcanoes National Park houses two Golden Monkeys troops, each with somewhere between 80 and 100 individuals. Just like the gorilla trekking, these tours leave early in the morning and you are given a full hour to observe the small dare devils.


And then, of course, the national park is home to countless rare bird species. Forty different species have been counted around the lodge alone. It will be a pleasure for one of the lodge’s bilingual employees to point you in the right direction and provide more information on the species spotted.


On your request, guided hikes or mountain bike tours through the surroundings are easily organised. The Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge’s bilingual staff is perfectly trained for these occasions and takes pride in introducing you to the daily routines in the rural volcanic region.


There is plenty of opportunity for hiking in the area: The Twin Lakes are a wonderful option. Another recommendation goes to the stunningly beautiful forests the Buhanga Sacred Forest and the Gishrati Forest.


On a different day, you may visit the traditional village Iby’iwacu. Only a few years ago, Iby’iwacu’s population lived mainly from illegal poaching. Today, however, tourism has become their new source of income.


Visit the chief’s traditional house and observe the medicine man preparing his healing potions. Test your skill at shooting a traditional bow and arrow and, later, settle down to watch a presentation of ancient rites and dances. The guided tour takes about one hour.


The famous zoologist and behavioural scientist Dian Fossey conducted her studies of the rare mountain gorillas here at the Volcanoes National Park. It is possible to visit her former home and research station located at a cool 3000 metres above the sea level.


It has been unoccupied ever since the conflicts in the 1990s. Just around the corner lies Dian Fossey’s grave, where she has been laid to rest in the company of two of her favourite gorillas.


In addition to the mountain magic, there are the city sights: Musanze is the most important city in northern Rwanda. At its heart lies the local market – just perfect for a fascinating stroll!


All the necessities of daily live are sold or traded here. Moreover, you may find arts and craft that might serve as a memorable souvenir. On your request, it will be a pleasure for one of the Sabyinyo Lodge’s staff to accompany you to provide advice and help you negotiate deals.


Mountaineering enthusiasts will be thrilled about the options for exciting adventures that the three volcanoes Mt. Visoke, Mt. M’Gahinga and Mr. Muhabura offer. Their soaring height commands fantastic views of the scenic landscapes all around.


A leisurely trip to Lake Bulera is yet another hot recommendation: Take a short boat trip and watch the fishermen in their hand-made canoes pulling up their nets.


Those that would like to add a kick, may combine the boat trip with a hike to the Russumo Water Falls. Three to four hours long, the trail takes you down a deep and strikingly beautiful valley until you arrive at the falls.


There is plenty to do, in a wonderful setting! And the luxurious Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge is the perfect base camp to explore the region. Stay for a few days, observe the gorillas and explore the surroundings! « show less