Sabi Sabi Selati Camp


The Sabi Sabi Selati Camp is located in a private game reserve, the Sabi Sabi Game Reserve. The game reserve spans an area of more than 56 square kilometers along the southwest beach of the Kruger national park. The name Sabi Sabi comes from the word “tsave”, which is Tsonga and means “fear” or “danger”. The reserve got the name from the numerous dangerous crocodiles and hippopotamuses that live in the river.


The Sabi River, which is full of water all year round, creates the basis read more » for the unbelievable animal and plant variety. Especially the Sabi Sabi Game Reserve has a very high population of predators. The skillful hunters like to stay in their habitat for a long time – that’s why it is almost for sure that you will encounter an off-road safari lion, leopard or maybe even the very shy cheetahs.


The reserve is of course also the home of elephants, rhinoceroses and buffaloes as well as numerous antelopes, giraffes, gnus, jackals and a variety of birds. The flora in Sabi Sabi is also very amazing, because you will find here more plant species than in the entire Europe. In this beautiful environment, Sabi Sabi build a total of three luxury lodges and one of them is the Selati Camp.


The Selati camp was build very close to old remains of the Selati Line, an old railroad track from the gold-digger times. You can still see the tracks and that is why the design of the Selati Suites was influenced by this old railroad track. Here you will experience an authentic Africa.


In the past, the Selati Camp didn’t have any electricity to keep the atmosphere from the 19th century alive. Today, the Selati Camp has ceiling fans and air-conditioning, but at night the camp is still lightened with oil lamps, campfire and Africa’s beautiful starry sky.


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The eight comfortable and very stylishly designed luxury thatched suites fit perfectly into the bush landscape. The nature has not been destroyed at all, because the lodge was integrated carefully into read more » the wonderful environment. All suites are equipped with bathrooms inclusive toilets and open-air showers, so you can enjoy the starry sky and the cool water at the same time.


You will feel very comfortable in this lodge. You can enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding nature and culinary specialties at the same time. The delicious food from the hotel-own kitchen will be served over the riverbed, in the open “Boma” or in the “Farm Kitchen”. The most exclusive accommodation in the Selati Camp is the luxurious and generously spaced Ivory Presidential Suite.


You will feel the glamour of the colonial times in the 19th century because of all the antiquities, a four-poster bed and a chimney. The impressing bathroom is equipped with a Persian rug and a Chaiselounge. In the dressing room you will find an antique wardrobe and a make-up table. The lodge also has a private diving pool.


We offer in addition exclusive safaris. Experience the elegance of the 19th century in the Selati Camp, combined with luxury and personal safari adventures. A stay in the Sabi Sabi Game Reserve promises wildlife and pure adventure! Go together with INTOSOL on a journey through the real Africa.


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The most important factor in the Selati Camp is of course safari. They offer different types of safaris that you can undertake. From the standard safari in an open all-terrain vehicle over sundowner tours read more » to game walks through the African nature, everything is possible. The Sabi Sabi rangers are very experienced and knowledgeable and always get the best grades at all license tests.


Next to the African “Big Five” you can also observe hundreds of birds, reptiles, mammals and plants in this area. South African breakfast with fresh baked bread und different jellies, which are made from fruits of the Lowveld region, is offered as a picnic during a safari trip. After a lunch break in the lodge you can leave for your next safari.


You can go on an exciting safari through the bush together with a ranger. At the sunset you will get a refreshing sundowner drink. After the romantic safari you can enjoy an aperitif in the comfortable bar and wait for the sound of the Kudu horn.


Because that is the signal for dinner. It will be served in the Boma next to an open fire and under the open sky. After diner, a ranger will guide you to your suite. After an adventurous day you will sleep fantastically and dream about the next day in the wonderful African bush.


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