Sabi Sabi Little Bush Camp

Sabi Sabi Little Bush Camp


The Sabi Sabi Little Bush Camp – an oasis of serene quiteness, far from the hectic movement and busy going-ons of mass tourism. The Sabi Bush Camp is settled harmonically into the enticing landscape and overlooks a picturesque river bed.


Allow us to welcome you to the possibly most beautiful five star lodge in southern Africa. Drawing upon the soothing effects of quietness, secludedness and above the all the luxurious ambience, this is the perfect place to spend the year’s most days together read more » with your loved ones.


The Sabi Sabi Little Bush Camp has all the first-class lodging qualities to ensure a memorable holiday in one of the world’s most diverse and exotic regions.


The unspoilt nature, its lush flora and fauna, and the excellent culinary pleasures the Sabi’s exquisite cuisine creates for you have all the potential necessary to keep body and soul content.


Attend the traditional open-air boma, the romantic African version of a barbeque feast celebrated by the light of the stars. Alternatively you may choose to dine on the finely-appointed veranda.


When the cool winter sends its frosty fingers into the savannah, retreat to the comfort of the crackling fire in the lounge and let the well-stocked bar serve you a warming drink. No matter whether you choose a sun downer, aperitif or digestif, the bar is a meeting point for the guests at all times.


The quaint safari atmosphere and the flickering light from the fire stimulates the imagination and creates an inviting pretext to share the day’s adventurous with eager listeners or to plan the next day’s activity.


Sustainable tourism and the protection and conservation of the natural environment as a joint effort of the local indigenous population and the Sabi Sabi Little Bush Camp is an issue addressed with sincere endeavour. Past successes and ongoing projects are apparent in many details and proudly presented.


As one of the Sabi’s distinguished guests you will live the camp’s applied philosophy: “Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow”. More than 100 years of safari experience in combination with the luxurious lodgings will once again evoke their magic.


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What is the key to the success the Sabi Sabi Little Bush Camp, situated in the immense 650 square kilometer large Sabi Sand Wildlife Reserve in the south of the Kruger National Park, has enjoyed for so read more » many years?


The answer comes naturally: Pristine nature, abundant wildlife and a mere six suites equipped and furnished to leave nothing to be desired. Accommodation only a small number of guests at any time, the luxurious camp offers maximum privacy and a friendly, personal atmosphere.


The suites have been designed in a contemporary African style. Great attention to every detail is apparent in the decorations. The stunning result are small and personal hideaways you will at once feel comfortably at home in.


Promising sweet dreams to come, the large four poster beds are draped in flowing mosquito nets. Apart from the practical aspect of undisturbed sleep they add a touch of fairy tale romance to the room.


The finely-appointed en suite bathrooms are small highlights. Those who like to start a new day refreshed by steaming water and fresh air will appreciate the outdoor shower; needless to say that an indoor shower is also at your disposition.


The typical African high ceilings and thatched roofs lend the suites an additional sense of the past colonial safari era. Natural materials such as stone, native timber and warm, ochre hues underline the Sabi Sabi Camp’s close ties with the impressive South African nature.


A steaming pot of coffee prepared with you room’s facilities or a cold drink from the mini bar in hand, your private viewing deck is the place to be at sunrise or sunset. Let the dramatic scenery, the vivid colours setting the romantically wild bush on fire, wash over your soul.


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The Sabi Sand Wildlife Rerserve and the Kruger National Park are a natural home to thousands of species: mammals, birds, insects, reptiles and plants all compete for their place in the intricate ecosystem read more » of this awe-inspiring natural paradise.


The Sabi Sabi Little Bush Camp’s activities focus on the intense experience of the wonders Mother Nature presents. The offered safaris and excursions are both emotionally stirring and educational.


The origin of the words “Sabi Sabi” goes back to the indigenous people’s word “tsave” meaning fear or danger. This is due to the large number of crocodiles and hippopotamus which inhabit the area. However, nowadays they are rather an attraction than a threat.


The many species you are sure to observe on the safaris will leave you thrilled. Wildlife enthusiasts will be excited to learn that the Big Five may all be encountered in the immediate surroundings.


Watch the majestic elephants trundle past or the lions doze in the shade, should they not be stalking prey like the buffaloes grazing on the plains. Keep your camera at the ready for a shot of the shy and quick leopards. The generally slower rhinoceros are also an excellent target for your camera, both by night or day.


Experienced and enthusiastic rangers will guide the safaris in the open all-terrain vehicles and point out many interesting facts and figures along the way. Guided hike are an option for those who desire to shift the focus to the many details which may be observed at a much slower pace.


After a long, dusty day of new discoveries, give body, soul and spirit a break. Soak in the pleasantly cool water of the pool or retreat to the shade for a refreshing cocktail form the bar.


Let your feet swing and your eyes rest lazily on the magnificent view. Time to relax and to revitalise. Maybe this is the right opportunity you were waiting for to bury yourself in a good book?


Let us mention one of the exotic highlights of the night at the Sabi Sabi Camp: a sumptuous dinner in the bush. Exquisite delicacies, fine drinks and exotic songs accompanied by wild dancers create a stimulating atmosphere you will remember.


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