Royal Zambesi Lodge


In the middle of Africa lies a country that is sometimes affectionately termed the “real Africa” – Zambia! Zambia is certainly inspiring and has so far been untainted by mass tourism.


Experience the unparalleled friendliness of the people, the national park’s abundant wildlife, the wide open spaces and the thundering might of the Victoria Falls. Zambia is a destination for those who enjoy walking on the wild side.


Such is the setting for the exquisite Royal Zambesi Lodge. Located only read more » a few kilometres from the Lower Zambesi National Park, the Royal Zambesi Lodge is a truly royal accommodation option for the discerning nature enthusiasts.


The Royal Zambesi Lodge nestles right at the heart of the wilderness – and yet it offer sophisticated creature comforts that leave nothing to be desired. Indulge in premium gourmet cuisine while a lion roars somewhere in the vicinity.


Indeed, the Royal Zambesi’s cuisine is exceptional: Only the freshest and finest ingredients find their way into the dedicated chef’s pots. The tongue-tantalising delicacies are an accomplished fusion between traditional and contemporary cuisine.


The dinner setting varies: the stylish dining room, open-air beneath the twinkling night sky or in all privacy on your chalet’s deck – you decide where to indulge in the refined treats.


A favourite spot for most guests is doubtlessly the Sausage Tree Bar. Ingeniously constructed around an ancient tree, the bar does not only offer sundowners mixed to perfection but also commands a perfect view of a nearby waterhole that regularly attracts wildlife! Paradise in Zambia!


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The Royal Zambesi Lodge in Zambia is something to look forward to: Only fourteen exclusive guests units offer supreme luxuries. The low number of guests lodged at the Royal Zambesi at any one time keeps read more » the ambience quiet and private.


At the Royal Zambesi Lodge, the distinguished guests may choose between two accommodation categories: the tastefully designed chalets or the luxurious safari tents.


Stylish elegance and the balanced combination of precious materials and a skilfully implemented colour scheme in contrast with the wild surroundings create an exceptionally romantic retreat.


Having spent an eventful day in the African bush, return to the lodge for glass of fine wine and a restful night in your large, cosy bed. Moreover, your private veranda boasts a stunning view of the mighty Zambesi River that lines the Royal Zambesi Lodge for more than 3.5 kilometres.


Thatched roofs lend the chalets an authentic African flair. The interior is exceedingly spacious and airy: Time to breathe freely, savouring the fragrances of the wilderness.


The tents are equally commendable. In fact, the word “tent” does not even start to convey the idea of the luxurious accommodation: High ceilings flood the tent with light and warm, bright colours create a cosy ambience.


At first glance, the ensuite bathrooms might appear a little plain. However, at the second glance, they reveal romantic austere splendour.


The open-air shower is a great start into the new day and just as appealing an option at sunset. Call the experienced team of INTOSOL travel consultants for more information and spend memorable days in Africa!


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A butterfly at the heart of Africa – have a second look at Zambia’s contours and the shape of a butterfly stands out. Offering a world of wonders that reach far beyond the shapes on a map, Zambia and read more » the Royal Zambesi Lodge boast countless exciting activities.


However, you may want to start slowly: Sip a delicious tea on the Royal Zambesi Lodge’s veranda and take the time to loose yourself in a good book.


The lodge’s large swimming pool invites you to refresh yourself with a splash. Dry off in the strong African sun and lean back to observe the wildlife.


Majestic elephants, bulky hippopotamus and intimidating buffaloes: they are all frequently observed close to the lodge. Many times, you need not even leave the comforts of the bar for wildlife sightings.


Needless to say that safaris are the Royal Zambesi Lodge principal activity. Every one of the exciting and educative game drives affords new unforgettable impressions of Africa’s diverse fauna and flora.


Guided canoe tours introduce you to the mighty Zambesi River’s ecosystem. And on your request, a sumptuous picnic may be arranged amidst the wildly romantic setting of the bush.


Enthusiastic anglers are in paradise at the Royal Zambesi Lodge. Cast a line and hook a big one or try your hand at fly-fishing, a skill that requires a lot of practise.


As the sun sinks low to set the horizons on fire, a romantic sunset river cruise takes you past bathing hippos, a refreshing drink in hand.


Body, mind and soul are pampered and spoiled at the small but exquisite lodge’s spa. Designed in a minimalist style, the Bush Spa is nevertheless exceedingly tasteful and elegant. Welcome to Zambia – a world of wonders!


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