Royal Malewane Lodge

Royal Malewane


The Royal Malewane Game Reserve can only be described as an oasis of serene quietness and inspiring nature.


This first-class hideaway sits in the Thornybush Reserve on the western boundaries of the world-famous Kruger National Park.


Of course, the distinction between the reserves exists merely on maps. No fences separate the two sanctuaries. The wild animals can roam both territories freely.


The region has been classified as densely populated concerning the many exciting species. Especially read more » lions and leopards are spotted with uncommon frequency on any one of the adventurous game drives.


The Royal Malewane’s philosophy, design and dedicated team is committed to providing exclusive privacy, personalised service and, it goes without saying, safaris of only the highest quality.


Ranking among the best of South Africa’s safari lodges, the skilful design combining selected, antique furniture with the classic safari ambience sets new standards.


Boardwalks connect the bungalows accommodating the generous suites with the library, the shops and the reception and dining complex.


The ratio of personnel to guests being exceptionally high, the Royal Malewane can implement a service which is inspiringly thoughtful and attentive, underpinned by the splendour of colonial glamour.


The Malewane’s exquisite cuisine is renowned for its mouth-watering sensations. Sample the many delicacies which, incidentally, just like the local drinks, are included in your accommodation.



A typical day at the Malewane:


Rise early in the morning for an exciting twilight game drive before settling down to a sumptuous breakfast.


Spend a relaxing morning exploring the camp’s many delights before taking a light lunch.


The afternoon is reserved for exploring the wonders of the wildly beautiful African nature.


Return in time for the sunset bathing the savannah in a soft, red glow and enjoy a sundowner or High Tea.


The moon rising above the horizon, set off on an adventurous night safari while a sumptuous dinner is being prepared for you under the open skies or in the finely-appointed dining room.


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Each of the Royal Malewane Lodge’s eleven comfortable rooms charms its guests with the contrasting design elements of colonial pomp and refined elegance.


Apart from the standard rooms, the Royal Malewane read more » offers two incomparable first-category suites: The Royal and the Malewane Suite sit on their respective private corner of the property and each offers unsurpassed luxury accommodation for up to four guests.


Set snugly amidst the lush vegetation, each of the two luxury suites features a private terrace complete with a swimming pool and a gazebo.


Indulge in the inspiring harmony and serenity the pristine environment radiates. Cast aside your troubles and give yourself up to pleasant reveries on your comfortable terrace.


The suites’ interior is divided into a bed and living room and gives all the appearance of a royal palace. Take some time to pace your sumptuous quarters like a colonial squire.


Naturally, a powerful air-conditioning and a central fireplace form part of the suites’ facilities. A crackling fire quickly takes the edge out of winter nights, flooding the room with warmth and dancing lights.


The antique furniture and tasteful design conjures up the glory of the bygone colonial era. On the large, antique bed, under the romantic dais, sweet dreams and revitalising sleep are just a matter of sliding under the soft blankets and closing your eyes.


The colonial influences are also evident in the extravagant bathrooms. A free-standing Victorian bathtub and an exciting outdoor-shower promise unusual bathing delights.


Letting yourself sink into the welcoming comfort of your bed, just before nodding off, let the faint lion’s roar in the far distance fill your imagination.


Or step over to the window and bathe in the silver light of a wide night sky cupola filled with millions of blinking stars, a sight which will overwhelm city dwellers.


Hear and feel the wild rhythm of mysterious Africa and loose yourself in the dangerously romantic beauty of this untamed country.



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The Malewane Game Reserve’s exotic nature is, of course, the chief attraction and may be experienced in manifold ways.


Instead of joining one of the classic game drives, which are highly recommendable, read more » why not exchange a vehicle for the shaky thrill of a safari high atop an elephant’s back? - A truly heightened perspective which can only be topped by an adrenaline pumping helicopter flight through the rough Blyde River Canyon.


Apart from the must-do safaris, you may choose to join excursion to the larger region’s many attractions.


An educational tour to one of the local villages lends insight into the native people’s partly still very authentic lifestyle. The Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is also well worth a visit.


Romantic natures will enjoy the slow thrills of serenely gliding above the enticing landscape in a hot air balloon. The quite flight above the Sabi River Valley is a truly memorable experience.


Return to the Royal Malewane Lodge for the many pleasure and activities the lodge itself offers its distinguished guests.


The African style thatched-roof buildings hide a library stocking many volumes of interest and a shop selling souvenirs and presents for your loved ones at home.


Furnished with authentic antique furniture, Persian carpets muffling every step, the Malewane Lodge’s commitment to detail and colonial elegance is apparent throughout the entire complex.


Guests seeking to train and stay in shape even during their well-deserved holidays, may work off excess energy at the beautifully set fitness centre.


Adjacent to the fitness centre, a spa centre offers its stress-relieving therapies and professional treatments ranging from medical cures to soothing skin care.


A highly qualified therapist and his dedicated team are well-versed in the subtle science of reuniting body, mind and soul, revitalising you for the tasks that lie ahead.


Choose whether you prefer to give yourself up to the caring, professional hands in the elegant spa or the harmonic atmosphere of the unspoilt nature. At your request, the therapists will also apply treatments in the comfort of your suite.


No matter how you choose to spend each minute … they are precious little units … time flies by in a hurry in this natural paradise!


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