Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge


INTOSOL has discovered an exceptional boutique lodge in the heart of the Namib Desert for you: the Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge. The eleven African style round buildings blend almost seamlessly with the vast expanse of the rugged surroundings.


The refined units radiate African flair par excellence, while offering every essential creature comfort. Accommodating a maximum of forty guests, the huts carry the distinct signature of the star architect Piet Odendaal.


The Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge is read more » easily accessible from Windhoek, Swakopmund, Sesriem, Sossusvlei or Solitaire. However, the easiest, fastest and most scenic way to reach the lodge is by air. A private landing strip allows you to touch down almost at your front door.


The guest rooms and the restaurant cling to the ridge of a small hill and all command a breathtaking view of the vast landscape. Relax your eyes and allow them to rest on the colourful Namib Desert dunes and the Rostock Mountains in the distance.


The ambience at the Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge is easygoing and friendly. You may look forward to sincere African hospitality and lust for life paired with first-class service.


In the best sense of the word, the round buildings offer a cosy cave-like flair as well as absolute privacy. Lodged at the heart of the Namibian wilderness, enjoy the comforts of your home away from home.


You caring host is the owner Wolfgang “Kücki” Kühhirt. Kücki was born in Namibia and completed a hotel, hospitality and gastronomy training in Germany and Switzerland. A colourful personality, Kücki heads his team with enthusiasm and professionalism.


The Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge is an exotic oasis of peace and quiet. Visitors are soon infected with the easygoing spirit of Africa, the lust for life and love for the pristine surroundings! Experience Namibia in all its intensity!


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The Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge comfortable accommodates 40 guests in finely appointed African style round buildings. The authentic bungalows offer a total of 20 ensuite rooms, each with a private terrace read more » offering a stunning desert view.


Guests may choose between two accommodation categories. The Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge offers eighteen Standard and two Luxury Suites, all of which feature tap water and electricity, both commodities that are not to be taken for granted in the desert.


The Standard rooms furthermore offer an ensuite bathroom with a shower and toilet. The ingenious architecture of the round huts keeps the interior pleasantly cool even on a hot day.


The two luxury suites are the Honeymoon and the VIP Suite. Both of the refined units are generously spacious and elegantly furnished. You may look forward to refined comforts and an exotic flair – lean back and unwind in all style!


The Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge’s friendly team takes perfect care of you and has an open ear for your needs and wishes. The Desert Lodge radiates love for detail. Admire the granite tile mosaic or relish the easygoing ambience.


Located smack-bang in the middle of a desert, the occasional sandstorm is unavoidable. However, the buildings round design proves a great advantage and perfect protection from this force of nature. No need to worry, enjoy the experience!


On a hot day, the pool becomes quite popular for a refreshing dip. And certainly, the opportunity to go for a swim in the desert, a magnificent view included, does not come up very often.


Some claim that the pool offers southern Africa’s most spectacular panorama. Certainly, a cocktail mixed to perfection at the pool bar will greatly foster this opinion. Admire the rugged beauty of the Namib and listen to wildlife. Welcome to Africa!


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The Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge does not only offer fine comforts but also highly diverse activity options. No matter whether you have come for adventure, relaxation, sports or everything at once, the Rostock read more » Ritz Desert Lodge has it all.


Well maintained trails allow you to explore the vast and bizarre desert landscape. Alternatively, join one of the guided tours to the ancient bushman paintings. Another nearby attraction is the working farm “Rostock Süd”, which is located west of the great cliffs in the eastern parts of the Namib Desert.


Small streams and pools are a magnet for life in the Gaub, the Rotberg and the Witberg River beds. In the afternoon, find a cosy spot beneath the Acacia trees for a little daydreaming or a romantic wilderness picnic.


In the south east, the Witberg rises above the plains. Its white stone lends it its name. And another colourful mountain may be found in the north: Rotstock Mountain shines in bright red, which earned it the nick “the Namib’s Ayers Rock”.


The Rotstock Mountain, apart from its majestic appearance, sports another, a hidden, attraction. In a cave, 1000 year old rock paintings in surprisingly good conditions may be found.


Doubtlessly, Namibia has a lot to offer. The natural beauty of the country is complemented by a fascinating history that was influenced by countless native tribes as well as the colonial times under Germany.


The excursion suggestions are next to endless: Join a trip to the spectacular Gaub & Kuiseb Canyon or take the time to admire the Namib’s great natural diversity in all detail. Of course, a favourite are always the endearing meerkats as well as the zebra herds.


Visit the Sossusvlei, a vast clay and salt pan, and climb to the top of the soaring dunes that frame it. And those suffering from a romantic heart beating in their chests may join one of the beautiful sundowner drives, which are of course timed with a desert sunset.


Having spent an exciting day exploring the sights and the desert, you return to the camp to find a delicious smell flavouring the evening air. Look forward to delightful local as well as international culinary delights.


At the Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge, there are many magical moments like these. Lean back, replay the day’s adventures in your mind and there is no need to wipe that contented smile off your face…


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