Raffles Dubai


Larger, mega, giga – Dubai. Hardly any other region on the face of the earth has seen a more unrestrained development, a more bizarre conglomerate of spectacular projects and buildings all side by side.


It is an inspiring ambience, if somewhat exaggerated. However, in any case, it is an experience not to be missed. And certainly, the Raffles Dubai on the famous Sheikh Rashid Road falls dead centre within the category of architectural mega monuments.


Right at the heart of the vibrant metropolis read more » Dubai, the Raffles' 19-storey pyramid rises high above its surroundings, once all desert. The extravagant atrium with its soaring pillars already hints at the elegance and splendour to be expected within.


The Raffles' lobby is all polished and buffed. The dark marble flooring shines bright. It is a matter of honour that only the very finest materials where used for the construction and decoration. Your are quite welcome to touch everything around you: Everything is as solid and precious as it looks.


The design is a composition of classic elegance with Arabian elements that re-evokes the flair from 1001 Nights. Certainly, the Raffles Dubai is one of the finest hotels in a city that boasts luxury accommodation par excellence.


It goes without saying that the culinary quality is on a par with the general excellency. Eleven restaurants and bars hold their sophisticated delicacies and refined treats in store for you.


The Noble House specialises on the Chinese cuisine, which is prepared with perfection and served with a flourish. A kindred culinary geography may be experienced at the Ansiana, which focuses on Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine.


Contemporary international delicacies are the daily bread at the Azur All Day Dining and the Fire & Ice Cellar stocks bottled treasure to accompany every exquisite meal. But, how about starting the night with champagne and caviare at the China Moon Champagne Bar, seasoned with a view of the Dubai?


Many other sensational restaurants take your palate on a sinful journey. Welcome to the spectacular Raffles Dubai!


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A standard room would go against the Raffles Dubai's principles. The Raffles is an all-suite hotel that offers a total of 248 luxurious and well-appointed units.


Of course, you are given the chance read more » and hard task to choose between a number of categories: 144 Signature Suites, 48 Raffles Inc. Suites, 24 Diplomatic Suites,, 24 Landmark Suites 4 Presidential Suites, 2 Penthouse Suites and two Royal Suites put your decision-making capabilities to the test.


However, rest assured, every units is exceedingly large with plenty of room to spread out. Moreover, the balconies, without exception, all sport a magnificent view of the city sights and lights – most spectacular at night!


The interior design and furnishing draws inspiration not only from the Arabian style but also incorporates the four elements earth, wind, fire and water.


A warm colour scheme complements the warm, cosy ambience in the Signature and Raffles Inc. Suites. An obsession for details and quality materials is apparent in everything you see or touch.


The Diplomatic Suites offer a separate lounge, living room and dining area. The room service is available around the clock and, on your request, a butler is by your side for any other wishes you may have.


Lodged at one of the Landmark Suites, you may welcome your guests at your private bar – an excellent solution for business men planning to organise a casual yet private get-together.


The Presidential Suites offer supreme luxuries and comforts. Among many other advantages, the prestigious units feature two bathroom, one for him and one for her.


And, finally, there is the crème de la crème: the Penthouse and the Royal Suites. Experience lush extravagance and luxuries beyond imagination. Welcome to the Raffles Dubai!


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Its central location makes the Raffles Dubai the perfect basis for exploring Dubai. No matter whether you are interested in the historic sights, sports, relaxing or the world-class shopping – everything read more » is available just past your doorstep!


A hot recommendation goes to the desert excursions! And it is quite a special experience to participate in a Bedouin barbecue under the desert's sparkling night sky.


A cruise down the Arabian Gulf in a traditional Dhow is just the right activity for those in love. Or visit the bustling Bastakiya market at the centre of the old town.


Those travelling with kids will not get around the spectacular new theme parks. First and foremost, there is Wonderland with its rides and entertainment for both parents and kids. Of course, you may prefer the more traditional charm of the Dubai Zoo.


Despite its modern flair, Dubai has a long history to share with its visitors. A good starting point is the Dubai Museum. Afterwards, loosen up and take some swings on any of the extravagant golf courses in the area.


Dubai days are long and filled with new impressions. Returning home to the Raffles Dubai, take it easy for a bit: Stroll the hotel's botanical gardens or visit the superb spa. Caring hands apply professional treatments or massages. The facilities also include a sauna and Jacuzzi among others.


Inevitably, you will overindulge a little given the Emirate's excellent cuisine. Appease your guilty conscience with a visit to the Raffle's fully equipped spa for a thorough work-out.


No doubt – the old Egyptians would have been slack-jawed over the Raffles' modern-day version of a pyramid, its supreme luxury, refined style and extravagant facilities. And so will you be!


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