Qunci Luxury Villas


Lombok is a wonderful place to unplug, relishing the supreme peace and quiet. Stroll down the white sand beach or let your eyes roam along the scenic landscapes, savouring the fragrance of blossoming, tropical plants. It is a supremely beautiful region!


Set on a perfect beach, the luxurious Quinci Luxury Villas radiate Balinese elegance. The white stone walls are elegantly topped by a pointed, thatched roof. The ambience is bright and airy. Run your hand down the precious wood and your eyes to read more » the distant horizon past the ocean’s expanse.


The Quinci Luxury Villas harmoniously blend with their natural surroundings. And then, of course, they offer supreme comforts and relaxation. Fine style with local flair, a superb setting and excellent service – look forward to an exclusive hotel with a charming design.


Leave the stress and tension of everyday life far behind. Later, visit the Qunci Qamboja Spa for a professional massage or a treatment tailored to your specific requirements. Immerse yourself in a world of soothing bliss and inhale the powerful fragrance of the essential oils.


A thirty metres long infinity pool invites you to dive into the refreshing water and do a few easy laps. Pull up to the pool’s side and look out over the Indian Ocean’s wide expanse. Afterwards, dry off on one of the terrace’s sun-loungers, the strong, tropical sun on your cool skin.


Naturally, you culinary wellbeing has also been given due consideration: The Quali Restaurant serves Asian delicacies underneath a typical Balinese thatched roof. A recommendation goes to the fish and seafood dished accompanied by local side dishes.


The Quah Restaurant specialises on Mediterranean cuisine. Needless to say that the fine treats are best complemented by your choice from the long wine list. Everything is in place for a wonderful evening in a refined setting.


The NooQ Lounge Bar is the perfect spot for enjoying a cocktail mixed to perfection while the setting sun strikes the horizon on fire. Alternatively, sample the international wines on offer.


The Qunci Luxury Villas are one of Lombok’s finest accommodation options. Put your feet up and relax in all style and comfort. Welcome! « show less


You may choose between several accommodation options at the Qunci Luxury Villas: The Partial Ocean View units have been designed in a typical Balinese style and command a view of both the lush hotel gardens read more » and the ocean’s glittering water.


Make yourself comfortable on your balcony and help yourself to a refreshing drink. Fifty five square metres large, the interior has been designed with bright colours, radiating stylish elegance.


Pastel colours and exclusive designer furniture set the mood. Stretch out on the vast king-sized bed and let your eyes roam free across the garden and the ocean beyond. The elegant bathroom is half open to the night sky above. Just wonderful: Enjoy a steaming shower with the stars for company.


The Ocean View Room, as the name suggests, features a direct view of the Indian Ocean. How about a long, leisurely breakfast on the balcony, the surf whispering rhythmically below? In addition to the ocean, lush, tropical vegetation provides the backdrop.


Picture the Balinese architecture and modern interior design. Generous fifty five square metres are plenty of space to spread out. You may look forward to supreme comforts and stately flair.


The cosy king-sized bed commands a direct view of the ocean extending towards the horizon. And after a restful night’s sleep, wake up under a steaming shower in the half open bathroom under the bright morning sky.


Similar comforts are available at one of the Garden View Rooms. Enjoy the superb facilities and the cosy terrace that invites you to while away a few hours at all ease with your eyes on the blossoming gardens all around.


Step it up and choose to reside at the One Bedroom Pool Villa that perfectly unites modern architecture with Balinese traditions. The typical construction is topped by a Balinese pointed roof. The bedroom has been decorated with a timber ceiling that adds extra flair. No less than 115 square metres provide ample space.


Of course, the One Bedroom Pool Villas has also been furnished with a large, king-sized bed. Throw the bedroom’s doors wide open and step out onto the terrace equipped with comfortable wicker chairs.


Measuring generous eight by four metres, the suite’s private pool invites you to take a splash. A natural stone wall on one side emits a cool jet of water – there is no better way to refresh yourself!


Afterwards, dry off in the shade under the gently nodding palm trees and rest your eyes on the scenic views. The bathroom features the Qunci Villas’ hallmark open-air shower.


Those travelling with family or friends will want to consider the elegant Two Bedroom Pool Villa. It additionally offers a second bedroom with a king-sized bed.


And then, there is the One Bedroom Villa Oumbang – your first choice if absolute privacy is your priority. The luxury unit is located atop a hill and commands a spectacular view of the valley below.


Experience refined luxury on two floors. Settle down on the sofas and take it slow. A bright colour scheme and select pieces of art create a marvellous ambience. The villa does not only offer an elegant living room but also a kitchen.


Request a professional chef to work his magic in your kitchen, serving the delightful treats on the villa’s large terrace. Step outside and relish the colourful and fragrant tropical gardens.



Stretch out on the sun-loungers and relish the warm kiss of the tropical sun on your skin…. Hot? Just slip into your villa’s private pool! And at the end of a long day, snuggle up on king-sized bed.


The elegant bedroom features a precious timber flooring as well as a breathtakingly beautiful view. Start the day with a refreshing shower, eyes on the scenery, and settle down to delicious breakfast on the balcony.


The nine metres long infinity pool certainly is a highlight: Do a few easy laps and rest your eyes on the beach below and the distant shapes of islands lining the horizon.


Need more space? The Two Bedroom Villa Qumbang offers first class facilities and two separate bedrooms furnished with comfortable king-sized beds. The dining room easily accommodates the entire family or a small group of friends.


The villa furthermore features a fully-equipped kitchen as well as a cosy seating area and a sophisticated multi-media system. The open-architecture adds an exotic flair!


Add yet another room with the Three Bedroom Villa Quambang – luxury coupled with breathtakingly beautiful views! Certainly the timber deck with the adjacent 25 metres long pool will become your favourite spot!


Take it slow, unplug from it all. Everything has been taken care of. Make yourself comfortable with a good book picked up at the villa’s library or play a tune on the state-of-the-art multimedia system.


Pick up the pace at your private gym and scrub clean afterwards in the superbly elegant bathroom. The three bedrooms have been finely appointed and equipped with a king-sized bed each. Just perfect!


However, in the end… no matter your choice of accommodation at the Qunci Luxury Villas, you may look forward to an unforgettable holiday in a magical setting on Lombok! Welcome! « show less


Discover supreme bliss at the Qunci Qamboja Spa! The suberp spa spices up traditional Balinese lore with modern health and beauty science – all tailored to your specific requirements and specifications read more » and applied in a charming setting characterised by precious art and a straight-lined, elegant flair.


The Qunci Qamboja Spa’s menu is long and varied and includes just about everything ranging from a pedicure to a full-body massage. Run your finger down the list and choose your favourite treatment, relishing the regenerating effect on body, mind and soul.


Afterwards, how about a relaxing splash in the scenic 30 metres long infinity pool? Cool down in the crystal-clear water and rest your eyes on the Indian Ocean’s expanse!


No matter whether you do a few powerful laps or simply pull up to the infinity edge to let your eyes do the roaming… the pool is wonderfully relaxing. The adjacent sun-loungers invite you to dry off in the sun once you are finished.


And then, of course, there is plenty to do in the vicinity: Visit the nearby traditional villages to meet the locals. Their friendly and welcoming attitude makes it easy to learn more about Indonesian culture and traditions.


Countless historic temples invite you to explore the classic attractions. The Indonesian temples are well known for their exotic architecture and elaborate decorations.


On a different day, dedicate your attention entirely to Lombok’s great natural beauty. One of the most notable sights are the traditional rice terraces. Stretch your legs and admire this venerated agricultural technique.


Keep walking and head towards the distant thunder of a mighty waterfall. There is an inexplicable magic connected with thousands of litres of water taking a tumbling, glittering, roaring fall.


Of course, you may also take a ride on the Indian Ocean’s welcoming waters. Brave the waves on a surfboard or point a kayak towards the distant horizon.


Or quite simply stroll down the perfect beach, eyes roaming the ocean’s expanse. Maybe you can pick up the silhouette of a distant island or spot a flipper breach the surface. Just wonderful! Time to relax! « show less