Qualia Hamilton Island


Northeast of Australia, flanking the Sunshine State Queensland’s northern coast, the world-famous Great Barrier Reef pushes up through the South Pacific’s glittering, turquoise waters.


The Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef and one of the seven natural wonders. Of course, a spectacular destination calls for an exceptional accommodation: INTOSOL offers you the luxurious Qualia Resort on Hamilton Island.


The Qualia Resort is located on Hamilton’s northernmost tip, reaching read more » into the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. Qualia is a peaceful, natural hideaway far, very far from the stress and tension of everyday life.


Those who are searching for a secluded setting and serene tranquillity amidst pristine nature have come to the right place. The Qualia’s stylish architecture skilfully enhances this flair with soft colours, natural materials and graceful design elements that create intriguing contrasts.


Arrive, settle in and regain your inner balance. Needless to say, that the delicious cuisine contributes greatly towards these ends. The Pebble Beach is a gourmet’s first-choice for a dinner in a casual ambience. In contrast, the Long Pavilion sports an exceedingly elegant setting. Afterwards, try one of the cocktails mixed to perfection at the bar.


Incidentally, the Great Barrier Reef was declared a World Natural Heritage Site by the UNESCO as early as 1981. However, the reef was first described by James Cook on June 11th 1770, when he ran the HMS Endeavour onto the coral on his first Australia journey.


Despite this unfortunate incident, Cook nevertheless admired the region’s beauty most fervently. Little has changed and Cook’s appraisals still hold true today. Come and see for yourself - at the fantastic Qualia Resort!


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Light, air and nature – these elements dominantly inspired the design of the Qualia Resort’s 61 guest units, which nestle beneath lush eucalyptus trees.


Generously proportioned, the elegant rooms read more » boast plenty of room to spread out. The extra large windows reach down to the floor and flood the interior with sunlight. Quality wood and natural stone add to the Qualia’s captivating flair.


Moreover, a light and friendly colour scheme underpins the refined ambience. The result is an oasis perfect for supreme relaxation: After a long day in paradise, look forward to the sweet comforts of your home away from home.


The 61 cottages are all independent units and ensure a maximum of privacy. The amenities include a TV, DVD and CD player, radio and video game system. A modern air-conditioning system takes the edge out of the tropical temperatures whenever the heat becomes too oppressive.


Those who would like to work on their tan or appreciate the strong Australian sun are well advised to consider one of the Leeward Pavilions. Facing due west into the sun, the elegant units offer everything the relaxation-seeker’s heart desires and more.


A sundeck invites you to kick back and relax at any time of the day. However, despite the ever-present, abundant splendour all around there are some magic moments. The rising or setting sun creates panoramas of unparalleled beauty to enjoy.


The 26 Windward Pavilions are predominantly located in the island’s northern section. Generous 120 square metres large, the extravagant facilities even include a plunge pool for private bathing delights.


However, doubtlessly the Qualia Resort’s finest, the Beach House is set directly on the beach and is stunning 240 square metres large. Welcome to paradise and welcome to the Qualia Resort: Get ready to swing in a hammock, enjoying the sweet life on Hamilton Island!


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It is easy to loose touch with reality at the Qualia Resort on Hamilton Island: Opening your eyes after a restful night, admire the sun lighting up the Pacific’s rolling surf – a fairy tale scene!


Carry read more » the magical moment into the day and plan your activities with a relaxed, warm and carefree attitude. We recommend chartering a boat, pointing the bow towards the horizons and setting off on a discovery cruise.


By common opinion, Whitehaven Beach is one of the world’s most stunning, white sand wonderlands. Stroll the blinding beauty before donning mask and snorkel to discover the equally beautiful, but more colourful, underwater world.


Of course, diving is another option to explore the depths beneath the waves. The coral life is vibrant and incredibly diverse. The Pacific’s warm water and the high visibility make any diving trip a memorable experience.


The activity options at the Qualia Resort are endless: Sail to the distant horizons in a catamaran or relish the peace and quiet of the ocean in a kayak. On your request, guided kayak tours are also available.


You may also try your luck with bait, line, hook and sinker or take to the air for a bird’s perspective of the immense Great Barrier Reef stretching for miles and miles into every direction.


Speed things up with a jetski or join a guided hike across Hamilton Island. The experienced and friendly guides have made it their passion to share their knowledge on the island’s ecosystem and history with visitors.


Should you prefer to set off on your own, no worries: detailed hiking maps point you in the right direction. Having exhausted yourself, settle down for a session of wine tasting at the Qualia’s well-stocked cellar or accept the challenge to a Boccia game with friends.


Supreme relaxation of body, mind and soul may also be found at the Qualia Resort’s excellent spa. Caring hands and sophisticated treatments effectively have you feeling younger and reenergised.


Look forward to your personal holiday fairy tale in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef on Hamilton Island and at the luxurious Qualia Resort! Once upon a time there was an island…


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