Pumulani Lodge

Pumulani Lodge


Set on the banks of Lake Malawi, the “Lake of Stars“, the luxurious Pumulani Lodge boasts refined comforts amidst stunningly beautiful surroundings. The western coast of the Nankumba Peninsula is characterised by lushly forested hills and rugged cliffs.


The pristine Lake Malawi National Park is proud to have been awarded the high honour of a UNESCO world natural heritage listing. The Pumulani eco-lodge is the only accommodation that has been granted a concession within the nature reserve’s read more » borders.


Indeed, Lake Malawi is a natural paradise with countless wonders that may be found both above and below the water’s glittering surface. Hundreds of rare and unique fish species such as the colourful cichlids inhabit the world’s ninth largest sweet water lake.


There is more to be found in the lake’s wild surroundings: Hippopotamus and crocodiles bask in the sun on the lake’s banks and colourful birds dart in and out of the Livingston’s mountain chain’s lush rainforests.


Late in the afternoon, the setting sun strikes the world on fire just before a myriad of stars pop up to look down at their reflections in the water: quite a show – best observed in all comforts back at the Pumulani Lodge!


And on a different day, take a book down to the lodge’s private, white sand beach. Let your eyes roam across the distant horizon or cool off with a refreshing dip in the hotel’s infinity pool.


The Pumulani Lodge strikes just the right balance between days filled with exciting activities both on the water and on land as well as sweet idleness spent in carefree relaxation.


Those looking for a thrill may hike the pristine hinterland or venture out onto the water for water-skiing, sailing, kayaking or to take a ride aboard a traditional Dhow sailing boat.


And then, there are Lake Malawi’s strikingly beautiful underwater wonders. Enthusiastic divers and other experts agree that there is no other lake that can match Lake Malawi in its colourful diversity.


The ten luxurious villas have been individually designed. Invariably, the eyes are drawn up to the sensational roofs which are covered by a thick coat of grass. The ambience is just right for kicking your shoes off and enjoying the natural beauty all around.


The Pumulani’s main house accommodates the charming restaurant specialising in a variety of salads, select meat cuts and fresh fish. The restaurant’s open deck complements a lip-smacking mouthful with a scenic eyeful. The Lakeside Bar offers lights snacks and refreshing drinks, again, served with a view.


A simple, yet successful concept: luxurious lodgings, impeccable service, warm-hearted hospitality and a breathtaking view of the pristine Lake Malawi. A stay at the Pulmulani Lodge certainly is the highlight of any Malawi holiday! « show less


Translated from the local language Chichewa, “Pumulani“ means as much as “relax well” – and certainly, the Pumulani Lodge’s ten luxurious villas will greatly promote that pursuit.


What first read more » strikes the eye is that lush, green grass grows atop the roofs that cast welcome shade on a hot day. The architecture features clean-cut lines and perfect integration into the pristine Lake Malawi landscape.


You will not be lacking space to spread out: the generous villas measure between 125 and 175 square metres for your comfort. The gently curved walls appear to be a tribute to the soft waves rolling up onto the lake’s banks below.


The interior also makes abundant reference to the lake below and the lush nature of the reserve all around. Natural materials and a bright, airy flair set the mood. African décor elements add a traditional touch.


No matter which of the refined villas you choose, every unit features an elegant bedroom at only a few steps from a private terrace that is just perfect for welcoming the dawning day.


The adjacent bright and airy living room is characterised by a classic, unostentatious style. It is just the right flair to take it slow, savouring the surroundings and tuning in to the gentle whisper of the water below.


In addition to the superbly comfortable standard villas, the Pumulani additionally offers its distinguished guests a romantic Honeymoon Chalet as well as a large Family Villa. Welcome! « show less


The Pumulani Lodge is the perfect home base to set off exploring and to enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities both on land and on water. Moreover, the Chobe National Park is well worth a visit!


Naturally, read more » the picturesque Lake Malawi is perfect for being explored by boat. In fact, the Pumulani Lodge has several vehicles well suited for the purpose: For example, board a traditional Dhow and cruise down the lake in fine style – timed to coincide with a romantic sunset, or if you wish a sunrise, – while enjoying a delicious meal.


Lake Malawi is famous for its superb fresh-water diving and snorkelling. Take a look at the colourful live below! Or add some speed: Water-skiing, wakeboarding or tubing behind a powerful speedboat are sure to raise some spray flying high.


Last but not least, the Pumulani Lodge has a number of small, Dhingy sailing boats available for hire. Set sails and head towards the distant horizon!


The lush vegetation and diversity of the rolling hills behind the Pumulani Lodge are best explored in the company of an experienced guide.


Appreciate the African flora and fauna in all its stunning diversity and climb up to one of the look-out points for a fantastic view of the lake far below. Back down by the water’s edge, you may take a kayak to leisurely paddle back to the Pumulani Lodge.


Alternatively, hop atop one of the lodge’s mountain bikes and skip down to the lake and the nearby villages. Talking to the locals you will find out about the many myths and legends connected to Lake Malawi. On your request, a local guide may accompany you to introduce you to the locals and their age-old traditions.


And then, later, make yourself comfortable on the lodge’s beach down by the lake. Gentle waves braking against the shore, settle down in the shade of a tree and take the time to immerse yourself in a good book.


The remote destination promises a brilliant night sky on a clear night. The hotel’s telescope allows you to observe details that remain hidden under any other circumstances.


Let it be mentioned that the Pumulani Lodge warmly welcomes children of any age. A Family Villa down the by lake offers plenty of space and the shade of the adjacent mango trees is just perfect for playing outside. « show less