Private Game Reserves

Private Game Reserves – Pristine Wilderness but Less Regulations

South Africa boasts countless top-class game reserves. However, in comparison to the larger national parks, the smaller, private reserves usually feature larger wildlife populations for the visitors to enjoy.

Moreover, the lodges set in the private game reserves have more liberty when planning their activities. For example, night-time safaris are frequently offered, which are often forbidden in the state national parks.

Nevertheless, nature protection enjoys a top priority at the private reserves. Only a healthy environment ensures sustainable tourism. And last but not least, the private reserves have added vast areas to the protected land mass in South Africa.

The individualised service and, in many cases, highly luxurious facilities, add a touch of fine style to the exciting safaris. INTOSOL has put together a selection of first-class private wildlife resorts in South Africa, many of which have been listed as the world’s best safari lodges by leading magazines.

A hotel that deserves extra mention is the Singita Group’s Boulders Lodge in Sabi, which has frequently been elected as the world’s most outstanding safari lodge. The lodge is usually booked for months in advance despite the rather heavy price tag that may easily list 900 to 1000 Euros a night per person.

We recommend you discuss your travel plans with us well in advance. However, there are plenty of other options. The Royal Madikwe Game Reserve offers excellent value for money, ringing up a comparatively modest 350 Euros per person and night.

Your money is met with superbly luxurious accommodation as well as full board, drinks and exciting safaris – all included! A great deal and a memorable experience!

Just give us a call and we will guide you towards just the right wildlife reserve that meets all your expectations. It is a pleasure for us to provide advice and share our knowledge with you!

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