Pom Pom Camp


The Pom Pom Camp in the Okavango Delta, Botswana – surrounded by spectacular African nature and abundant wildlife! The world’s largest inland river delta holds many surprises in store, one of them certainly the luxurious Pom Pom safari camp.


Nature on the doorstep, guests are accommodated in one of only nine luxurious suites. Of course, the fine accommodation goes hand in hand with first-rate service.


The camp is set on the island of the same name, the Pom Pom Island in the upper Xudom read more » River at the heart of the Okavango Delta. Approximately 1.6 million hectares large, the pristine region boarders the Moremi Reserve in the west.


The Okavango Delta is famous for its unique ecosystem. Boasting plenty of life-supporting water all year round, the Okavango is nevertheless surrounded by the harsh Kalahari Desert. The lush conditions in the Okavango are thus a natural oasis for a stunning diversity of wildlife.


The Pom Pom safaris introduce the visitor to this intricate and highly complex ecosystem. Experienced guides and naturalists help you spot the diverse wildlife on tours, which are being operated both during the day and at night.


Having spent an adventurous day out in the bush, the camp’s fine facilities promise relaxation and tranquillity. The main building has been constructed with natural materials only, sporting an authentic ambience.


Surrounding the building, a comfortable lounge, bar, inviting swimming pool and a small shop provide distraction. A typical African Boma completes the facilities. Here, the dinner is served around a campfire under the sparkling firmament above, the finishing touch to a perfect day.


The sounds of the wilderness infuse the suites with a wildly romantic atmosphere. Indulge in the beauty of Botswana. Of course, each of the fine units is equipped with a private bathroom.


No matter whether you relax at the poolside or enjoy dinner at the boma or in all privacy in the comfort of your suite, the pristine nature always provides a stunning backdrop.


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The Pom Pom Camp offers its guests fine accommodation infused with authentic safari flair. High quality natural materials and a carefully designed colour scheme reflect the warmth of Africa’s sunlight.


In read more » total, the camp offers no more than nine luxurious tent suites. Each tent features a private bathroom, which opens onto nature on one side. The suites are comfortably furnished and beautifully set amidst the pristine surroundings.


The units are arranged in such a fashion that each tent offers complete privacy and an uninterrupted view of the surrounding wilderness. Eight of the suites command a view of the Pom Pom Lagoon.


One of the units sports a special highlight: Carefully protected from all potential onlookers, the tent features a private deck complete with a romantic bathtub, allowing you to indulge in a foam-topped bath while admiring the lush backdrop.


Another tent has been equipped especially for the needs of families, accommodating up to six in fine style. Furthermore, the unit is situated a little closer to the central facilities.


The stylish tents and the first-class facilities of the main buildings are only half the sensation. The island setting and the spectacular lagoon create a magical, intriguing setting. Palm tree fringed water channels reach out like the arteries of life.


The entire Okavango Delta is like one huge living creature, providing a habitat for countless fauna and flora species. It is the living grace of Botswana!


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Being lodged at the idyllic Pom Pom resembles accommodation in complete harmony with Mother Nature. The ideal setting is the perfect basis for the Pom Pom’s exciting safari activity programme.


The read more » Okavango Delta is one of Africa’s last pristine wilderness reserves, the lush lagoons and rivers attracting abundant wildlife. Water is the quintessential source for all of the Okavango’s fascinating diversity.


Allow highly experienced guides and naturalists to introduce you the local flora and fauna around Pom Pom Island on the adventurous day and night safaris.


A Mokoro tour offers yet another fascinating insight. Glide noiselessly down the complicated channel system in the traditional dugout canoe without scaring the wildlife. Nature at your fingertips!


Those guests who enjoy the peaceful quiet of the waterways may also try their hand at fishing. The guides will kindly point out the most promising spots to catch sea bass or pike.


Another exciting option is a guided hike through the enticing and unspoilt surrounding bush land. With many new impressions to digest, the Pom Pom Camp features all the amenities to relax, for example, next to the inviting pool.


At night, culinary delicacies are served beneath the infinite night sky above or around the campfire in the traditional African boma. Gathered around a crackling fire, the food tastes twice as good and the ambience is perfect for exchanging safari stories.


It is hard to find accommodation that is more orientated towards an intensive nature experience than the Pom Pom Camp in Botswana. Cherish every little detail, rediscover your roots and feel part of Mother Nature again. Fascinating Botswana and the Pom Pom Camp – a perfect combination!


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