Perth & Coral Coast -

Deserted Beaches and a Unique Underwater World

Descending towards Perth, the view from the plane’s tiny window reveals the region’s breathtaking splendour: Set amidst an infinite expanse of red soil, Perth stands on its lonely lookout between the undulating continent and the sea. Perth is the access point to Australia’s Wild West.Perth holds a peculiar world record. It is the world’s most isolated city and closer to Singapore than it is to Sydney. The next closest city is Adelaide, trifling 2700 kilometres away. Almost 80 percent of West Australia’s population lives in Perth. However, despite its isolation, Perth is lively and blessed by a mild, sunny climate similar to the Mediterranean. Strikingly set between the Swan River and the Indian Ocean, enjoy the best of both worlds: the vibrant city life and the seaside thrills of lovely beaches and fun on the water. Perth has it all: Cheerful locals, endless beaches, a buzzing pub and restaurant scene and fine shopping - all bathed in warm sunshine. Heading out towards the hinterland, discover sweeping vineyards and quaint farmhouses. Immaculate sand beaches, an almost constant warm breeze and crystal-clear water are all the invitation you need to enjoy the Indian Ocean. Floreat Beach and Marmion Beach are our recommendation for families. The most famous beach on Australia’s west coast is Cottesloe Beach, some eight kilometres south-west of the centre. A visit to Perth always includes a trip to the charming, nearby harbour town Freemantle. The historic buildings are decked out in a Mediterranean style and accommodate first-class Italian restaurants on the Cappuccino Strip. Stroll the bustling markets and try the fresh seafood. Letting the North West Coastal Highway take you north, the road will lead you to the enticingly beautiful Coral Coast that runs the length of the coast for more than a thousand kilometres. The Coral Coast is a wonderland of scenic beaches, striking panoramas and a number of unique natural attractions. 250 kilometres north of Perth, the first of these attractions can be found at the Nambung National Park. The Pinnacles Desert features bizarre limestone pillars that stick out of the sunburned, red desert sand - a surreal setting! Up to four metres tall, the pinnacles appear in the strangest formations. For example, in the form of turrets, sculptures, heads, and pointed needles that let your imagination run wild. Over the course of thousands of years, the wind has created these peculiar shapes. The setting sun’s light adds extra flair to the scenery, casting a golden glow on the limestone and long, twisted shadows on the ground. Yet another few hundred kilometres north, the Kalbarri National Park has become famous for its deep gorges and The Loop, a rock formation that bespeaks its name. Keep heading north and you will reach Shark Bay, one of the last few locations were Dugongs, a maritime animal that resembles a cross between a dolphin and a manatee, can be found. More than 10,000 individuals of the mammals that easily weigh in 300 kilograms inhabit the Shark Bay region. The Shark Bay is the largest remaining colony of Dugongs, or sirens as they are also called, worldwide. While visiting the area, stop by Monkey Mia, set on the north-east peninsula in Shark Bay. Monkey Mia is famous for its wild dolphins that come within touching distance of the beach each morning. A ranger supervising the event, you might become one of lucky few that are allowed to hand feed the elegant animals. The highlight of the Coral Coast is doubtlessly Ningaloo Reef. Only a tenth of the size of the Great Barrier Reef, Ningaloo Reef is nevertheless equally diverse and colourful. A lot less visited than its Pacific counterpart, explore the pristine corals stretching for 260 kilometres along the coast. Ningaloo is the world’s largest single formation reef, located only 100 to 7000 metres from the beach. From March to June, Ningaloo Reef boasts a special show: Whale Sharks. The large fish measures stunning 12 metres and visits the region almost skimming the beaches. In fact, the Whale Sharks are so close that even non-divers may swim with the ocean’s giants. No other place on earth features such large populations and can almost guarantee sightings. Having explored the reef and the ocean, unwind on the scenic, white beaches. While away a few hours in sweet idleness, working on your tan, or explore the region’s prolific wildlife: Kangaroos are abundant! Allow INTOSOL to introduce you to Australia’s gracious west coast. Explore the pristine region either with a rental vehicle, on a private guided tour or on an Air-Safari. INTOSOL specialises in tailoring West-Australia itineraries to your specific wishes. Talk to our experienced travel consultants - we are looking forward to hearing from you!
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Best season

April until October


Airplane to Perth Airport or Exmouth Airport


Fishing village, wildflowers during spring, canyons, coral reefs and white sandy beaches


Swimming with whale-sharks, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, surfing


Ningaloo Reef Maritime Park with whale-sharks from March until June, Nambung National Park with the famous Pinnacles Desert

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