Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge

Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge


Towering mountains, crystal-clear lakes and lush, green forest with age-old trees … it is the Tasmanian wilderness in its pure form! Set at the heart of this rugged setting, the Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge is a wildly beautiful mountain retreat.


Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge is the perfect hideaway for those on a quest for luxurious accommodation in a secluded wilderness setting. The extraordinary lodge lies amidst the Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge and Lake St. Clair National Park’s stunning read more » natural splendour.


The exceptional beauty and pristine nature have also been honoured by the UNESCO, which awarded Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge a listing as a World Natural Heritage Site.


This heaven on a earth is the setting for your holidays! Indulge with all five senses. The lodge design, which is based on warm colours and quality wood, harmonises magnificently with the surroundings and adds a cosy and welcoming flair.


“Settle in and feel at home” is the Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge’s credo … no matter whether you unwind in the cosy lounge or in the bar, which is a popular meeting place for guests.


On a cold night, a crackling fire radiates warmth and fills the room with flickering light. Stretch out in one of the armchairs and enjoy a drink before indulging in one of the Highland Restaurant’s delicious treats.


The Highland is renowned both for its mouth-watering cuisine and walk-in wine cellar. Peruse the cellar’s shelves and choose one of the sought-after liquid treasures.


Of course, you may prefer a less formal setting: On your request, the Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge will prepare you a picnic basket for a romantic bush tucker for two. Relish the refined comforts and the rugged charm of this fascinating destination! « show less


After having spent a long day exploring the great outdoors, a perfect night at the Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge ends with a glass of lip-smacking wine in front of the merrily crackling fire, with the read more » first snowflakes blowing past the window outside.


Tasmania’s cool and erratic climate combined with the lodge’s mountain setting allows for such nights even in the summer months. However, no matter the season, the Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge offers superb accommodation amidst stunning nature all year round.


Spacious and highly comfortable, featuring an elegant ambience seasoned with romantic flair, the lodge’s luxurious rooms are just perfect for unwinding amidst the serenely beautiful setting.


Every room boasts a breathtaking view out over the lake, the river or the forest. Guests may choose between four room categories, each of which features different characteristics.


The King Billy Suites are named after the ancient King Billy Pines that stand guard all around the Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge’s facilities. A separate living room and bedroom ensure plenty of space to unfold.


Doubtlessly, the highlight of the suites is the fireplace, which is open to two sides. The large bathroom is exceedingly elegant and the king-size bed promises sweet dreams to come. The icing on top: the private veranda is graced by a heated whirlpool.


The Spa Suites charm the guests with an stylish design and hand-crafted furniture made from quality Tasmanian wood. Settle down on the furnished veranda and indulge in the stunning natural setting!


Countless options: The Spa Cabins feature a bathroom complete with spa facilities and the Pencil Pine Cabins have the advantage of being located closer to the main building. The Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge – one of Tasmania’s finest! « show less


Rediscover life’s simple pleasures! – A word of wisdom that elegantly sums up the Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge’s nature based activities.


Have you ever tried your hand at fly fishing? It takes read more » some patience to get the knack of flicking the line back and forth but the setting, and the possible fresh fish dinner, make up for it a hundredfold.


Alternatively, take a canoe out onto Dove Lake. The water is so incredibly clean and clear that your canoe seemingly glides across the surface of a polished mirror. Of course, you may also explore the scenic surroundings of the Lodge with a Mountain Bike or on hikes.


Several trails of different lengths and difficulty allow you to discover the national park at your leisure. An easy twenty minute stroll, full day or even multi-day hike, the Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge offers you something for every level and ambition.


Moreover, INTOSOL offers you the option to hike the famous Overland Track. Accompanied by an experienced guide, the day is spent on the trails, the nights at comfortable hiker huts.


A popular option is a two night stay at the Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge before commencing the three day hike. Having successfully completed the trail, a helicopter or car takes you back to the lodge. Just let us know about your wishes and ideas!


Then again, you might prefer culinary excursion into the world of Tasmanian wine and cheese, possibly followed by an exciting night walk to spot the nocturnal wildlife. Curious eyes light up to stare back at you.


The Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge is mostly about the great outdoors. So do not forget to pack the essentials: Warm clothing, hiking shoes and, of course, your camera. The landscape and wildlife make the region a photographer’s dream.


However, should your feet start aching, your legs tired, the Waldheim Alpine Spa is the perfect solution for a reenergising break for body, mind and soul. The elegant facilities reflect Tasmania’s great natural beauty and command a stunning view of the surroundings.


The beauty products applied in the treatments are a 100% natural and exclusively from the Australian brand Sodashi. Incidentally, Sodashi is a Sanskrit term that translates into wholesomeness, purity and radiance … words that come not even close to describing the wonderful feeling after one of the sophisticated treatments! « show less