Peppers Calstock Boutique Hotel

Peppers Calstock


Scenically situated in the quaint town Deloraine, the Peppers Calstock is an elegant boutique hotel set gracefully amidst north-west Tasmania’s green valleys.


Dating back to the 19th century, the Georgian villa sports nine elegant guest rooms decked out in Victorian style. Settle down on the villa’s sweeping veranda and enjoy the view out over the lush gardens and Deloraine beyond.


The rooms and suites immediately let you feel at home. Select furniture, quality textiles and thoughtful read more » details create a comfortable ambience. Quality and diversity are also the underlying credo where the cuisine is concerned. Each day starts with a magnificent breakfast buffet.


The hotel bar serves cocktails mixed to perfection, refreshing drinks and tea and coffee specialities. Come night-time, indulge in a delectable dinner at the restaurant, which betrays a distinct French influence.


The fine cuisine's treat are served in a romantic setting. Soft candlelight, gourmet delicacies and privacy – the perfect setting for couples on honeymoon and all those in love!


Or, if you are travelling with friends, share a few bottles of fine Australian wine, enjoy the view and spend a memorable night over a long, slow dinner.


Other facilities include a TV lounge, games room and a small library. Then again, nothings beats a long day spent exploring the scenic surroundings on bicycles, which can be rented at the reception.


Last but not least, a large variety of massages and sophisticated treatments are available. Allow caring hands to rub away all tension or relax with one of the aroma therapies.


The Peppers Calstock Deloraine promises happy days and serene tranquillity. Enjoy the fresh air, the sun warming your face, eyes resting on the horizon and the sweet fragrance of the gardens!


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Built between 1837 and 1853, the Peppers Calstock is a showcase for Tasmanian Victorian architecture. No matter which way you turn, the old-fashioned beauty is all apparent: marble fireplace, high ceilings read more » and cedar floorboards are just some examples.


Guests may choose between seven elegant rooms and two extravagant suites. However, no matter which of the units you ultimately choose, all are adorned with French textiles and selected wooden furniture.


The Queen Rooms, King Rooms, the Suite Rustique or the Suite Automne all feature a private bathroom, fridge, hairdryer, tea and coffee maker, heating system, ironing board and a TV. Incidentally, all of the units are non-smoking.


Those who appreciate a touch of extravagance are well advised to consider the suite with a spa bath. Moreover, the suites are naturally more spacious than the rooms, offering a separate living room as well as a private exit onto the veranda.


The Calstock’s hotel restaurant is characterised by classic elegance and superb French cuisine. Only hand-selected and fresh ingredients are transformed into the delectable delicacies.


Fresh bread, smoked salmon and local cheese are Tasmanian contributions and it needs to pointing out that a delightful Australian wine perfectly accompanies the gourmet treats.


The Peppers Calstock Deloraine may also stage your private celebrations or business events. The grand 19th century hall is a striking setting. Conferences, seminars or weddings, the facilities comfortably accommodate up to 50 participants or guests.


The Peppers Calstock Deloraine is an elegant, historic house that charms guests with its authentic flair and fine comforts. Certainly, it is a superb choice when visiting north-west Tasmania!


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The Peppers Calstock is located in Deloraine, a small town along the Bass Highway in North-West Tasmania, between Launceston and Devonport. Stroll the 50 hectare property and admire the ancient trees, read more » predominantly towering oaks and elms.


A mere 34 kilometres away, fascinating sandstone caves are another interesting option for an excursion. You may also visit the Tasmanian Wildlife Park and Koala Village, which is located twenty kilometres away.


Launceston is a destination for gourmets: Goat cheese, quails and game are on the menu, as are apples, apricots and honey – all local specialities. Moreover, Launceston enjoys an excellent reputation for its superb seafood restaurants. Feast on fresh Angasi oysters, salmon and salmon trout.


Tasmania enjoys great popularity among sailors. Steady winds fill the sails and the crystal-clear waters hide sport fish of every variety. Both deep-sea fishing tours and trout fishing are available from Port Arthur.


Canoeing, horseback riding, bush hikes, glider flights, mountain climbing and many other activities can be arranged! There is a lot to do! However, you should also visit Tasmania’s capital Hobart.


Hobart is a picturesque town that nestles between the mountains and the harbour. Yachts and fishing boats moor side by side. Every Saturday, the city comes alive with a bustling market where many Tasmanian specialities are traded.


Salamance Place, the harbour district, is lively and boasts galleries, shops and restaurants, which are accommodated in the old dock buildings, as well as the famous West Point Hotel casino.


Rugged rocks and quivering ferns, lush forests, gurgling stream, gleaming lakes and lonely beaches – Tasmania is a piece of paradise on earth! Explore the pristine nature and laid-back flair of Tassie!


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