Palmwag Lodge


One might easily mistake the Palmwag Lodge in the northern Damaraland for a Fata Morgana. Out of the dry surroundings suddenly rise lush green palm trees, gently swaying in the breeze. And a brilliantly blue swimming pool invites you to take a refreshing dip.


Typical, thatched-roof huts accommodate the adventurous visitor. Welcome to the Palmwag Lodge, your holiday oasis and African getaway! Palmwag belongs to the Wilderness Safaris group, which has made its reputation not only with its fine hotels read more » but also with its dedication to nature preservation and sustainable tourism.


Set on the banks of a dried out river bed, Palmwag is in fact one of the country’s oldest and most traditional destinations. Part of the lodge’s success lies in the stunning view: Look out over endless plains, right across to the distant ochre Etendeka Mountains lining the horizons.


The pool bar quickly becomes a popular spot with most guests. Having spent a hot and dusty day exploring the sights, kick back and sip a delicious aperitif while the tantalising smells of dinner start drifting through the camp.


Plenty of fresh air and days filled with new impressions naturally enhance your appetite. And with the smell of freshly baked cake floating on the warm breeze, your feet will automatically guide you to the cosy coffee lounge, where the still warm cake is being served. Bon appétit!


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Despite the first impression, the Palmwag Lodge’s superb accommodation units are everything but an illusion. The thatched-roof huts charm guests with their natural flair and carefully designed ambience. read more »


The furniture and facilities have been consciously kept to the point but feature every essential comfort and luxury despite the rugged wilderness setting. In fact, the units seem to melt into their surroundings, no matter whether you choose a rustic chalet or a nostalgic safari tent.


Both the architecture and the colours contribute towards this effect. Wilderness Safaris has made its reputation for its commitment to sustainable tourism that creates a harmony between guest and nature.


After a long and dusty day filled with new impressions, the distinguished guests return to their home away from home. A highlight of the spacious chalets is the mosaic stone floor.


The Safari Tents most characteristic feature is the airy flair. Moreover, your private veranda commands a stunning view of the nearby waterhole and the sweeping Damara plains. Located at a short distance from the main lodge, the tents are the perfect option for those looking for privacy and seclusion.


Those adventurers who enjoy roughing it may also self-supply on the Palmwag Lodge’s campground. However, no matter what sparks your fancy – the Palmwag Lodge in the Damaraland is the ideal basis for exploring the natural splendour all around.


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The Palmwag Lodge is located halfway between the famous Etosha National Park and the lively city Swakopmund. Palmwag makes the ideal basis for exploring this fascinating region in all detail.


Vast read more » 450,000 hectares large, the Palmwag Reserve is home to the largest Black Rhinoceros herd that has adapted to life in the desert. Another major attraction is the abundance of elephants, also specialised on the desert life.


What is more, a number of springs and waterholes attract countless antelopes, zebras and giraffes. Palmwag is a wildly exotic nature refuge. Beautiful and teeming with life – far away from the bustle of the modern world!


Go slow, admiring the stunning setting and keep your camera at the ready. With just a little luck, you might spot one of the majestic lions or the world’s fastest cat, the sleek cheetah.


Bird watching enthusiasts may look forward to a colourful and boisterous wealth of avian life. The game drives are generally offered in the early morning and late afternoon hours. Additionally, full day excursions to other concessions and guided safari hikes are available.


A visit to the Etosha National Park is a must! Other highly recommendable attractions are the Epupa Falls, the stunning landscapes of the Kaokovelds or a trip out to Namibia’s last nomads, the Ovahimbas – an eye-opening excursion that is both entertaining and informative!


Namibia … its wildly beautiful landscapes, its wildlife and people … they all radiate a captivating fascination! Quite something to look forward to – and possibly to come back to!


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