Outpost Safari Lodge


The Outpost Safari Lodge is by no means a rough-and-ready accommodation serving basic needs as the name Outpost might suggest. Quite the contrary, The Outpost Safari Lodge is an elegant design masterpiece in a secluded corner of the world-famous Kruger National Park.



Perched on the cliffs above the two winding rivers Luvuvhu and Limpopo, the first-class lodge commands a stunning view of the rivers and the unspoiled savannah plains reaching for the horizon beyond.


Designed by the Italian architect read more » Enrico Daffonchio, The Outpost Safari Lodge harmonises beautifully with its pristine surroundings. Clear, straight design lines and light, quality materials like steel and canvas create an airy atmosphere permitting the impressions of nature to be ever present.


The exquisite character of the lodge does not lie in the exciting design alone but also in the superbly excellent location: The far North of the Kruger National Park is just as breathtakingly beautiful as it is remote, a region visited by only a handful of tourists.


Magic is the only explanation for the creations of The Outpost’s cuisine. The menu is centred on exciting African specialities. Ingredients are purchased locally or especially flown in from Johannesburg before being served as a tempting tantalizer for your palate.


Select wines from The Outpost Safari Lodge’s extensive wine cellar will complete the culinary pleasures. The cosy lounge and bar are popular spots for guests to meet, chat, recount their adventures and enjoy a refreshing drink or a sun downer in the mellow red sunset light.


Spend some lazy hours dozing or reading on your suite’s highly comfortable day beds. What more could you wish for? –Except, maybe to take a dip in the inviting pool or to be spoiled by the friendly, attentive service.


You might also decide to browse the library’s books at your leisure or just to day dream about the stirring experiences of a full day out in the bush on safari.


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The Outpost Safari Lodge is the first choice for discerning guests in search of secluded lodgings offering an elegant and comfortable ambience combined with privacy and unspoiled nature.


No more than read more » twelve stand-alone suites cling to the cliff overlooking the river. They are appropriately named “Spaces”, being infused by light, open spaces and air to breathe, relax and indulge.


A unique feature are the retractable canvas walls and large glass fronts opening a 270 degree view of the lush, green river below and the far horizon. The wide open architecture is continued in the room design, merging bed-, living- and bathroom into a harmonic whole.


Permit yourself the luxury of a relaxing bath in the designer bathtub positioned in front of the panoramic windows granting the ever-present spectacular view. It will take some time to saturate your eyes with this sight.


Feel the fresh air caress your skin and the streaming hot water bounce off your neck under the outdoor shower; of course, well protected from any onlooker with the exception of the occasional butterfly. Your suite will always be pleasantly cool thanks to the powerful air-conditioning.


The large, modern bed is draped in equally practical and beautifully flowing mosquito nets to ensure sweet but above all undisturbed sleep beneath the blinking firmament. The mini bar stocks selected refreshments.


Having helped yourself to a drink, step outside onto your private terrace to loose yourself in the serene and wildly romantic atmosphere of the African bush with all its exotic sounds, sights and colours.


Be sure not to miss a romantic picnic amidst the pristine nature or a candle light dinner prepared on a shelf in the river for your. The flickering light of the lanterns adding a warm hue to every feature, the water gently washing over your feet – you are sure to experience an unforgettable holiday.


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The Outpost Safari Lodge’s activities will let you experience the awe-inspiring nature of the enticing region first hand.


The Makuleke region is situated in the Great Limpopo Park which shares its read more » boundaries with the Kruger National Park, the Gaza National Park of Mozambique and the Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe.


Well-protected animal sanctuaries extending into every direction and with the two rivers as a lifeline, the region’s specie diversity is overwhelming. Serenely gliding down the Luvuvhu River on a boat is one best opportunities to observe the plentiful wildlife.


The quite boat does not disturb the wild animals in their natural habits. Relish the encounters with majestic elephants or buffaloes and sneak up on graceful antelopes.


Gliding past Lanner Gorge your journey will lead you to Crooks Corner where a delicious open-air picnic will be prepared for you. Having feasted on the many delicacies, you will return home.


Bird watchers will get their money’s worth in this remote region. The Kruger Park enjoys an excellent reputation for its exceptional specie diversity. A guided birding safari and a keen eye will reward you with the rare occasion to spot the uncommon species.


Having rested your legs in the boat, join a guided safari hike. A little more strenuous, the hike allows an intense experience with the wildly beautiful nature at a much slower pace.


Of course, classic game drives in open 4x4s are also being offered by The Outpost Safari Lodge and leave nothing to be desired. Learn more about the cultural history of the region on an excursion to Crooks Corner or the Makuleke people’s village.


Those interested in the age-old historical sites should pay a visit to the archaeological site Thulamela above the Luvuhu River. And those who consider patience to be one of their virtues can try their hand at fly fishing.


At The Outpost Safari Lodge one certainty can not be ignored: Like it or not, your days at this wonderful lodge will fly by in a hurry!


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