Olivers Camp

Olivers Camp


The adventure traveller Paul Oliver first came to the Tarangire National Pak in 1985 and finally found what he had been looking for in long years: pristine wilderness with authentic African flair and abundant wildlife!


Having pitched his tents first outside and after 2001 within the national park boundaries, the rudimentary eight-tent lodge was taken over by the Asilia Lodges & Camps Group in 2004.


Asilia Lodges & Camps is well known both for its ecologically friendly operations that demonstrate read more » profound admiration for Africa’s natural wonders and its refined comforts and first-class service.


Africa’s beauty is the thread that weaves the textures of your holiday experience at Oliver’s Camp. Located in northern Tanzania, approximately 120 southwest of Arusha, the Tarangire National Park is famous for its large elephant herds and massive Baobab Trees.


Experience the majestic animals from a close but safe distance. Moreover, keep your binoculars at the ready: The Tarangire National Park boasts a stunning birdlife.


Oliver’s Camp is situated directly on the route of the great wildlife migrations … an awe-inspiring nature spectacle! And later, in the lounge, share your day’s experiences with the other guests over a cocktail or delicious dinner.


The cosy and comfortably furnished tents allow you to regain your strengths for another exciting day in the African wilderness. Replay the wildlife encounters in your mind and relish the sounds of Africa all around.


Kick back and unwind at this exciting camp at the heart of uncharted Africa. Fall into tune with the rhythm of nature and develop an instinct for the way of the bush!


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How would you describe Oliver’s Camp in the Tarangire National Park? Most guests immediately answer: “This is the true Africa feeling!” Both the camp’s perfect location and the rustic but comfortable read more » safari tents underpin the authentic flair.


Lodged with Oliver, you enjoy a stunning view of the Ngorongoro Mountains, the Lake Manyara region and, of course, the Tarangire National Park.


Having existed for countless years, the Oliver’s Camp has become just like a big family. The elders tell colourful stories of the camp, wildlife encounters and the region in general. Enjoy the delicious, home-made food and listen to the stories around the campfire sipping a glass of fine wine.


Oliver’s Camp has only eight safari tents, each of which offers well protected privacy. Furnished with solid wooden furniture, the tents sport every necessary comfort and radiate a welcoming flair thanks to the quality materials and bright colours.


The shower is like an annex to your tent – well concealed from any potential onlookers but open to Tanzania’s blue skies! Wash off the African dust while the strong sun caresses your skin.


The Oliver Camp’s friendly family flair is best enjoyed back at the main area, where guests meet for drinks or to swap safari adventure stories. Kick back in the lounge or pull a good read from the library’s shelves.


Africa’s breathtaking beauty, the warm-hearted camp flair and a shared love for nature – these are the elements that transform the Oliver’s Camp from simple accommodation to intriguing African magic!


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You will be surprised by the long list of activities that are being offered at the Oliver’s Camp. However, it does not come as a surprise that nature’s thrills are at the centre of attention.


With read more » an experienced and friendly local guide at your side, set out to appreciate the pristine environment with all the time of the world! The off-road game drives in open vehicles take you to the park’s most spectacular sites.


Every secret is unveiled: Admire the diminutive details like a spider’s web or the imposing bulk of an elephant bull. The diversity is awe-inspiring and one of the best ways to see it all is to explore the Tarangire Park on foot.


In fact, Oliver’s Camp has acquired quite a reputation for taking its guests down unusual tracks, adventure being a key element of the experience. Nevertheless, your guides are always careful to observe established security measures.


And, always, keep your eyes open and camera ready for the elephants, giraffes, buffaloes or lions that might appear at any time. The guided hikes may take anything from an hour to an entire afternoon… you decide!


You may also quench your thirst for nature with a Fly Camping excursion that will take you deep into the wilderness for days on end. Visit the most inaccessible regions of the nature reserve camping out.


Cherish the remote solitude, the crystal-clear night sky and the sounds of the wilderness all around. It is a fantastic experience that will stick in your memory for ever. Africa as you imagine it!


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