Olakira Camp


INTOSOL has plucked another of the heavenly stars from the sky, so to speak: The beautiful Olakira Camp in Tanzania borrows its name from the Massai language. Translated, Olakira means “star”.


Choose the Olakira and a brilliant holiday in the Serengeti National Park and shining memories are almost guaranteed. The Olakira Camp is mobile and changes its location in accordance with the season, ensuring excellent safaris all year round.


The motivation for these frequent relocations is the wildlife’s read more » migratory routes and rhythms. From December to March, Olakira is located in the southern Serengeti, where the zebras and gnus give life to their young. Once the offspring is sufficiently strong, the camp follows the animals move north.


A classic safari camp, the flair of the Olakira is infused with quaint African wilderness idyll. It is the kind of atmosphere, where flickering oil lamps light the setting and everyone gathers around the campfire at night to share stories about the wild bush.


The dinners at the Olakira Camp are equally romantic: Finest china and crisp tablecloths grace a table set in the middle of the bush, lit by a myriad of lamps that pepper the darkness like giant fireflies.


Of course, not only the ambience but also the cuisine’s scrumptious delicacies are exquisite. A feast for the senses, the extraordinary dining experience is accompanied by a chorus of wild animal calls and the occasional pair of eyes lighting up in the darkness.


It is a wonderful combination: Immerse yourself in the wilderness without having to sacrifice the luxuries and comforts of a first-class hotel. Indulge in the amenities of Tanzania’s safari star – it leaves nothing to be desired!


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Despite all its supreme comforts, the Okakira Camp, the “star” camp, is only a speck of dust when compared to the wonder of the Tanzanian night sky above. The Serengeti is clad in inky blackness at read more » night and no artificial light disturbs the view of the starry heavens.


The Okakira Camp’s six luxurious guest tents are almost as stunning as the night sky. Decked out in an ochre colour scheme accentuated with dabs of brighter paint, the ambience is inviting and a little mystic.


Needless to say, that every tent unit features a finely-appointed private bathroom. The comfortable beds promise sweet dreams and peaceful nights. Well rested, the sumptuous breakfast tastes twice as good.


The lounge is the spot to meet the other guests for a drink and a casual chat. Accommodating only a handful of guests at any one time, the atmosphere at the Olakira is always friendly, personal and intimate.


Of course, the remote and exclusive nature of this hideaway also ensures absolute peace and quiet. Cherish the serene tranquillity and the breathtaking wilderness all around you.


Many guests quickly choose their private veranda as their favourite spot to kick back and relax. At any time of day, the veranda commands a wonderful view of the pristine surroundings. The Olakira Camp is pure bliss for the soul.


A fact well worth noting is that the small but exquisite hotel chain Asilia has committed itself to promote and demonstrate that sustainable and ecologically friendly tourism can work. The local population is included in the efforts, the community benefiting from a range of charitable projects.


It is an admirable concept and, hopefully, word will spread. Spend your holiday in the comforting knowledge that your are making a contribution to ensuring that future generation will be able to admire the same natural wonders that constitute the highlight of your visit.


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The Serengeti National Park is not only one of the largest but also one of the most popular around the world. As early as 1981, the national park was declared a Natural World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. read more » It protects remarkable 14 percent of Tanzania.


Vast grasslands and forests, infinite plains and rugged granite formations characterise the awe-inspiring landscape. Home to an abundance of wildlife, the immense region was coined the “infinite land”, or “Serengeti” in the Massai’s language.


The sweeping grass savannah is inhabited by large numbers of lions and leopards that prey on the herds of antelopes, zebras and gnus. The migration routes of more than a million gnus and half a million zebras lead through the Serengeti.


The Great Migration is an inspiring event that conveys the powerful, underlying force of nature. Nature’s call is still heeded in the Serengeti. If your visit to the Olakira Camp falls between June and December, you will have the chance to admire the fascinating wildlife from a bird’s perspective.


To be free from giddiness is definitely helpful when the great hot air balloon slowly breaks its ties with earth and soars into the clear African sky. Included in the unforgettable experience is a romantic bush lunch with scrumptious delicacies and select wine.


After a wonderful day, indulge in the camp’s comforts and peaceful atmosphere. How about a relaxing afternoon over a game of chess? Incidentally, the Olakira Camp is a mobile camp and can change its location in order to follow migrating wildlife.


However, no need to worry, the location changes are made only with no guests present. You will not loose a minute of your precious holiday. Without exception, the Olakira Camp is always at the perfect location when you arrive – a perfect service for perfect safaris!


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