Okonjima Game Reserve


Halfway between Namibia’s capital city Windhoek and the celebrated Etosha National Park, close to Otjiwarongo, INTOSOL has discovered a safari lodge that shines like a gem, dulling all others in comparison.


Welcome to the Okonjima Lodge! The Onkonjima Lodge features not only sumptuous luxury but also stands for active preservation efforts. It proudly initiated the AfriCat Foundation which is committed to conserving and protecting the big cats of Africa, with special attention dedicated to the read more » protection of cheetahs and leopards.


Originally, the main building served as a farm house before it was converted to a guest lodge in the early 90s. These days, the interior is as stylish as it is cosy. A quaint dining room is the stage for the first-class cuisine to present its delicious three course creations.


In order to appreciate the cool early morning hours, breakfast is cancelled in favour of a morning drive. However, to keep up your strengths, muffins, tea and coffee are served before embarking on the next adventure. Rest assured, before your interest involuntarily shifts from the wildlife to you stomach, a hearty brunch is served back at the lodge.


Throughout the day, fresh fruit, cold and hot drinks provide refreshment. In the afternoon, tea, coffee and cake are served – a beautiful custom that will let you settle down with a steaming mug while reliving the morning’s adventures.


Let INTOSOL introduce you the unconventional but inspirational concept of the Okonjima Lodge. There is simply no better place in Namibia to observe leopards and cheetahs. The rangers are wholly committed to their work, their contagious enthusiasm the heart and soul of the predator safaris!


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The Okonjima Lodge offers five luxury accommodation options to choose from. A tough decision! But no matter whether you choose the Main Camp, the Bush Camp, the Omboroko, the Bush Suite or the Villa, this read more » extraordinary fivesome caters for every taste!


The Main Camp’s ten sophisticated double rooms look out onto the lush gardens and the open-air fireplace, a popular meeting spot at night. The guides and pilots are accommodated in three tents within the camp. On a hot day, an inviting pool promises quick relief form the searing heat.


The tastefully designed Bush Camp was completed in August 2001. Spaced generously apart, eight beautifully-set cottages offer maximum privacy. At three kilometres distance from the Main Camp, you will enjoy la dolce vita under the typical thatched-roofs. An appealing decoration, underpinned by warm, ochre colouring, creates an ambience perfect for unwinding. Apart from the tents for the guides and pilots, an inviting swimming pool completes the camp’s facilities.


You picture yourself alone in the vast wilderness? The superb Bush Suite is your dream translated to reality. The Bush suite is an African style cottage amidst the lonely bush. A clever detail, the bed is set on rolls and can easily be pushed out to the terrace for spending a night under the sparkling night sky. Of course, the plentiful amenities include a swimming pool and air-conditioning.


At a romantically remote distance of more than ten kilometres from the Main Camp, the quest for ultimate luxury ends at the elegant Villa. In a class of its own, the Villa needs to be seen with one’s own eyes and not disgraced with printed words.


Those who enjoy the intense nature experience you can only get when you are camping will be delighted to learn of the first-class campground The Omboroko. Despite the fact that it is set in the middle of the pristine wilderness, no effort is spared to ensure you an unforgettable holiday in Namibia.


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The Okonjima Loge’s AfriCat Foundation is a non-profit wildlife conservation organisation the fascinating work of which you will become fully acquainted with during your stay at any of the five Okonjima read more » camps and lodges. The hard earned success since 1993: more than 900 big cats have been saved!


The conservation work encompasses every aspect: Data is collected, processed and analysed. The local population is taught to coexist peacefully with the cats and injured or domesticated cats are released back into the wild.


The AfriCat Foundation deserves our appreciation and support for their ambitious projects. Would you like to adopt one of the sleek leopards or cheetahs? You may also adopt one of the big cats for a friend or relative. Certainly, this makes an exceptional present and is a good deed at the same time.


Explore the enticing surroundings either on your own or on a guided tour. Especially the Bushman Trail is highly recommendable. An easy day hike, the trail introduces you to the culture of the Bushmen.


A network of trails of various levels and lengths up to eight kilometres can be explored independently. Along the trails Namibia’s prolific and colourful birdlife may be observed with a keen eye.


A 4 by 4 vehicle navigates the rough terrain on a leopard safari. Cheetahs safaris are usually guided hikes. The rangers are familiar with many of the animals you will encounter in the wild. Quite a number of them were raised or cured by the AfriCat Foundation and released back into the wild.


It is an inspiring experience to witness these graceful animals in their natural habitat. Make sure the batteries of your camera are well charged to capture these exciting moments on chip. A new photo opportunity awaits your around every corner and behind every bush.


Do not miss out on the chance to join one of the adventurous night safaris. Stare back into the gleaming eyes that scrutinise you through the pitch-black darkness. Okonjima – a natural paradise for both wildlife and humans!


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