Okahirongo Elephant Lodge


The Okahirongo Elephant Lodge – the first choice for desert enthusiasts. The remote Kaokoveld (cacao land) in northwestern Namibia is not only one of the country’s most pristine but also most rugged regions. The remote region’s mayor town is Opuwo.


The region south of the Kunene River and north of Sesfontein is hardly accessible by standard means. It is the home of the Himba, a semi-nomadic pastoral tribe, whose cultural identity and age-old traditions have survived in the impenetrable remoteness. read more »


Set amidst this harsh environment, the luxurious Okahirongo Elephant Lodge opened as recently as July 2006. A magical place of serene tranquillity, the lodge is accessible by light aircraft and all-terrain vehicles only.


The landscape’s most dominant features are the immense, dry riverbed, where trees grow abundantly, the bizarre mountains, which provide a striking backdrop, and the omnipresent lunar scenery.


The remote Kaokoveld is the world’s only region were elephants, black rhinoceros, giraffes, lions and other African wildlife manage to defy the desert’s incredibly harsh conditions.


The Okahirongo Elephant Lodge will introduce you to this world of wonder. Join the exciting game drives in open all-terrain vehicles or participate in guided hikes through the inspiring ecosystem.


Savour the rough-faced scenery and the 360° panoramic views. Settle down by the lodge’s inviting pool and indulge in the serene tranquillity. There is so much to do and yet so much time to relax, for example, reading one of the well-stocked library’s books in the comfortable open-air lounge.


The Okahirongo Elepant Lodge’s excellent restaurant has earned itself a sparkling reputation with its clever fusion cuisine uniting Italian and African elements. The resourceful chefs produce a new menu every day.


The delicacies are served either in one of the dining rooms, which are tastefully lit by candles, or next to the beautifully set pool. A third option is the typical African boma, the cosy fireplace under the brilliantly illuminated night sky.


Okahirongo is a different, a unique place to indulge in. We recommend staying for at least three of four nights … and your everyday life will almost appear a distant memory.


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The exquisite Okahirongo Elephant Lodge’s colour scheme is avant-garde and creates a harmonious but fascinating contrast with the ochre compositions of the buildings’ exteriors.


Soft and warm pastel read more » tones pick up the surrounding countryside’s dominant hues and allow the complex to magically blend with the environment. The lodge is an idyllic retreat, literally situated at the end of civilisation.


The exclusive lodge features only seven highly luxurious cottages. The clear desert air and the breathtaking panorama are omnipresent. You may even decide to rouse yourself with an invigorating open-air shower in the morning.


An open pavilion is the perfect setting for a lazy early afternoon snooze and the two small pools provide quick relief from the desert’s searing heat.


More than 50 square metres large, the cottages feature plenty of room to spread out. The tasteful furniture, which is as luxurious as it is comfortable, contributes greatly to the room’s pleasant atmosphere.


With only a small number of guests being accommodated at the Okahirongo Elephant Lodge at any one time, the ambience is characterised by a quiet, friendly and very private flair. Just the right ambience to completely forget the stress and tension of everyday life.


The lodge’s finest in accommodation is the stately Presidential Suite featuring two bedrooms. The suite is a comfortable oasis of luxury housing four guests on more than 160 square metres.


The Okahirongo Lodge’s fine cuisine betrays the owner’s Italian background. The culinary creations balance African specialities with Italian influences. Incidentally, the sophisticated menu changes on a daily basis. Every day a new highlight to look forward to!


Soft candlelight casting a mellow glow on the setting, the romantic dinner is served either on one of the two dining platforms or open-air at the typically African boma. Concentrate only on indulging in these happy moments, the attentive service team takes care of everything else.


Clear desert air, an immense, star-filled cupola spanning the rugged landscape, a crackling campfire, a glass of good wine and pleasant company ... the perfect finish to a day in the desert!


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Apart form relishing the Okahirongo Elephant Lodge’s unique flair, spectacular setting and soothing tranquillity, the principal occupation are the exciting excursions in the vast desert wilderness surrounding read more » the lodge.


The early morning drive and the sunset drive in the late afternoon are the frame for all activities. Guided game drives focus on tracking the legendary desert elephant, rare black rhinos and elegant giraffes.


Both exiting and educative, the night safaris are highly recommendable. Discover the exotic nocturnal wildlife in the desert – a memorable experience!


In the daytime, trekking tours are offered, for example, along the dry Houarosib riverbed or through the mountain ranges providing a spectacular backdrop.


Those interested in scientific projects will enjoy a profound insight into the research on the desert lions in the Kaokoveld.


Scenic round trips including popular destinations such as the Skeleton Coast or the Kunene River are also available. Due to the large distances involved, the Okahirongo Lodge runs these tours with light aircraft.


A trip to one of the nearby Himba tribe’s villages will introduce you to the friendly people’s exotic rites and traditions, which they were able to maintain thanks to the region’s remoteness.


A driving range addresses the golfing enthusiast’s itch to whack a ball and improve tee off skills. Romantic souls may appreciate a delicious picnic amidst the remote region’s breathtaking splendour.


Please note: Children under the age of twelve are not allowed at the camp. On all charter flights, the baggage weight is limited to twelve kilograms.


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