Nyungwe Forest Lodge

Nyungwe Forest Lodge


The superbly comfortable Nyungwe Forest Lodge has been perfectly integrated into the lush nature around the Nyungwe National Park in Rwanda. Located in Rwanda’s wild southwest, high mountains and vast forests characterise the scenery.


In fact, the Nyungwe National Park protects one of the oldest, species diverse and lush mountain forests in East Africa. The pristine park is proud to be home to no less than thirteen primate species!


Of course, there are plenty of other species worth discovering: read more » servals, genets and otters inhabit the Parc National de Nyungwe. In addition to that there are the many exotic, blossoming plant species.


Most importantly, the Nyungwe Forest Lodge is the perfect starting point for the legendary Gorilla Trekking Tour in the Volcanoes National Park!


Charming, small and private, the Nyungwe Forest Lodge lies framed by scenic tea plantations. It is an inspiring setting and pure bliss for mind and soul. Settle down comfortably and rest your eyes on the Nyungwe Forest rising up the hillsides.


The luxurious Nyungwe Lodge offers its distinguished guests 24 rooms and suites designed in a contemporary African style. All of the rooms feature a private terrace or balcony. An open fireplace creates crackling cosiness and fills your room with welcomed warmth on a cold day.


Having spent an exciting day out and about exploring the surroundings, the hotel’s delicious restaurant offers gourmet dinners. The bar invites you to socialise and sip a refreshing drink or stiff digestive.


Those that would like to stay in shape may visit the Nyungwe Forest Lodge’s fully equipped gym. Work your body and free your mind, making plans for the next day or revisiting past day’s experiences in your mind.


Afterwards, slip into the large, heated pool’s welcoming waters for a few fast laps or just to soak in blissful idleness. Moreover, the exclusive spa offers a range of relaxing massages that ease all tension out of your body, leaving your with abundant energy for the next adventures. « show less


The Nyungwe Forest Lodge offers its distinguished guests 22 modern luxury rooms spiced up with African décor elements. It is a supremely relaxing ambience: Let your eyes roam across the lush forest’s read more » canopy and sip a refreshing drink from your room’s minibar.


The rooms are available with either a large king-sized bed or with twin beds. After a restful night, wake up in the morning and prepare yourself a steaming cup of tea or coffee with your room’s facilities.


The Luxury Rooms’ additional facilities include air-conditioning, a safe and, of course, a private bathroom. The open fireplace adds an elegant touch as well as cosy warmth on a cold night.


Two wonderful suites complete the Nyungwe Forest Lodge’s sophisticated accommodation options:


Wake up on the large king-sized bed and refresh yourself with a steaming shower in the ensuite bathroom, while the aroma of fresh coffee starts drifting on the crisp morning air, prepared with your room’s own machine.


Later in the day, step out onto your private terrace with a cool drink from the mini bar in hand to gaze out at the amazing views.


Certainly a highlight, the open fireplace adds to your suite’s romantic ambience, filling the room with cosy warmth, flickering light and soft crackling. Of course, you also enjoy air-conditioning, a safe and Wifi. Welcome! « show less


First and foremost, of course, there is the world-famous gorilla trekking in the Volcanoes National Park. However, the Nyungwe Forest Lodge offers countless additional fascinating activities.


Make read more » yourself comfortable and savour the purifying experience of being at the heart of nature. The Nyungwe National Park is home to several primates species – one of the best places in the world to observe man’s next of kin!


Join one of the trekking tours that focus on discovering chimpanzees. Get close and observe the fascinating social behaviour of these highly intelligent animals.


Yet another guided trekking tour takes you to the habitual haunts of the tiny mico monkeys. They are diurnal and live in groups that number between four and fifteen individuals. This fascinating species bites holes into tree barks to get to the nutritious sap.


The Grey-cheeked mangabey is a species with slender extremities and a long tail. There is plenty to see on the adventurous trekking tours that leave lasting memories! Explore the pristine tangle of the African jungle!


The Kamiranzovu swamplands invite you to lace up your hiking boots and stretch your legs. The Kamiranzovu waterfall is a natural highlight located along the trail.


And then, of course, there are the Nyungwe National Park’s countless bird species: 275 different species have been recorded, with 24 species being endemic to the region! Special birding tours introduce you to the feathered friends of Rwanda. « show less