Nkwali Camp


The Nkwali Camp is located on the banks of the Luangwa River and has a beautiful view of the South Luangwa National Park. The Nkwali Camp’s setting is part of the Game Management Area and an excellent territory to observe the wildlife.


A beautiful ebony forest and open grassland dominate the area. Elephants regularly cross the river and can be seen from the spacious, thatched-roof bar and lounge. The Luangwa River region is well known for its countless animal species, such as leopards, giraffes read more » and wild dogs.


Fantastic: The covered dining area is located picturesquely beneath the soaring trees right next to the Luangwa River. When the water level drops during the dry season, you are likely to spot game during breakfast or in the afternoon hours.


The Camp has more to do with a luxury lodge than a rough and ready makeshift accommodation. It consists of a main building that is open to three sides and includes a reception, bar and lounge. The camp sports an open and airy flair.


From the lounge, you enjoy a fantastic view of the river and the pristine environment all around. Settle down, sip a drink and enjoy the tranquillity at sunset time.


The twelve accommodation units consist of thatched chalets with stonewalls. Opening onto the river, a panorama window grants a fantastic view. At night, elegant curtains ensure your privacy. The roof is open to the gable wall, so that the air can circulate. Alternatively, ventilators send a refreshing breeze through your home away from home.


The Nkwali Camp is a luxury accommodation at the heart of the intensely beautiful South Luangwa Park. Just give us a call if Zambia sparks your interest. It is a pleasure for the INTOSOL team to make arrangements for you so that your dream holiday can start tomorrow.


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The Nkwali Camp is open the entire year and offers only twelve two-bed chalets. It is a boutique luxury accommodation in the middle of the bush set against the striking backdrop of the Luangwa River.


The read more » open-air bathroom is located behind the chalet. Each of the fine units features two washbowls and a shower. The generous king-size beds are protected by flowing mosquito nets, so you will have a peaceful night. A ceiling fan keeps the temperatures pleasant.


Two of the units are accommodated in a double-chalet. A connecting door makes the arrangement perfect for families or friends travelling in small groups. Every chalet commands a beautiful view of the river.


The power supply is 220 Volts and 50 Hertz. In the case of a blackout, a generator is activated.


The Nkwali Camp offers every bush activity imaginable: from hiking, hunting trips at night to Safari Hikes to other camps located in the park. Depending on the water level, you can reach the park by boat or ferry.


Indulge in the serene tranquillity and inspiring nature of the South Luangwa National Park. Relax in the warm African sun, refresh yourself with your open-air African bush shower and enjoy the tasty local food.


The Nkwali Camp in the South Luangwa Park - pure luxury in the middle of untouched nature! Zambia is a very special place, one you just have to experience!


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The South Luangwa National Park is certainly the main attraction at the Nkwali Camp. An experienced ranger introduces you to this unique nature paradise, which is often considered Zambia’s most popular read more » and beautiful national park housing many different species.


On the tours through the park, you will be able to see elephants and giraffes, to name just two. A highlight is an overnight stay in the middle of the untouched African bush. It will make your safari an unforgettable adventure!


The guide will try to show you everything that the local flora and fauna has to offer. Admire lazy hippopotamus, mischievous monkeys hanging in trees, the multi-voiced chorus of the birds and the grazing antelopes.


The comfortable Nkwali Camp is located on private property that commands a beautiful view of the South Luangwa National Park. It is the perfect setting for wildlife sightings. Especially giraffes and leopards are seen very often.


Of course, you also need to take time to indulge in the Nkwali Camp’s fine comforts. Relax on your private terrace, while reading a good book. Savour the fresh air and enjoy Africa’s spectacular sunsets.


Last but not least, relish the Nkwali Camp’s superb cuisine focusing on the exotic local flavours. A tip: Breakfast tastes delicious after an early morning walk through the bush. Discover Zambia’s awe-inspiring beauty!


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