Namutoni Camp


The celebrated Etosha National Park is one of Africa’s largest nature reserves. It scratches at the 23,000 square kilometre mark and protects both vast savannah and bush land.


Etosha is famous for its wildlife diversity. And of course, such a renowned park also offers finest accommodation. The Namutoni Resort is located in the eastern section of the park and belongs to the Namibia Wildlife Resorts group.


As recently as 2007, the camp was entirely renovated and decked out with a number of read more » extravagant extras that will ensure your ultimate comforts in the Namibian wilderness.


The Namutoni Camp’s appearance is confirmed by history: The camp is located on the spot of an old colonial German fortress. The historic defence position still is the centre of the camp and accommodates two restaurants, a bar as well as the pool.


Today, the only defensive regulation still in place is the restriction of vehicles into the camp’s innermost part. Consequently, the ambience is relaxed and quiet. Unwind in all style and admire the wildlife at the nearby King Nehale waterhole.


When day slowly fades to night, the setting sun paints the Etosha’s splendour in magnificent colours – a magic moment best enjoyed with you loved one by your side and a refreshing sundowner in hand.


A great place to enjoy these startlingly beautiful sunsets is the elevated boardwalk next to the King Nehale waterhole. The quintessential picture-postcard Africa! Only the wildlife carries on just like before, seemingly unperturbed by the nature spectacle.


The Namutoni Camp interprets luxury not only in the sense of pristine nature experiences but also more traditionally: The accommodation is superb! The refined double rooms or bush chalets leave nothing to be desired.


The dominating design line is dark quality timber balanced with select white textiles. Local arts and crafts decorate the interior and connect the sophisticated ambience to the nature and culture of the Etosha National Park.


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The elegant Namutoni Camp in the eastern section of the celebrated Etosha National Park was completely renovated as recently as 2007.


The Namutoni Camp belongs to the Namibia Wildlife Resort Group, read more » which runs three other camps in the Etosha Park and other parts of Namibia. The decision to close the Namutoni Camp for renovation in 2007 was motivated by the desire to create unparalleled comforts for discerning guests.


Come and see for yourself! It can justly be said that the Namutoni’s 44 guest units transcend the expectations of the most seasoned traveller. The 44 units are divided into 20 bush chalets with two beds each and the 24 double rooms.


The warm ochre hues of the interior, the dark timber and the lavish décor with local African art create a connection to the pristine surroundings, however, without sacrificing any creature comforts.


As becomes apparent by the architectural design, Camp Namutoni is partly accommodated within a historic German fort. Today, the historic sections accommodate the central facilities like the two superb restaurants.


Lodged at Camp Namutoni, at the heart of the Etosha wilderness, you enjoy the choice between a classic steakhouse, as well as a restaurant dedicated to typical African fare infused with elements from the international cuisine.


Moreover, a bar and a swimming pool invite you to pick up an ice-cold drink or refresh yourself with a dip in the welcoming water. Find a good read at the small bookshop or buy some portable memories at the souvenir and jewellery store.


Without any doubt, you will be accommodated in all comforts. However, the true magic of the Namutoni Camp lies in its perfect integration into the stunning wilderness all around.


The landscapes, the wildlife, the gorgeous sunsets … these are the moments that characterise your holiday at the Namutoni Camp in the Etosha National Park. Like a scene sprung from a fairy tale … and your rooms looks out over the King Nehale waterhole!


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Let’s test your Oshivambo, the most commonly spoken language in Namibia: … Well, as you might have guessed, Etosha means as much as great, white open place.


Vast 22,275 square kilometres large, read more » the Etosha National Park in the north of Namibia is the country’s most important nature reserve.


The Namutoni Camp is located in the eastern section of this vast area and the perfect basis for exploring the African wilderness and incredible wildlife diversity.


Namutoni is set directly next to the King Nehale waterhole. Just perfect: An elevated boardwalk allows you to creep close to the waterhole, which allows you to observe countless wild animals without even having to leave the camp.


A great bonus is that the waterhole is carefully illuminated at night, and while the wildlife does not seem to object to this, you may spot many nocturnal species.


Moreover, a recent addition to the activities programme, for the first time in the 100 year history of the Etosha National Park, exciting guided night safaris are being offered. An amazing experience and a whole new insight into Africa’s wilderness!


Of course, classic daytime game drives are also being offered. The tours generally leave in the early morning and late afternoon and, in contrast to the night tours, the daylight allows you to take crystal-clear pictures.


The diversity of the Etosha National Park has become legendary: Trained guides and trackers will, with just a little luck, help you to spot elephants, lions, leopards, cheetahs, zebras and giraffes in their natural habitat.


The location and the scenic landscape add the finishing touch to a perfect Africa experience. Other popular activities include hiking and fishing.


Later in the day, having returned to the comforts of the Namutoni Camp, replay the day’s adventures in your mind … while the first tantalising smells of cooking dinner start wafting through the camp.


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