Namushasha Country Lodge

Namushasha Lodge


The luxurious Namushasha Country Lodge is located 24 kilometres south of Kongola in the eastern Caprivi region. Set idyllically on the banks of the Kwando River, you enjoy a magnificent view of the bathing hippopotamus.


The Namushasha Country Lodge offers 26 bungalows and a VIP unite, all equipped with ensuite bathrooms. The interior design incorporates African elements and betrays a love for details.


An inviting swimming pool provides welcome refreshment on a hot day. Later, peruse the souvenir read more » shop for the one or other portable memory or a gift for your loved ones at home.


A long and exciting day ends with a delicious dinner at the Namushasha’s restaurant. Afterwards, stop by the bar and enjoy a drink on the sundowner deck. Sip a cocktail mixed to perfection, chatting to the other guests and admiring a startlingly beautiful sunset.


A stay at the Namushasha Country Lodge is an African experience par excellence. And, of course, the surroundings provide opportunities for countless adventurous activities. Take a boat tour down the Kwando, stop for a spot of fishing or hike the Namushasha’s 4 km long trail.


The trail introduces you to Namibia’s fascinating flora and, with your eyes wide open, you may spot some of the 300 bird species that inhabit the region. The Namushasha Country Lodge is a natural paradise for birding enthusiasts.


Having exhausted yourself, take a book into the shade beneath the soaring trees and indulge in the rare commodity of having nothing to do. Refresh yourself in the pool or just close your eyes for a little afternoon snooze. INTOSOL welcomes you to the Kwando River and the Namushasha Country Lodge!


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The Namushasha Country Lodge’s bungalows have all been furnished in an African style and lovingly decorated. The resulting ambience is one of refined comforts and supreme cosiness.


Stretch out on read more » the extra large bed and relish the view of the breathtakingly beautiful landscape. Arrive, unplug and recharge your batteries before you start out on an exciting safari.


The finely appointed ensuite bathrooms offer all the amenities to be expected of a luxurious hotel. It is a wonderful feeling to wash of Namibia’s dust with a hot shower after a long day spent exploring.


Your private balcony is just perfect for admiring the sunsets and later the twinkling night star. And, of course, there are always the hippos down in the river, which may be observed day and night.


Safaris are still something adventurous in the Caprivi region. With no fences around, the wildlife moves around freely and is yet constantly attracted to the Kwando River’s lush water supply. The Caprivi boast one of the highest wildlife densities in all of Africa.


Experience the authentic Africa off the beaten path. Every day is filled with new impressions. Early birds will indulge in the sunrises casting the first golden light over the spectacular surroundings.


It is an inspiring display of nature’s great natural beauty – one that will stick with you for the rest of your life. INTOSOL wishes you exceptional experiences at the Namushasha Country Lodge in the Caprivi region!


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Namibia’s Caprivi Region offers a host of activities. Certainly, it is the country’s most humid and densely populated region, speaking of the wildlife, of course. Visitors to these adventurous parts read more » may look forward to exciting safaris with countless memorable sightings.


Of course, the classic activity is a game drive to the Caprivi Game Reserve. A boat takes you across the region’s lifeline, the mighty Kwando River. Giraffes, zebras, elephants, leopards and hippos are just a few representatives of the many species you can sight.


Halfway through the safari you stop at the Horseshoe for a cold drink, while only a few metres away the animals congregate in pursuit of a similar objective.


The Namushasha Country Lodge also offers you the chance to experience the local flora and fauna on the rivers. An experienced guide takes you upriver, pointing out the many birds and other species that may be encountered along the route.


Additionally, your guide also explains some of the fascinating plants that line the riverbanks. Those who enjoy casting a line may try to hook one of the river’s abundant fish. It is a pleasure for the Namushasha Lodge to prepare your catch for dinner.


Furthermore, a hiking trail starts right at the lodge. Keep you eyes peeled for crocodiles or hippopotamus, which may sometimes be sighted from the trail. Ask your guide about the medicinal properties of the plants along the trail.


A great hiking destination is the nearby Namushasha Mbukushu Traditional Village. Combine a little exercise with the wildly beautiful surroundings and a culturally fascinating destination.


Having arrived at the remote village, you will be introduced to the traditional Mbukushu and Mafwe dances, while your guides shares his vast knowledge on the culture, history and present day life of the locals.


Having been welcomed by the village’s representatives, you may observe the daily business of the healers, the basket makers and artisans. Despite a little show for the visitors, the village is an experience that transports you to another world, so very different from ours.


And even the night has its special charms in Namibia. Having indulged in a sumptuous dinner, join a guide for the short stroll down to the Star-Gazing Arena. Just lean back and enjoy the beauty of the night sky or learn more about distant solar systems in a short astronomy lesson.


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