Namib Desert Lodge


The Namib Desert Lodge is situated amidst the pristine beauty of the Gondwana Namib Park, a private concession owned and managed by the Gondwana Desert Collection. The reserve is located approximately 60 kilometres north of Sesriem, gateway to the world-famous Sossusvlei.


Featuring a total of 50 rooms, the Namib Lodge lies at the foot of the Petrified Dunes – an exceptional phenomenon: In the course of the Millennia, sand dunes compacted to form the striking red rocks which nowadays surrealistically read more » rise above the ground.


Recently redecorated, the Namib Desert Lodge sports a quaint but stylish interior. The cosy restaurant has earned itself a reputation for its selection of local delicacies, African cuisine and international dishes.


Having dined to your stomach’s full content, how about a sundowner mixed to perfection by the friendly pool bar staff. On a hot day, both the bar and the pool, set under gently swaying palm trees, promise relief from the heat.


A TV lounge allows you to stay in contact with current events and watch movies at night. A souvenir shop sells little gifts for your loved ones at home.


Those interested in natural history and nature will be pleased to learn that a desert information centre is located nearby. We recommend you pay the equally educative and entertaining institution a visit and join an excursion to better appreciate the scenic landscape.


After the sun has set, keep your eyes on the artificially lit waterholes. Water being scarce, the waterholes are certain to attract Elands, antelopes and Springboks - a spectacular sight. However, the activity highlight undoubtedly is a trip up to the peak of the world’s highest dune … a memory you will forever cherish!


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The Namib Desert Lodge is situated at the heart of the stunning Gondwana Namib Park. The luxurious lodge sports a truly unique atmosphere. The exotic African design and furnishing reflect the age-old Namibian read more » culture, art and tradition.


So conveniently located, the Namib Lodge is an ideal basis for exploring the awe-inspiring petrified dunes found only in the Namib Desert. The towering formations are glowing, red dunes frozen by Millennia to solid stone.


Decked out in an exotic African style and tastefully furnished, the Namib Desert Lodge features a total of 50 rooms, all with a private shower bath. Would you care for a romantic night in tune with the slowly rotating African night sky?


The interior of the units has been designed so you can leave the curtains open to enjoy the spectacular night sky panorama above the desert before you gently drift off to sleep. These fundamental experiences are surprisingly stirring in the heart of the desert.


Settle down on the Namib Desert Lodge’s comfortable terrace, a refreshing drink in hand, to watch the sinking sun set the horizon on fire behind the grandiose Gondwana Park dunes.


The soundtrack to these inspiring events is kindly being supplied by the exotic wildlife which has adapted to the harsh conditions. Listen to the chirp of the crickets, the song of colourful birds or the howling jackals – African music par excellence! To cool down, relax by the pool commanding a stunning view of the Namib landscape.


A few laps in the inviting pool wake you up in the morning and guarantee a good start into the day followed by a hearty breakfast. Further facilities of the Namib Lodge include a well-stocked bar, excellent à la carte restaurant, a souvenir shop and a cosy TV lounge.


Indulge in the incomparable African magic: delicately green bushes clinging to golden sand, red dunes and wide open spaces – a painter in love must have designed the setting. We assure you, your stay at the Namib Desert Lodge will leave you thrilled … even more so: you will want to come back!


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The Gondwana Namib Park – where the ancient Namib’s petrified dunes meet the younger Namib’s sand dunes. Standing with one foot on either side, a sea of rolling dunes extents to the West whereas read more » endless plains reach for the far away mountains in the East.


Keep an eye open for the exciting wildlife. Springboks, ostriches and Chamois Bucks roam the land. The Sesriem Canyon, located only 60 kilometres away, a trifle in these regions, is well-worth a visit as is the nearby Sossusvlei featuring the world’s highest sand dunes. A striking sight!


We recommend you join one of the excursions navigating the inspiring landscape to discover the surprising new perspectives every new vantage point offers. Explore the petrified dunes, the bright red dunes just below the plateau and the many other wonders of the Gondwana Namib Park.


After the sun has set, keep you eyes on the well-lit waterholes which attract Elands and Springboks for a sip of scarce water. Be sure to track down the wild horses which have adapted themselves magnificently to the desert’s harsh conditions.


There is a world of wonder to discover in the Namib Desert. Professionally guided and highly educative and entertaining tours to God’s Window or the Kuck-Aus Mountains are being offered, the breathtaking landscape of the Succulent Karoo Desert ensuring an interesting journey.


Having explored these wondrous sights to your heart’s content, be sure to savour the romantic ambience of the Namib Desert Lodge. Let the freshly prepared delicacies the African style cuisine serves spoil you. Unwind and enjoy your holiday!


Having feasted on a sumptuous breakfast, start the day with an early morning game drive. Discover wild Africa’s beautiful fauna and flora and let the spell-binding play of colours ranging from glowing gold to pastel pink captivate you. The record shows, those who have once been charmed by the Namib’s grace keep wanting to come back.


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