Mvuu Lodge

Mvuu Lodge


Offering superbly comfortable lodgings, the elegant Mvuu Lodge is located on the western border of the diverse Liwonde National Park in Malawi. It is set on the banks of the Shire River.


The Shire River is, in fact, one of the Liwonde National Park’s major lifelines. Moreover, the lush nature reserve encompasses vast wetlands with lagoons and swamps, open savannah and a breathtaking diversity of plant species, wildlife and exotic birds.


Located in the Chiawa region, the Mvuu Lodge’s setting read more » is quiet, remote and peaceful. Lean back and observe the breathtaking natural beauty all around, savouring the perfect privacy interspersed only by the calls of the wildlife.


The Mvuu Lodge offers a total of eight safari tents accommodating two guests each. Only a small number of guests are permitted at any one moment, ensuring personalised attention and a relaxing, friendly flair.


And then, of course, there are all of the Mvuu Lodge’s elegant facilities: A raised boardwalk connects the safari tents to the dining room. Both local dishes and international classics are served either at the boma under a clear night sky or out on the observation deck.


It is quite something to be sampling the deliciously exotic cuisine while the sounds of the wilderness provide the soundtrack and the campfire casts its flickering light.


After dinner, why not stroll over to the bar for a stiff digestive or refreshing drink: it is the perfect opportunity for an easy chat with the other guests to share safari adventures. Alternatively, make yourself comfortable in the modern lounge or at the hotel’s elegant library for a moment of peaceful quietness.


Step outside and discover a large swimming pool that has been set into the timber deck. Cool off with a splash or start the day with a few powerful laps.


Those looking for activities may spend their days on guided hikes that lead deep into the bush or explore the waterways on a boat safari that is offered both during the day and at night.


In fact, the boat tours offer the best opportunities to observe the wildlife like elephants, lions, leopards and crocodiles from up close. Birding enthusiasts will be thrilled by the multitude of species that can be readily observed in this diverse eco-system.


There are several Malawian villages located close to the Mvuu Lodge that can be reached on a bicycle tour. Observe the local life, learn about the age-old traditions and spend the night – a fascinating experience!


Welcome to the Mvuu Lodge in Malawi! Look forward to a fascinating and memorable stay at the warm heart of Africa. « show less


The luxurious Mvuu Lodge has room for a total of only 16 guests that are accommodated in eight superbly equipped and spacious safari tents that are easily on a par with a hotel room.


The most notable read more » characteristic is the breathtakingly beautiful setting: Make yourself comfortable on your private observation platform and rest your eyes on the lush surroundings and the Liwonde National Park’s fertile waterways.


A luxurious ensuite bathroom complements each safari tents’ adventurous flair with stately comforts. Stretch out on the comfortable bed and revisit the day’s experiences in your mind.


The Mvuu safari tents ensure absolute privacy and are just perfect for enjoying a relaxing spell. Be inspired and explore the pristine wilderness of the Malawian jungle! « show less


The Mvuu Lodge offers several activity options for exploring the beautiful surroundings and the diverse wildlife. Explore the Malawian jungle and be inspired by the unique flora and fauna!


A glowing read more » recommendation goes to the river safaris on the Shire River. The boats allow you to get unusually close: For example, you may observe bathing elephants, hippopotamus taking a sunbath or crocodiles lurking just beneath the surface.


The boat safaris are also the perfect vehicle to spot the many rare bird species that frequent the waterways’ banks and lush vegetation.


On a different day, stretch your legs on a guided nature walk. An experienced ranger takes you deep into the Liwonde National Park. The nature walks are available in the mornings or afternoons.


It is wonderful experience to find yourself on your own two feet far from any motorized safari vehicle. All is quiet. Only the porcupines and elephants kick up a racket!


There is a lot to discover in the Liwonde National Park – a world of different landscapes! Join a game drive exploring the natural wonders all around. The game drives are also offered just after sunset – the nocturnal activity in the bush adds yet another perspective!


Moreover, a special agreement allows the game drives to visit the rhinoceros sanctuary within the Liwonde National Park. And then, there are the park’s numerous bird species.


Birding enthusiasts will be thrilled by the spotting of exotic species such as the Brown-breasted barbet, the African skimmer or flycatchers.


The Malawian flora and fauna is fascinating – the Liwonde National Park a privileged site to set off exploring! Welcome! And enjoy refined comforts in a stunningly beautiful setting! « show less