Mumbo Island

Mumbo Island


The scenic and pristine Mumbo Island is the perfect hideaway for all those in search of remote open-air adventures in fine style. Certainly, Mumbo Island radiates Robinson Crusoe flair: it has never been settled and boasts abundant species diversity.


A network of sign-posted trails navigates the intact wilderness. Keep your eyes and ears open for the countless birds and reptiles that inhabit the island. Occasionally, an otter hunting fish may be spotted down by the lake.


Then, on a different read more » day, you may just want to take it easy and relax on the cosy sun-loungers down by the beach, where the lush forest meets the glittering lake.


The lake is natural playground brimming with life: Don a mask and snorkel and take a peek at the underwater life just below the surface. Alternatively, man the oars and paddle out onto the water in a sea kayak. Lake Malawi is famous for its colourful and abundant sweet-water aquatic life.


As day slowly fades into night, the setting sun’s soft light creates pure magic: Small, traditional fishing boats head out onto the lake, their storm lights lit, while far above the first stars are popping up on the firmament.


It is a wonderful hour to board a boat yourself: An original timber ship may take you on a slow and leisurely sundowner cruise out onto the inky-blue water.


The five comfortable safari tents nestle atop the slightly smaller Jumbo Island that is connected to Mumbo Island’s beach via a bridge. The setting atop the rocks at the island’s edge is just perfect and commands a stunning view out over the lake.


Of course, every accommodation unit features its private observation platform complete with a comfortable hammock. The only sound to disturb the idyll is the piercing call of the fish eagle that nests on the island.


The Mumbo Island’s owners are dedicated to sustainable practises and have pledged to conserve the islands’ pristine condition. Just an example, electricity is provided by solar panels.


At night gather around the fire with a glass of delicious wine in hand, while the chef prepares lip-smacking delicacies in front of your eyes. Afterwards, sip a cup of delightful local tea or coffee or visit the cosy bar on the main island. « show less


Experience sweet Robinson Crusoe flair on remote Mumbo Island! Only five charming safari tents accommodate the adventurous guests. The safari tents’ spectacular setting on the rocky cliff above Lake read more » Malawi commands a magnificent view out over the water.


Make yourself comfortable on you private observation deck and watch the fishing boats heading out for deep water in the evening. The boats small storm lamps dot the dark surface reflecting only the starlight from far away.


Time to take a swing in the hammock on the deck. Close your eyes or let them rest on the distant horizon far across the water. Just perfect!


The furniture has been made from local timber – simple, yet charming and functional, it adds to the Crusoe flair while paraffin lamps cast their soft, flickering light.


Every tent has been furnished with two beds promising sweet dreams after an exciting day in paradise. The small bathrooms feature all the necessities you need on a remote island: In addition to the washing desk you will find a toilet and the traditional safari bucket shower.


Mumbo Island is wildly romantic – like an adventure of days gone by. Experience Lake Malawi and the African wilderness without having to sacrifice any creature comforts. « show less


There is plenty to see and do on and around Mumbo Island. Set off exploring! Time to live the romantic part of the Robinson Crusoe life. And then, of course, the Mumbo Island Camp offers an entertaining read more » activities programme.


Lake Malawi is famous for its colourful underwater life and a kayak certainly is a great way to get around. Explore the islands and many long kilometres of shoreline.


Ask around for the best spots to take a peek below the surface of the magical Lake Malawi. Rare cichlid fish and other species may flick past right below.


No matter your level of experience, Scuba diving the sweet-water Lake Malawi is an experience that sticks. It is a different world altogether: mystic and unique.


It deserves mention that the lake around Mumbo Island is just about perfect for swimming! Take a dip at the white sand beach or set off to complete a full circle of the island treading water.


Back on land, you will discover that five well sign-posted trails navigate Mumbo Island’s pristine ecosystem. Keep your eyes peeled for the quick lizards, slow monitor lizards and native birds.


Rise early and join the morning bird hike: A local guide will point out species like the hornbills or the paradise flycatchers. But then, of course, you may also just take it slow on a sun-lounger with a good book at hand down by the beach.


Your private viewing deck invites you to take a swing in the hammock any time you like. Close your eyes and listen to the gentle waves rippling the lake’s vast expanse.


Action and adventure or relaxation and remoteness – you decide how to spend your days on charming Mumbo Island, a wonderful place that offers something for just about everyone. Talk to our experienced team of INTOSOL travel consultants for more information on Mumbo Island and Lake Malawi! We are looking forward to your call! « show less