Mkulumadzi Lodge

Mkulumadzi Lodge


The comfortable Mkulumadzi Lodge is beautifully set in the Majete Wildlife Reserve that forms part of the Great African Rift Valley.


Nestling in the shade of gigantic Leadwood Trees at the junction of the Shire and the Mkulumadzi River, it offers the perfect combination of idyllic remoteness with first-class lodging.


The Majete Reserve has remained untouched by the bustle of mass tourism. Every expedition that leads you deep into the reserve’s pristine nature is an adventure par excellence. read more »


In fact, the adventure starts with the access to the Mkulumadzi Lodge: A hanging bridge elegantly spans the river of the same name and arches daringly across to the lodge.


Refined luxury and absolute privacy are the Mkulumadzi Lodge’s signature hallmarks. You may look forward to a place of serene peacefulness at the heart of Malawi’s breathtakingly beautiful nature.


Only eight stately safari chalets are set along the Shire River’s banks. Generously spaced apart for your privacy, towering Leadwood trees and wild mangos cast welcome shade.


The chalets feature a spacious and comfortable furnished bedroom that invites you leave the stress and tension of everyday life far behind. Make yourself comfortable and recharge your batteries!


The Mkulumadzi’s superb restaurant takes care of your culinary wellbeing. Specialising in both local and international cuisine, the fine delicacies may be served either indoors or out on the terrace.


The lounge terrace is the perfect spot to kick back after a long and exciting day spent out and about on safari. Enjoy a refreshing drink and share your safari adventures with the other guests. An open fireplace invites you to gather round on a cool night.


And on a hot day, why not cool off with a splash in the lodge’s large swimming pool? The swimming pool is also perfect for starting the day with a few easy laps before breakfast.


The wildlife observation excursions into the Majete Reserve are offered early in the morning and late in the afternoon: certainly the best hours for wildlife spotting. Moreover, this schedule leaves you with sufficient time to enjoy the lodge’s wonderful facilities, for example, sipping a steaming tea on the terrace.


And then, of course, there is plenty to see without even having to leave the lodge: Hippopotamus bathe in the Shire River and countless bird species may be spotted in the trees all around. Welcome! « show less


Experience memorable days at the Mkulumadzi Lodge: Each of the refined wilderness lodge’s chalets lies shaded by an elegantly angled roof that is lushly topped with aloes, shrubs and grass.


Certainly, read more » the style is charmingly natural: The eight chalets are all set by the river; its gurgling murmur providing the soundtrack to be enjoyed on the private terraces. Gigantic Leadwood and wild mango trees cast welcome shade.


Step inside and discover contemporary chic infused with African design elements. A large bedroom with a comfortable bed at its centre promises sweet dreams to come. The ensuite bathroom offers full amenities including an exciting outdoor shower.


Step outside and enjoy the warm water pouring down while savouring a cool breeze on your naked skin. The shower opens towards the valley but is well protected from sight by high lateral walls – it is, in fact, a private waterfall at the heart of nature!


Talk to our experienced team of INTOSOL travel consultants for more information. Look forward to supreme comforts in a stunning setting. Welcome to Malawi, welcome to the Mkulumadzi Lodge! « show less


The first game drive starts at sunrise! At first light, you board a sturdy safari vehicle and venture out to explore the diverse wildlife in the pristine Majete Wildlife Reserve.


With just a little read more » luck on your side you may discover elephants, buffaloes and black rhinos. If you are planning to stay out and about for longer, it will be a pleasure for the lodge to provide a breakfast and/or lunch picnic, thus expanding your range considerably.


Explore this fascinating environment at your leisure and observe the exotic wildlife from up close. You may also set off on a hiking safari and discover the lush nature and prolific bird life lining the Shire River. A special recommendation also goes to the hikes climbing Mount Chimwala!


A boat safari on the Shire River is yet another exciting option to creep up close to the wildlife: Offered early in the morning or late in the afternoon as an alternative to the classic game drives, the boat safaris bring you into close quarters with bathing elephants and buffaloes that frequent the permanent waterway with great regularity in the dry season.


Of course, there is more to discover: keep your eyes peeled and with just a little luck on your side you may spot hippopotamus and crocodiles, not to mention the myriad of bird species that inhabit the lush banks.


The Majete Wildlife Reserve certainly has a lot to offer: Comfortable hideouts have been set up in strategic positions that allow you to observe the wildlife coming down to a waterhole for a drink.


Keep your camera at the ready: It is not every day that you may get so close to the big game. Elephants, buffaloes, black rhinos, sable and eland antelopes may be spotted.


On a different day, visit one of the nearby villages and meet the locals. A cultural centre serves as an introduction and a meeting place. Malawi is a charming country with great people. Find out more about the “warm heart of Africa” and life on the edge of a nature reserve. « show less