Mfuwe Lodge


Allow INTOSOL to take you to the extraordinary Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia. Experience refined accommodation amidst the pristine African wilderness. Unplug from everyday life and take a walk on the wild side!


Zambia’s north east is delineated by one of the country’s most important rivers, the mighty Luangwa River. The major water source gives life to an abundance of species, resulting in one of the densest populations in all of Africa.


Consequently, the Luangwa River and the Mfuwe Lodge are read more » a great destination for exciting safaris. Moreover, great migrations are not uncommon and large herds may frequently be observed scouting out new routes.


The Luangwa River is extremely dynamic, changing its course often and flooding vast areas. Many of the animals in the Luangwa National Park have braved long hardships before arriving at the sanctuary around the Mfuwe Lodge.


Incidentally, the lodge is set at a distance of merely 45 minutes from the Mfuwe International Airport. The location is ideal: Set on the banks of a lagoon, the wildlife may be observed from the comfort of the Mfuwe Lodge.


Settle down in the open-architecture bar with a refreshing drink. Lean back and admire the elephants and other wildlife, which seek out the lagoon for a drink and a bath just metres away. Just wonderful!


The Luangwa River and the lagoon are especially well known for their large hippopotamus population. Scientist estimate that one kilometre of the Luangwa River may house as many as 50 hippos. But, by all means, come and count for yourself!


The daily safaris at the Mfuwe Lodge are spectacular. The friendly and well trained Mfuwe rangers are a wealth of knowledge and enthusiastically answer all your questions about the exotic plants and local wildlife, like the giraffes, zebras and big cats.


The Mfuwe Lodge sports an open architecture that allows you to enjoy the wild surroundings at any time. The 18 chalets have been built with natural materials and offer finest comforts in the heart of the African bush.


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The gracious Mfuwe Lodge accommodates its distinguished guests in 18 thatched-roof chalets that offer finest comforts and wonderful opportunities to admire the breathtakingly beautiful surroundings and read more » abundant wildlife.


The panorama is indeed exceptional as are the various spots that you might settle down at to enjoy it. How about drawing yourself a foam-topped bath in the tub set into the floor. Soak in the warm water and relish the view of the elephants in the lagoon.


Apart from the luxurious tub, the elegant chalets also offer a shower and a separate toilet. The open architecture concept goes all the way: Just slide back a section of the wall and suddenly your elegant bathroom is open to the wilderness without compromising your privacy.


Each of the Mfuwe Lodge’s chalets has been designed with a great love for details. Of course, the bathroom has been equipped with quality toiletries, a mosquito net protects you at night and a fridge provides cold refreshments.


Additionally, each of the units offers a small bar that provides a fine wine or stiff drink to be enjoyed as a sundowner. The thatched roof have been designed in such a fashion that the air circulates easily, keeping the temperatures pleasant. Moreover, soaring oak trees cast welcome shade.


The Mfuwe Lodge’s open main building accommodates the reception, a cosy lounge, the restaurant and a welcoming bar. The two large fireplaces are not only an intriguing design feature but also provide snug warmth on a cold winter night.


Just perfect: Twirl an aged cognac and settle down in front of a crackling fire. On a hot day, however, settle down beneath one of the nodding palm trees that surround the lodge. Alternatively, take a refreshing dip in the pool that, as you might have guessed, also sports a view of the lagoon!


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The Mfuwe Lodge does not only offer superb accommodation, it is also famous for its excellent wildlife observation. Set in an area with one of the densest wildlife populations in all of Africa, you may read more » look forward to sensational safaris!


The Luangwa National Park is especially well known for its abundant hippopotamuses. Crossing the bridge into the national park, you might already spot as many as 70 hippos floating in the water and welcoming you with a snort and a splash.


Other regular residents are giraffes and zebras. A peculiarity of the zebras is their unusual mark pattern. In contrast to their relatives in other regions, the Luangwa zebras sport evenly spaced lines.


The Mfuwe Lodge is located at only three kilometres distance to the Luangwa National Park’s entrance. It is the ideal location for exciting safaris into the park, which may be conducted either as classic game drives or guided safari hikes.


To explore the wilderness on foot, staring the leopard in the eye at an even level, is certainly an experience that will stick. An experienced ranger accompanies you at all times to scout out animals, for your protection and to supply a wealth of information on the ecosystem.


Elephants, buffaloes, the African wild dog and fourteen different antelope species may be observed both on the day and night drives. The rare Thornicroft Giraffe is endemic to the park and yet quite easily spotted.


The sleek leopard also inhabits the Luangwa National Park, especially its southern sections. However, the shy animals are quickly disturbed by the sound of the engine and quite difficult to get to pose for a picture.


A long and exciting day filled with new impressions ends around a crackling fire in the boma. The stars shining down from above … the sparks shooting up to meet them … a roar in the distance – welcome to Zambia! And on a fine night, the dinner may also be served at the boma.


A quiet moment may also be enjoyed at the comfort of your chalet, just relishing the wonderful ambience, maybe with a good nature book from the Mfuwe’s library. Additionally, several DVDs provide visual entertainment.


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