Medjumbe Island Resort

Medjumbe Island


The celebrated Rani Hotel Group has done it again: One year after having opened a spectacular resort on Matemo Island, a top of the range luxury resort opens its doors on gracious Medjumbe Island.


Medjumbe is a paradise that words can hardly do justice. Brilliantly white sand beaches run endlessly along the coast and are only limited by lagoon so strikingly beautiful that the vibrant underwater life of the coral reefs comes as no surprise.


Set amidst this startling display of Mother Nature’s read more » beauty, the thirteen thatched-roof luxury chalets of the Medjumbe Island Resort are almost lost in the tropical landscape of the 1.1 kilometre long and only 350 metres wide island.


In strict keeping with the company’s philosophy, the Rani Group has created a resort of extraordinary beauty, supreme luxury and perfect service – all in harmony with the original African character of the setting.


The Rani Group takes its responsibilities very seriously. It sets great store by integrating the local population into the project and a large number of workplaces were created. Conservation of the natural environment is another of the Rani’s top priorities.


The Quirimbas are anything but an ordinary holiday destination. Overlooked by most, the 37 stunningly beautiful coral islands float in the Indian Ocean, unspoilt by excessive mass tourism.


The future looks promising for the islands. In an act of great foresight, the Mozambiquean government has protected the island’s unique nature, both above and below the water’s surface.


All future development is strictly controlled. Currently, only three hotels exist on the Quirimbas Archipelago and no further concessions will be granted.


The logical consequence for the distinguished guests is a sense of exclusiveness and guaranteed peace and quiet, like it is hardly found in any other place on earth.


In harmony with these background vibes, the Rani provides the adequate accommodation. The Medjumbe chalets feature every comfort a discerning traveller might wish for. However, truly inspired magnificence is found in the island’s nature.


Apart from the elegant main building, the facilities include a sweeping swimming pool, a diving school, water sports centre and a gorgeously designed spa.


Of course, the strict conservation principles the Rani group employs entail a construction that blends harmoniously with the intact nature. Only natural materials, without harming the environment, were used in construction, chiefly, selected woods and coral stone.


An extraordinarily graceful and luxurious resort was created, never once straying from the environmental protection guidelines. Heavenly remoteness and serene tranquillity are the dominating characteristics.


The same characteristics, the vibrantly colourful coral reef and the picture-perfect sand beaches are also the qualities that cast a blissful spell on the few, lucky visitors that get to experience this piece of paradise.


If you are interested in spending a holiday on Medjumbe, it is advisable to book far in advance. Despite the recent opening ceremony, the resort has already received countless reservations.


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The Medjumbe Island Resort features no more than thirteen thatched-roof Beach Chalets.


Set at a distance of only ten metres from the beach, the fine units all sport a large veranda with romantic hammocks. read more » Five of the chalets are equipped with twin beds, while eight units feature king-size beds.


The sparkling water of the turquoise Indian Ocean is so close and emanates such a strong pull, one is tempted to fly off the veranda and leap directly into the welcoming waters.


Of course, the chalets are most comfortably furnished, featuring amenities like an air-conditioning system, mini bar, electronic safe, hairdryer and an electronic kettle to prepare a tea or coffee whenever the fancy strikes you.


The unit’s bathtub commands a striking view of the ocean. Especially newly wed couples enjoy these simple pleasures - Medjumbe Island is an ideal location to celebrate in a romantic setting, undisturbed by others.


Incidentally, the Medjumbe Island Resort is the only hotel on the small island. Its facilities cater for every need. An open restaurant features a large deck and veranda. There is no need to be inside.


Everything is in place for the guests to kick back and relax: a beautifully designed poolscape, an outdoor bar, lounge and gracious reception area to welcome the guests.


Just like the other hotels belonging to the Rani Group (e.g. the Indigo Bay or the resort on Matemo Island), the Medjumbe Resort has already earned itself an immaculate reputation for its superb service. It takes perfect care of its guests, ensuring supreme comfort.


In short, stretch out your legs and allow yourself to be pampered from tip to toe. The worries of everyday life slowly fading into a distant past, indulge in the peace, quiet and remoteness of Medjumbe.


Floating majestically in the Indian Ocean, Medjumbe Island is the ideal destination for honeymooners, water sports enthusiasts, divers, snorkellers and generally for those savouring a good life style.


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Medjumbe Island is El Dorado for water sports enthusiasts, primarily, of course, for divers and those that appreciate the pristine underwater world.


A local ocean current is the reason why the Quirimbas read more » have so far been saved from the worldwide phenomenon of coral bleaching. The coral reefs are in full bloom, displaying all their natural splendour.


Equally fascinating is the overwhelming diversity of coral fish species. Only on the Quirimbas, more than 37 new species were discovered!


Logically thus, the Quirimbas are also a rich feeding ground for larger predators. Depending on the season, sharks, manta rays and even whale sharks can be observed.


The locals frequently call the Quirimbas the “Dolphin Islands”. The friendly sea mammals are abundant in the surrounding waters. Often they accompany the boats for a while or they are spotted while diving or snorkelling.


A first-class and well-equipped diving centre is the entry ticket to the world beneath the waves. Those who are not confident with donning serious diving gear and dropping to the depths below should at least explore the reefs on a snorkelling expedition – it is a mind-blowing experience!


Having raved about the options in and on the water, it has to mentioned that the Medjumbe Resorts also features a large range of activities back on land, for example, table tennis and beach volleyball, to name just two of the options.


And then, there is always the hammock swinging in front of your bungalow. Just the right spot to bury oneself in an entertaining book, enjoying the peaceful environment. Medjumbe Island does stimulate the desire to indulge in sweet idleness…


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