Mateya Safari Lodge

Mateya Safari Lodge


Privacy, exclusivity and first-rate service await the distinguished guests who pass through the luxurious Mateya Safari Lodge’s historic elephant doors. Indulge in refined creature comforts and admire the Big Five among countless other species.


The number of guests lodged at any one time is kept low: Only ten guests are accommodated at once in the malaria-free Madikwe Reserve. Mateya strikes the balance between refined elegance and an authentic African wilderness experience.


The name Mateya read more » is derived from the legend of queen Mateya. A severe drought holding the land in its stranglehold, Mateya sought the rain queen’s audience to plead for her home.


According to legend, she chose the Madikwe region to build a camp out of the area’s natural materials along the way. Honouring her commitment, the Mateya Safari Lodge bears her name proudly and has pledged to look after the pristine environment.


The Lodge is located at approximately three hours’ distance from Johannesburg and does indeed boast regal comforts: five finely appointed suites set amidst the stunningly wild nature exceed even the most discerning guest’s expectations.


Moreover, the lodge sports a spa, a gym and an exceptional gourmet cuisine. Selected African art sets the tone for the interior design in the suites as well as the main building and the library.


Of course, the activities are focused on the superb safaris into the Madikwe Game Reserve. It is a pleasure for the well trained guides to introduce small groups of four to the secrets of the intricate ecosystem. Welcome to the African animal kingdom and the fine comforts of the Mateya Safari Lodge.


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The Madikwe is one of the major game reserves in South Africa: gigantic 75.000 hectares large. Nestling amidst this vast expanse of pristine wilderness, the Mateya Safari Lodge offers not only a stunning read more » setting but also refined creature comforts.


Exclusive and private, the Mateya Lodge accommodates no more than ten guests at any one time. Madikwe harmoniously blends a refined ambience with intriguing architecture, nature, art and wilderness adventures.


The facilities are comprised of a main building and five luxurious suites that have all been fitted with a modern air-conditioning system. The extravagant decorations and the graceful style make each of the suites a work of art.


The elegant ambience is underpinned by the precious mahogany furniture and the fireplace. Select African art creates a link to the spectacular setting of the Madikwe Game Reserve, where not only the Big Five but countless other species abound.


The timber sundeck is certainly the ideal place to admire the surroundings. Furthermore, each of the suites boasts a private infinity pool to cool down and soak with your eyes resting on the scenery.


Even while enjoying a shower you need not take your eyes off the view: An exciting outdoor shower as well as an indoor shower are at your disposition – and both command a breathtaking view! Spot the wildlife while enjoying a steaming shower!


Nature experience and high technology go hand in hand at the Mateya Safari Lodge. All suites offer wireless internet. Moreover, a business centre, gym and spa provide their services.


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Africa’s famous Big Five can only by topped by the Super Seven: the Madikwe Game Reserve houses not only the buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhinoceros, but also the cheetah and the African Wild read more » Dog.


All of these magnificent creatures may be spotted on one of Mateya Safari Lodge’s first-class safaris. Moreover, the Madikwe Reserve is a natural paradise for birds. More than 350 species inhabit the region.


The safaris are led by highly trained and experienced guides and trackers. The modified safari vehicles have, among other features, been equipped with special binoculars that greatly enhance the wildlife observations both during the day and at night.


A special adventure for the brave and the physically fit are the guided safari hikes. An intense experience, admire the small details that shift into focus and learn more about the local flora and fauna.


Of course, your special wishes and requests are always accommodated when possible and when not in conflict with the strict ecological guidelines. Relish the awe-inspiring wildlife encounters and magnificent African sunsets and sunrises!


Having spent a long day in the bush, dust yourself off at the luxurious lodge. Sip a tea in the lounge or the library and pull a book on African history from the shelves.


The spa is attended by internationally trained therapists that offer a range of professional massages and treatments. Our recommendation certainly goes to the traditional African head massage.


The spa’s exquisite services are matched by the cuisine’s gourmet delicacies. Many of the ingredients are grown locally on the lodge’s premises and add a taste of Africa to the creations.


No matter whether you decide to dine in the privacy of your suite or open-air beneath the twinkling stars, next to the crackling fire – indulge in the fine food and the magical ambience!


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