Matemo Island Resort


Swooping down towards the Bazaruto Archipelago and Matemo Island on the airplane, the unbelievably scenic setting of the coral islands takes one’s breath away.


With both feet firmly on the ground, the first impression from the air is quickly confirmed. Matemo Island is a natural paradise. Serene tranquillity far from the throngs of mass tourism.


A brilliantly white sand beach meets the crystal-clear water of the Indian Ocean, which oscillates between a vibrant blue and intense turquoise. read more »


First and foremost, Matemo is characterised by beaches that are a real word copy of travel agents shop window posters and unspoilt authenticity.


The Matemo Island Resort is a member of the celebrated Rani Africa Hotel Group. The chain has pledged to develop first-class hotels featuring top of the range standards and service in Mozambique’s most pristine region.


The great difference of this concept compared to those of other commercial developers is that the local population is integrated into the projects from start to finish. Part of the turnover is dedicated to benefiting local institutions and infrastructure.


Moreover, Rani sets great store by providing employment for the local population, while at the same time, environmentally responsible practices are designed to eliminate any impact on the local ecosystem.


Consequently, the Matemo Island Resort is not only a fantastic holiday destination but also a fine example for how responsibly managed tourism can benefit both the local population and nature.


Thus integrated into the surrounding nature, the guests can indulge in all the comforts the name Rani stands for. Just like the chain’s other hotels in South Africa or the Indigo Bay on Bazaruto Island, the Matemo Resort offers a supreme holiday experience.


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The Matemo Island Resort features only 24 idyllic chalets. The units are generously spread out and hidden among the lush vegetation that fringes the beach. The effect is marvellous, the island appears read more » almost deserted.


In total, no more than 48 distinguished guests are logged at any one time on the five kilometre long coral island. Peace, quiet and privacy are always well protected.


Apart from those guests that primarily seek soul-caressing tranquillity, Matemo attracts mostly divers, keen to explore the awe-inspiring underwater world of the Quirimbas.


Luxurious accommodation in a serene setting … an occasional dive … and lonely beaches. The Matemo Island Resort! What more can you wish for?


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Matemo Island is the ideal choice for those who seek supreme relaxation just as it is for those interested in water sports. A large range of activities, both on, in and under the water, are being offered read more » at the water sports centre, located a mere 50 metres away from the hotel.


So what’s on tap? The activities range from snorkelling to diving or from boat trips to serious deep-sea fishing, a sensational experience because of the island’s famed abundance of big fish.


Of course, the excursions are not limited to the Indian Ocean’s welcoming waters. Discover more of Mozambique on a trip exploring the mainland’s wild African landscape and pristine nature reserves.


The neighbouring islands are also well worth a visit, above all, the former slave island Ibo. Explore the bustling villages on the other islands or mount a noble steed and see the sights with a trusty ride to carry you.


Last but not least, a highlight for all those that have a soft spot for romantic experiences. At night, a barbeque or honeymoon dinner can be arranged on one of the countless small islets and sandbanks that pepper the surrounding waters.


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