Mara Toto Camp


Kenya stands for the essence of Africa. And the Maasai Mara is the heart of Kenya. The Mara Toto Camp is located right at the heart of the 70,000 hectares large Mara North Conservancy – one of the world’s most beautiful and species diverse regions. On the banks of the wild Ntiakitiak River, the Mara Toto Camp offers state-of-the-art accommodation in a magic setting, right where the lush forest meets the savannah.


There is a story to how the Mara Toto Camp was discovered: Dereck and Beverly read more » Joubert, the owners of the Great Plains safari chain, accompanied by the Mara Toto’s managers, spent days and weeks scouting out the perfect location for the new camp.


Then, right towards the end of yet another long and dusty day without having struck gold, they stopped for a sundowner on the banks of the river… and had discovered the perfect location by good fortune and a generous amount of gin!


Comfort, adventure and individuality are the Mara Toto’s leading principles. And, certainly, these three factors make it a great alternative to the Maasai Mara’s larger safari camps. “Toto” translates from Swahili as “baby” and was chosen as an affectionate reference to the larger sister camp Mara Plains some kilometres upstream.


A classic safari camp, the typical style creates an immediate link with the surrounding nature. No more than five safari tents compose the camp. The bright canvas may be opened completely on one side for fresh air and, of course, the view.


The tents’ interiors have been individually designed and adorned with brass chandeliers, ancient Indian chests and an abundance of natural building materials. The 1920s golden safari times are recreated to perfection with an air of romantic adventure.


The wildlife is never far away: The world-famous and sensational Great Migration sees hundreds of thousands of wildebeests, zebras and antelopes pass through the region and the surroundings of the Mara Toto Camp. Moreover, the Mara North Conservancy ranks among the best places in Kenya to spot leopards.


Dereck and Beverly Joubert have made a name for themselves as avid nature protection advocates and experienced documentary producers. For more than twenty five years they have lived and worked in some of Africa’s most remote and fascinating nooks and crannies.


Their relentless efforts, vast experience and unparalleled skill have earned them five Emmy awards. Their documentaries have been seen by millions, their books and articles published in more than 150 countries.


No one has a better understanding for the needs and passions of dedicated photographers and amateur movie makers. In fact, you may rent their professional camera equipment. And what is more, Dereck and Beverly have personally worked on the design of the safari vehicles to allow for optimum condition for photography. Everything is ready for the perfect shot! « show less


The Mara Toto Camp is characterised by spectacular views of the river lined by lush forest and the typical musty smell of the African wilderness! It is the perfect setting! And the bright and airy canvas read more » safari tents offer comfortable privacy in addition to their quaint safari flair.


The tents’ interiors have been designed in the style of the golden safari 20s with spectacular brass chandeliers, weathered leather and ancient Indian treasure chests. The result is at once reminiscent of old world values and comfortably accommodating in a modern way.


The Mara Toto’s tented rooms are equipped with electricity around the clock as well as an ensuite bathroom with a toilet, bucket-shower, hot and cold water. A highlight, certainly, the private deck is just perfect for settling down after a long safari day to enjoy the view or just to kick back and revisit the day’s adventures in your mind. « show less


Lodged at the Mara Toto Camp you enjoy a large variety of exciting activities. The camp’s convenient location allows for game drives and guided bush hikes both in the Mara North Conservancy and the wide read more » open plains of the Maasai Mara National Park.


And with just a little luck on your side you may spot Africa’s famous Big Five: the lion, leopard, buffalo, rhinoceros and elephant. Moreover, there are cheetahs, hyenas, jackals, crocodiles, hippos, and several hundred bird species that may be spotted.


Between the months of July and October, a special event turns the Mara plains into a wildlife wonderland: The Great Migration sees as many as two million wildebeests, zebras and antelopes on the move from Tanzania’s Serengeti to the Maasai Mara’s rich feeding grounds.


The lush pastures of the Mara country furthermore provide the right setting to give birth. However, the danger is never far away: Lions are always on the track of the migrating herds. Our recommendation is that you join an early morning hot-air balloon safari to observe the vast numbers of migrating wildlife from high above. Spectacular!


Great Plains is actively involved in several conservancy and social projects. It will also be a pleasure for the Mara Toto Camp’s team to arrange for a visit to one of the neighbouring Maasai villages to learn more about these proud people’s ancient traditions. Meet and chat to the locals. Quite possibly you will even be invited to join in a traditional ceremony.


If you would like to go the extra step, you may become involved as a volunteer in one of the local social programmes. Great Plains welcomes every helping hand and may make suggestion on how best to apply your skills. These are experiences that will stay with you for the rest of your life! « show less