Mahali Mzuri Camp


The name Mahali Mzuri is Swahili and quite simply translates into “beautiful place“– a simple description that is spot on: Experience supreme comforts in a stunning setting!


Opened as recently as 2013 as a part of the Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Limited Edition, the Mahali Mzuri Kenya Safari Camp promotes a close cooperation with the local communities and resident Maasai people. In addition to its focus on perfect service and unparalleled comforts, the Mahali Mzuri is dedicated the protection read more » of the environment and sustainable development of local business.


The Mahali Mzuri Camp is located amidst the breathtaking beauty of the celebrated Maasai Mara National Park brimming with wildlife. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the 360° degrees view of the sweeping savannah landscapes that house the famous Big Five as well as countless other mammal and bird species.


The Mahali Mzuri Kenya Safari Camp offers both day and night game drives to explore the surrounding Motorogi protected reserve. Guided bush hikes are yet another alternative to sneak up close to the local wildlife.


Returning to the camp happy but tired, take a refreshing splash in the Mahali’s twelve metres long infinity pool. Alternatively, pick up a good read at the library and settle down in the cosy lounge or find supreme relaxation at the highly recommendable spa.


And then, of course, there is the Mahali Mzuri Safari Camp’s delightful and exciting dining: Join a romantic barbecue night out in the African bush, a crisp champagne pick-nick or the traditional sundowner.


The delicious meals are a well-balanced fusion of traditional African fare with international haute cuisine. Only local ingredients find their way into the discerning chefs’ hands, flavoured with exotic herbs and spices. The glory taste of African wilderness at the Mahali Mzuri! « show less


Like elegantly curved spacecraft, the Mahali Mzuri Kenya Safari Camp’s luxurious, cutting-edge tents dot the Motorogi wildlife sanctuary. And there is a story behind the unique design.


Both design read more » and construction of the remarkable safari tents was executed by the local population of the surrounding villages – emphasizing the vast potential and creative talent of the Kenyan people.


It was a matter of the heart for Sir Richard Branson to establish the Mahali Mzuri Safari Camp at this location. The camp’s close ties with the native culture and nature are also reflected in the guest tents’ names: Each tent suite carries the name of one of the twelve resident Maasai tribes in Kenya.


No more than 24 guests are lodged at the exclusive Mahali Mzuri Camp at any one time. The luxury tents are set atop raised platforms and provide perfect privacy. The cosy bedroom has been furnished with an elegant four-poster canopy bed.


The elegant, African-style lounge and the private sundeck invite you to kick back and relax in fine style. Needless to say that every luxury tent includes its private ensuite bathroom offering state-of-the-art amenities « show less


Kenya’s vast savannah plains belong to the wild grazing herds and their predators. On a game drive through the 13.500 hectares large Motorogi Conservancy area –setting of the Mahali Mzuri Kenya Safari read more » Camp- you may spot elephants, hippopotamus, zebras, wildebeests, lions, leopards, cheetahs and giraffes. The Maasai Mara is a land of extraordinary diversity and beauty!


You may choose to set off exploring in an open Jeep or prowl the untamed wilderness on a bush hike – naturally accompanied by a professional and highly trained safari guide.


And on a different day, you may choose a different perspective: A hot-air balloon flight lets you soar high above the rugged landscape. And then, as day fades to night, a nocturnal game drive provides you with the rare opportunity to spot the peculiar Aardvark or the Honey badger.


Without room for doubt, the annual highlight is the Great Migration, when as many as two million wildebeests and several hundred thousand zebras, gazelles and other grazing herds undertake the perilous 1600 kilometres long journey from Tanzania to the fertile plains in the Maasai Mara Sanctuary, Kenya.


A trip to one of the neighbouring Maasai villages is highly recommendable. Find out more about the ancient traditions of these proud people and, with a little luck, participate in one of their ceremonies. « show less